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The Fashion Geek Podcast

86 | The Cap Everyone Is Talking About With Will Roberson

Will Roberson is a fashion designer from Harlem, renowned for his unique and custom hat designs that have caught the attention of celebrities like Michael J. Fox, Brooke Shields, and the late Alpo Martinez AKA Paid in Full. With a background in the music business and a seamless transition into fashion, Will has made a name for himself as a game-changer in the industry, particularly known for his luxurious and one-of-a-kind creations.

85 | How Important Is It To Wear A Watch In The 21st Century With Alec Zaballero

Alec Zaballero is an esteemed architect and partner at TPG Architecture, with a profound interest in watches. Alec’s passion extends to his role in the Harvard Club Watch Collectors and Enthusiasts, where he leads a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. With his comprehensive knowledge of menswear and horology, Alec is uniquely positioned to discuss the intersection of fashion and watch culture, making him the ideal guest to explore the relevancy of wearing a watch in the 21st century.

84 | Whisky, Tartans & Kilts: A Sip Of Scotch With Simon Brooking From Beam Suntory

So when you think of Scotch, do you think of fashion? Reg does and I think Simon does too. Host Reg Ferguson interviews Simon Brooking, Senior Scotch Ambassador at Beam Suntory at Copper and Oak bar in New York City's Lower East Side (LES). So, is scotch a fashionable drink? What's your favorite scotch? Do you know your tartan? Have your ever worn a kilt? Do you own a kilt?

83 | Upgrade Your Style: The Advantages Of Custom Tailored Suits With Joseph Genuardi Of Genuardi Tailor

Joseph Genuardi, a master tailor based in Hoboken , New Jersey, and Reg Ferguson, a men's fashion consultant, discuss the unique qualities and emotional connection of bespoke suits. They discuss the importance of understanding fabric, fit, and individual needs, and the challenges and misappropriations in the fashion industry.
Joseph shares his dedication to the craft, operating a traditional tailor shop where he and his team construct exquisite, bench-made suits. He touches on the importance of a clean fit and the distinctions between bespoke, made-to-measure, and off-the-rack clothing. The episode challenges the misuse of industry terms, particularly "bespoke," and calls for honesty and respect for the art of tailoring.

82 | Unlocking The Power of Vintage Style For Men: Interview With Ethan Wong Of "Style and Direction."

In this episode of The Fashion Geek Podcast, I'm joined by Ethan Wong of Style And Direction, to discuss the appeal of vintage clothing for men. We delve into defining vintage clothing and Ethan shares his experiences sourcing and upgrading these unique pieces. The conversation highlights the differences between vintage stores in New York and LA, with Ethan expressing appreciation for tailored clothing in New York's scene and comparing it with LA's offerings.

81 | Elevate Your Wardrobe: The Art of Tailoring And Made to Measure Suiting With Timothy Hanchett of Induere TO

In this episode of The Fashion Geek Podcast, my guest, Timothey Hanchett of Induere TO, shares his passion for fashion and the process of creating custom-made garments. We discuss the importance of craftsmanship, personal style, and the impact of fashion on confidence. Timothy also provides insights into the complexities of the made-to-measure process, including challenges with accurate measurements, factory communication, and red flags to look for in a made-to-measure specialist. You'll gain a deep understanding of the dedication and attention to detail required in the world of custom menswear, as well as valuable tips for navigating the made-to-measure industry.

80 | Fashion Faceoff, Timeless Swagger: Hip-hop Vs Streetwear Ft. Elizabeth Way From F.I.T

In this episode of The Fashion Geek Podcast, Reginald Ferguson and Elizabeth Way of FIT delve into the influence of hip hop fashion on streetwear and sneaker culture in the 21st century, exploring its impact on mainstream fashion and American culture. They discuss the curation process for an exhibition at the Museum at FIT, highlighting the challenges of selecting influential pieces from the world of hip hop fashion. The conversation touches on the evolution of sneakers, the influence of classic menswear on hip hop style, and the significance of individuality in fashion expression. Additionally, they explore the impact of hip hop on luxury fashion, the representation of black designers in American fashion, and the empowering role of fashion for black women. The episode provides a rich exploration of the intersection of hip hop, fashion, and cultural influence.

79 | Arthur Ashe Brand x Rowing Blazers: Legit Or Not? With Glen Gilliam

Host Reginald Ferguson is joined by guest Glenn Gilliam to discuss the Arthur Ashe brand, a spinoff of Rowing Blazers (created by Jack Carlson). They critique the multiple logos and typefaces associated with the Arthur Ashe brand, suggesting a more powerful and cohesive brand statement.

78 | Seersucker and Grandma

In Episode 78 of The Fashion Geek Podcast, titled "Seersucker and Grandma," host Reginald Ferguson delves into the historical and cultural significance of seersucker fabric. He explains its origins, deriving from the Persian words for "milk and sugar," and describes its unique puckered and breathable nature, making it ideal for hot weather, particularly in suiting. Reginald shares his personal journey with seersucker, recounting how he resisted wearing it in his youth despite his grandmother's recommendations, associating it with old Southern gentlemen and characters like Matlock. However, he later came to appreciate the fabric after his grandmother's passing, recognizing its versatility and style. The episode also touches on seersucker's use in American workwear and military uniforms, as well as modern variations like wool and Japanese seersucker. Reg concludes by urging listeners to consider adding seersucker to their wardrobes and sharing his personal regrets and eventual love for the fabric.

77 | The Jazz Age Lawn Party

In this episode of The Fashion Geek Podcast, host Reginald Ferguson, a fashion consultant from New York City, shares his experience attending the Jazz Age Lawn Party at Governors Island in New York City. He provides insights into the event, which celebrates 1920s fashion and culture. He reflects on his initial concerns about fitting in and describes how he prepared his outfit to reflect the era accurately, including wearing a seersucker suit, vintage tie, and, notably, a boater hat provided by his hostess, Nina Urban.
Reg recounts the sense of community and fellowship among attendees, the diversity of people, and the authenticity that came through his clothing choices. He also highlights the role of vendors and the event’s founder, Michael Arenella, in making the party a significant cultural movement. He encourages listeners to consider participating in such themed events and emphasizes the enjoyment and satisfaction derived from dressing up in vintage attire. Throughout the episode, he raises questions about vintage fashion's appeal and expresses curiosity about future participation in similar events.

76 | The Met Gala

Reg has some thoughts on The Met Gala. They're not good.

75 | The Future of Off-White

Reg talks about the viability of the brand after Virgil Abloh's death.

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