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Meet Reginald Ferguson

Men’s Fashion Consultant And New York Fashion Geek!

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“Knowing What Looks Good And 
What Is Cool Has Simply Been 
Part Of His Life Since Birth. He 
Means It. I Think He’s Right.”  

- Brohammas 


I was born and raised in New York City and dressing well is a part of my DNA.

My grandma was a seamstress and my grandpa served as Trustee at our local church. Both stressed the importance of dressing well.

My grandpa taught me how to tie various tie knots, to polish and care for my shoes, and shared a mantra that I use to this day, "Boy, always keep up your appearance."

My mom would pick out stylish items for me, while my grandma sewed and altered as needed, and ironed my dress shirts after I graduated NYU Business School (Stern) and started a career in real estate.

Fashion remained close to my heart over the years, and I became the go-to guy for style advice at work and with friends.

During the pandemic, I helped a close friend with a style transformation, and it changed his life. He went from struggling to find work, to confident and in-demand.

After witnessing a personal transformation, my friend urged me to share my talents with the world and challenged me to turn my passion into a business.

New York Fashion Geek was born to share my style principles and generational wisdom with the world.

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Trust • Value • Fun


I treat your wallet like it’s my wallet

My fees are simple and transparent. You can hire me for a single consultation or for multiple services.

Trends are fleeting, style is timeless

I don’t follow the latest trends and never try to push my personal tastes on you. Every person is different. I help raise your fashion IQ by uncovering your unique, individual style.

Size doesn’t

Regardless of size and body type, I'm going to make you look and feel better than ever. I swear by a stack of french fries.



“I was brought up by professionals who knew the importance of presenting oneself with an awareness of how others will see you.” - Brohammas

I believe substance is more important than style, BUT if you are lacking in style then people will not give you the opportunity to show your substance. 

Looking good on the outside requires feeling good on the inside. It is not simply about trying to impress others (that is a bonus).

It's how you carry yourself.
Your demeanor.
It's being the best you can be.
To stand out from the rest,
by being confident in your choices. 

It's having the fellas give you the nod and the ladies or guys give you the eye and even their phone number!


"If you’re looking for a guy to help you make the right clothing decisions and get your fashion to the next level with honesty and no judgement. Look no further. I’m your Bro.”

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