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Virtual Closet Audit

Virtual Men's Wardrobe Stylist: Your Closet, Upgraded

Ever looked into your closet and thought, "Why do I still have this?" or "When did I even buy that?" If so, it's time for a virtual closet audit. With me as your guide, we'll sort the keepers from the 'what-was-I-thinkings,' all without you having to leave your home. By the time we're done, every outfit will be a hit, no misses.

The Benefits

  • People judge you by how you look, whether it's a job interview or a first date. A well-organized closet means you're always ready to make the right impression.

  • A closet audit helps you realize the potential of clothes you already own but never knew how to utilize.

  • You’ll learn exactly what to wear from your closet and where to wear it.

  • It’s not vanity. It’s self-improvement.

A man wearing a virtual reality headset in his closet during a virtual closet audit
Image by Alexander Naglestad

If you Google “Style advice for men,” you will get 984,000,000 results. You can start with those ...

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