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Want To Become Fashion Confident In 30 Days?

Then click here to find out how.

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Do you feel…


...wearing ill-fitting clothing? 


...about what to wear to a date?


...about what Business Casual means in your workplace?


...because you know your gear is outdated?


...about how to pack for a business trip or vacation?


...about not making an impression in your social circles?? 


...about feeling underdressed at an event?


...because you’re spending way too much time searching for clothes online and in-store and not finding the right items?


...because your closet is a mess?


...because you know you’re missing out on professional and social opportunities because you’re not wearing the right gear?


...because you’re spending money on clothes that don’t fit or aren’t your style?


...because you really don’t have a personal style?

Work With The New York Fashion Geek

You Shouldn't Be Confused About What To Wear

And You Shouldn't Be Afraid To Ask For Help!

Fashion Stylist for Men

Time Savings


Increased Confidence

Fashion Independence

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Why You Need A Bro

"Because clothing is currency and I teach you how to spend it wisely.” - Reg

Hi, I'm Reginald Ferguson ("Reg", "The Bro"), owner of New York Fashion Geek. 

When you work with me, I will:

  • Transform you from your current self into your better self.

  • Give you the confidence, through clothing, to conquer the world.

  • Put you in gear that will last a lifetime. No sausage casings and no fast fashion.

Three Steps to Fashion Confidence


Private Fashion Consultation

Private Consultation

After filling out an intake form, which takes three minutes to complete, we have a conversation, in person or virtually, where we discuss your goals. This helps me understand what you have in mind and how I can get you there. Just 30 minutes can change the way you look at yourself.


Closet Audit

Closet Audit

The best way to find out how to build your wardrobe effectively is by looking inside your closet. This generally takes an hour. Do you have five black button down shirts? We're not getting another one. We might purge some things as well. Who knows what deals we'll find just shopping in your closet.


Private Shopping

Private Shopping

Imagine a personal, curated shopping tour just for you! Planned out and reviewed by yours truly. Big name chains and small boutiques. It's a three hour tour. The fun part? We shop together, or I build a custom online shopboard, tailored to your needs.

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Your Fashion Stylist And Consultant In NYC

"I'm here for the guys who are fed up with wasting money on the wrong clothes, who feel frustrated trying to figure out what fits them just right, and those who simply want to look good without the hassle of spending hours shopping."

Reasons Why Clients Hired Me

And You Should Too!


Download My Free Guide To Help You Start Raising Your Fashion IQ

“10 Things Every Man Needs In His Closet”

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