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83 | Elevate Your Style The Benefits of Tailor Made Bespoke Suits With Joseph Genuardi of Genuardi Tailor

Listen To Elevate Your Style The Benefits of Tailor Made Bespoke Suits With Joseph Genuardi of Genuardi Tailor

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In this episode of The Fashion Geek Podcast, Episode 83 titled "Elevate Your Style: The Benefits of Tailor-Made Bespoke Suits," I, Reg Ferguson, sit down with master tailor Joseph Genuardi in Hoboken, New Jersey at his studio. We delve into the nuanced world of bespoke tailoring and the unparalleled value of handmade clothing.

Joseph shares his dedication to the craft, operating a traditional tailor shop where he and his team construct exquisite, bench-made suits. He touches on the importance of a clean fit and the distinctions between bespoke, made-to-measure, and off-the-rack clothing. The episode challenges the misuse of industry terms, particularly "bespoke," and calls for honesty and respect for the art of tailoring.

Throughout the interview, Joseph emphasizes the profound influence that well-fitting clothing has on personal confidence and presence. He discusses his approach to crafting bespoke suits: from understanding a customer's history and needs to selecting the perfect materials and ensuring a seamless fit through a two-fitting system.

We explore the philosophical and technical aspects of tailoring, including the creation of Joseph's signature 3D shoulder, the importance of canvassing, and the challenges and rewards of working with various fabrics.

The episode teases stories from Joseph's experiences in the industry, highlighting his reputation as one of the best master tailors in the country due to the quality of his work and customer satisfaction.

I hope you are left with an appreciation for the artistry behind bespoke clothing and the suggestion of a future episode diving into Joseph's history and more "war stories" from his tailor shop.


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