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44 | The World is Bumpy. Bumpier Than Usual.

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Reg and Tiff talk about Customer Service (Tiff has hope and Reg doesn’t). Reg opens up about his love for the Century 21 department store. New York will never be the same.


Reginald Ferguson [00:00:01]: The Fashion Geeks are hosted and powered by Blueberry. Tiff [00:00:04]: That's Blueberry, b l u b r r y. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:07]: Thinking of launching a podcast? Want your episodes to be deployed smoothly? Go to, type in the word fashion, and get a deal on us. Tiff [00:00:15]: Just put in the word fashion. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:17]: Blueberry, always host fly. Tiff [00:00:21]: Hello. I'm Reg. And I'm Tiff. And we're the fashion geeks. Trying to make New York. And the world. Well, New York is the world. A little flyer, one outfit And Reginald Ferguson [00:00:29]: podcast. Tiff [00:00:30]: At a time. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:34]: Yes. It's a sunny oh, so funny. It's a sunny, sunny, summery day, even though, fall's, like, a week away. Here we are in the planet of Brooklyn. This is Reg, fashion geek number 1. Across the wire, my ride or die. I hear she's in the mix. Tiff [00:00:55]: Fashion geek number 2, Tiffany Minotel Shriver here at your service. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:01]: Yeah. Tiff [00:01:02]: I was laughing because you you you've been lately, you've always been starting with yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:08]: Absolutely. Because this is one of the few moments in which I just feel exuberant. Tiff [00:01:15]: Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:15]: With stuff to talk about, And in light of what's going on, I don't have a lot of those moments. Tiff [00:01:21]: Aw. And I'm part of it. I feel so loved. Oh, boy. Yeah, I Reginald Ferguson [00:01:27]: just No. Tiff [00:01:28]: What? No. No. No. No. No. That's fine too. I knew it. That's what you mean. Tiff [00:01:33]: I know. It's okay. You can say it. Oh, Reginald Ferguson [00:01:39]: boy. And also, I feel our listeners, they also wanna be pumped up and engaged. So what better way to start? Tiff [00:01:48]: Yeah. Boom. Everybody needs a silver lining, a bright shiny, any other things I can think of the same. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:59]: A bright shiny lining? Tiff [00:02:01]: Yeah. It's something. Something to to make your day every day. Now listen to us and get a giggle or 2. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:09]: Absolutely. And learn something too. Tiff [00:02:11]: And who are we? Who are we, Reg? What are we doing here? Reginald Ferguson [00:02:14]: We're The Fashion Geeks. We have podcasts. Yep. Comes out on Mondays. Sometimes it's Tiff. Sometimes it's me and Tiff. Sometimes it's me and a guest. One day, it'll be me, Tiff, and a guest. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:29]: We have options. Tiff [00:02:31]: We like options. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:32]: Working working on to have have some people in the pipeline. Tiff [00:02:36]: Can I? I don't Reginald Ferguson [00:02:37]: know who you are. Joseph Genuarte, take that. Take that. Come on, Joseph. Get in the game. Stop sitting on the bench. Driving me crazy. Tiff [00:02:47]: No pressure. No pressure at all there. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:49]: No. I'm just saying. He he knows. He knows. I'm gonna shout him out on the Insta when we launch this. Giving you a hard way to go. I'm like, come on, man. It's fashion. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:59]: It's fun. Tiff [00:03:00]: Right. It can be. Absolutely. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:02]: It it has been. Tiff [00:03:04]: In the past, it absolutely has been. We've been hitting some, bumpy roads lately. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:10]: Well, I mean, the world is bumpy. So bumpier than usual. Tiff [00:03:14]: That's true. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:15]: We would be ignorant if we did not acknowledge that. Tiff [00:03:21]: Correct. Very correct. I mean, even in fashion, you have your flaws. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:27]: Yes. Well, you would you would know better than you would know from a different perspective than I. Right. But, yes, I I definitely agree with you. Tiff [00:03:34]: That was quotable. Right? You could quote that. You could like, somebody could quote that. I think that was pretty, thoughtful. Thought I know. Thought provoking. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:41]: But, no, for some sound bites. Tiff [00:03:47]: So, Reg, it's been a day or 2 or maybe a couple of weeks, I think, since we last connected. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:53]: Correct. Tiff [00:03:54]: Not, not that, you know, things are crazy busy, but I gotta tell you. The other day, I was like, how the hell did I accomplish everything I did before in a day before COVID? Because I can't even seem to get get a shower and get dressed every day, much less, you know, do my errands and do my clean and do everything in my what little bit of work I have. I can't seem to accomplish what I used to in a day. It's, like, ridiculous. It's quite it's it's quite a reckoning, I have to tell you. Reginald Ferguson [00:04:27]: Well, the showering is concerning. But Tiff [00:04:31]: I'm sure I am not the only one. Reginald Ferguson [00:04:34]: Well, in in this space right now, you are, but I do agree with no. I I I shower every morning, at least. Tiff [00:04:46]: So I'm sure you do. I'm sure you do. But you also Absolutely. You get up, you get out, you do things, you got your things, you got your, you know, you're a man about town. You've got, you're still working a little bit, and you got your business. You know? You're sorta you're in it. You're in it to win it still. Reginald Ferguson [00:05:05]: I'm definitely in it to win it, but I'm all but I acknowledge I'm in it just to an extent, no different than anyone else. I agree with you. I don't think I get as much accomplished as I normally would have. I think there was a great stretch of time in which I felt my brain was a little spongy. What I actually call COVID brain. But I actually feel like I got over that hump a few weeks ago, and we'll see how long that goes. It doesn't mean that I won't go back to that phase. So but, again, I I do understand what you're saying about the, the amount of things to to tick off your agenda list. Tiff [00:05:42]: Right. Reginald Ferguson [00:05:43]: I understand that. Some, you know, some times are some days are better than others in terms of that. There's no question about that. Tiff [00:05:48]: Right. I'm a list maker. So every day, you know, to accomplish anything, I I make a list. It's very handy. And for anyone who struggles with procrastination, it's the number one tool. Make a list. And it's also part of dealing with my, sometimes inability to fall asleep at night because I've got so many things in my head. I gotta do this, I gotta do this, I gotta do this. Tiff [00:06:09]: So I also make lists at night so I can just release that and get it out of my head and, you know, tend to it the next day so that I can relax. But, you know, I used to be able to accomplish at least half or 3 quarters of my list in the past. But now, either my lists have gotten longer or or I've fallen off a tad in my, productivity. So, it could be both. Reginald Ferguson [00:06:36]: Now your list, are you old schooling it, writing it in a pad, or are you doing it on your phone, or with a particular app? Tiff [00:06:43]: Pen to paper. Reginald Ferguson [00:06:45]: Nice. Tiff [00:06:45]: Yeah. Pen to paper because it's readily available. And, you know, especially at night, if I can't sleep and I wake up, I don't want to get on my phone. I don't want to get that blue light. That's gonna be the worst thing. And then fall in the black holes of Instagram and, you know, the other social media or any of my news feeds, which are becoming black holes as well. So, yeah, pen to paper and it's, I got pens everywhere around this house. You would think we sell pens here. Tiff [00:07:13]: I know Reginald Ferguson [00:07:14]: the problem. Tiff [00:07:14]: I probably have as many pens as you have pockets. Reginald Ferguson [00:07:16]: So Oh. Tiff [00:07:18]: Yeah. My husband's a little bit of a pen freak, so he wants to have a pen. Wherever he needs a pen, he's gotta have a pen. Reginald Ferguson [00:07:25]: So Now does he have does he have, like, high level pens? Like, is he a cross man? No. Or we talking Bic? Tiff [00:07:36]: Bic. Felt the felt liners, the clicks. We like the clicks. I don't like any lids, because we lose the lids, and then the pen dries up, and that's just a waste. Only clicks in this house. Only clicks. Reginald Ferguson [00:07:47]: Okay. I'll remember. Just in case I get I get checked out the door. Tiff [00:07:55]: Yes. I'm a Virgo. I am a Virgo. Full, 100%. Reginald Ferguson [00:08:00]: Alright. I didn't know there was association there, but thanks for the tip. Tiff [00:08:04]: For particular like that. Reginald Ferguson [00:08:07]: Well, the reason why I mentioned that is today, literally, I downloaded an app from Microsoft, came in my email, and it's, it's a to do list app. Tiff [00:08:18]: Oh, really? Reginald Ferguson [00:08:19]: Yeah. I only downloaded it. I didn't open it yet. But I like that. I I like the pen to paper. I wanna be clear. I'm old school that way. I think it's good for cognition. Reginald Ferguson [00:08:30]: But I also like to look at my device, particularly when I'm at the supermarket, in which I used to look at the Stop and Shop app until they switch apps, and this app is garbage. Oh. Oh, my gosh. They switched they switched platforms or developers, rather, a month ago, 2 months ago. This thing is the worst. Tiff [00:08:56]: Wow. And I love Stop and Shop. We used to have one in Queens, and they closed it, and it's just, like, that was the best grocery store. It had everything. Reginald Ferguson [00:09:03]: Did you used to use the app? Tiff [00:09:05]: I never used the app. I'm not Reginald Ferguson [00:09:06]: My aunt and I used the app. She's in Eastchester. My aunt and uncle are in Eastchester. I'm here in BK. And we found we had that in common recently. But this new one actually, I need to call my auntie this week. And that is one of the things I should talk about, because this app sucks. Beep. Reginald Ferguson [00:09:25]: It's terrible. It's terrible. I'm like, well, what happened? Why don't they keep the old one? This new one, for example, I can't make a list. Oh. The old one ever made a list. Tiff [00:09:35]: Yeah. Yeah. That's the number one thing you need. Go into the grocery store. I Reginald Ferguson [00:09:38]: know. You need a list? That's why I know. So that's why this Microsoft thing is probably gonna have to replace that. I'll tell you how bad it is. When I go to Stop and Shop every Saturday, when I do my 3 mile, walk back and forth Tiff [00:09:52]: Mhmm. Reginald Ferguson [00:09:53]: I now and it's fine because I'm not in a rush because I feel no one's in a rush now in light of the pain effects. Tiff [00:09:59]: No. Nowhere to be in a rush to go to or do. Reginald Ferguson [00:10:03]: I look at I look at the handout. I get myself in a corner of a lane or some space where no one's around me, and I open it, and I read it through, and then I attack my shopper. Tiff [00:10:17]: You are so old school. It's hysterical. Reginald Ferguson [00:10:22]: Well, I'm really old school because I've become my grandma. I think I told you this. I'm in produce. Tiff [00:10:29]: Yes. Reginald Ferguson [00:10:30]: So if you know who I am. I fought against I fought against, like, 5 ladies getting cornered on the cob 2 Saturdays ago. I was like, hey, hey, hey. There was some space that came to my waist. It was like 2 Asian ladies. Tiff [00:10:43]: -And they shouldn't have shuck in any form because they don't wanna be Reginald Ferguson [00:10:46]: -Yes, exactly. They were Tiff [00:10:47]: shucking on a cob. -They wouldn't say the weight Reginald Ferguson [00:10:49]: shuck. Even though there is a well, this is per it's a it's a per ear type of deal, like, 5 for a dollar. 10 for $2. So you don't have to do that. They're doing it to check it, and they're doing it all around me. Meanwhile, there's a sign that prohibits them to do it. -Right. Well, I'm the only guy I'm the only guy there, and I'm getting corn with this crew. Reginald Ferguson [00:11:11]: I'm like, What is happening? What is happening to me? My body Tiff [00:11:14]: I call the silks open at the tip, and that's the best way. That's when you know corn ear is good or it's not good. It's at the tip. So don't you don't you don't have to open. And as soon as you open in that ear, the corn is starting to dry out. Reginald Ferguson [00:11:26]: Right. You expose it. Tiff [00:11:28]: And sometimes I wrap it in tinfoil and throw it on my grill and roast it with the silks on for more flavor and moisture. Oh. Yeah. Woah. And then when it's done, all you gotta do is pull the silks from the top, and they all come out nice and easy. Reginald Ferguson [00:11:44]: Oh, that's smooth. Tiff [00:11:45]: Yes. I am smooth when it comes to cooking. Reginald Ferguson [00:11:48]: You know, I know. No. I know. So I feel bad, telling you this because I can't compare, and it's not a contest. But the times I've gotten the corn during the summer, I boil it. But then after that, hopefully you'll be proud of me, I put the ears I cut the ears in half, and I put them on my stovetop grill. Oh. And I grill them. Tiff [00:12:14]: You get a little char. Reginald Ferguson [00:12:16]: I get a lot of char. I get as much char as I want. Wow. Yeah. Move the ears around, get them charred up, and then I put them on a plate and I butter them and sprinkle Parmesan cheese. Tiff [00:12:30]: Oh, yum. That sounds delicious, Fred. We need you dude, I'm coming to your house to eat soon. I didn't even eat a truck like that. Reginald Ferguson [00:12:37]: I'm trying. Tiff [00:12:38]: Yep. Everybody's got a new skill during COVID. Everyone. Absolutely. So yours is cooking. Yay for you. Thanks. Let's talk about your Instagram. Tiff [00:12:49]: I just wanna, hope it's okay. There's a Is it public? I actually I'm going to force myself to go on it more often. I kinda sort of stopped once I stopped having my dog walking business because I'm like, yeah, what else? Why do I need to go? But I saw today somebody is rocking their linen suit. Reginald Ferguson [00:13:14]: Fashion. Yeah. Well, I had errands to do today. Tiff [00:13:18]: So errands? Yeah. Why not? No. Reginald Ferguson [00:13:24]: I mean, I wear a suit Monday through Friday, and I've acknowledged to you and on the podcast, for everyone willing to listen, that I've adopted my grandpa my late grandpa's tees of a polo shirt and slacks. Tiff [00:13:37]: Right. I remember that. Reginald Ferguson [00:13:38]: Yeah. They gave me opportunity to go through all my slacks. Some I had to give away. Some I got adjusted. Some were just fine. But there's not too many warm days left. It was part of the the Wednesday rotation. So I said to myself, let's do this. Reginald Ferguson [00:13:59]: And I appreciate you looking. Yep. I came out. Pow. Tiff [00:14:03]: Yeah. You did. Reginald Ferguson [00:14:04]: Matter of fact matter of fact, it's funny you say that because as I returned home, a guy I've never seen before, I don't think he was a neighbor, he came down my hallway and he said, 'Wow, man, you look good.' I Tiff [00:14:19]: was like, oh, thank you, man. Really appreciate it.' He was like, you look sharp.' I was like, well, I feel sharp.' -Good. Reginald Ferguson [00:14:25]: -He was like, yeah, hey, you're too sharp. -Oh, what? -Yeah, exact, exactly. Tiff [00:14:32]: -Is that a thing? Reginald Ferguson [00:14:35]: -I don't know. In light of what's going on nowadays, and what I look like and what he looked like, I felt kinda like my aunt in terms of, hey, I make as much money as you. This is what I'm doing. Tiff [00:14:49]: -Right. Reginald Ferguson [00:14:49]: -So you could do it too, Mr. T Shirt and Sweatshirt. Yeah. No. No. Yeah. T shirt and sweatshirt. Pardon me. Reginald Ferguson [00:14:56]: Sweatpants. Tiff [00:14:57]: I knew. So and Reginald Ferguson [00:14:57]: I I didn't look at him askance. I mean, matter of fact, we really we were both in motion. We're, like, 2 trains past. So I had my bag of stuff. But, yeah, I was But, anyway. Tiff [00:15:11]: It's the new COVID fashion. I mean, it's all all wet now because nobody has to go into the office for work. So it's kinda like, I think some places have sold out of sweatsuits. Isn't that funny? Now people go shopping for sweatsuits and see shopping. Reginald Ferguson [00:15:26]: Particular brand, the the the guy who used to own Band of Outsiders, he has a leisure, a sweat sweatshirt, sweet suit. Man, I'm botching it. Sweatpants operation. And he's he's rocking it. I understand that. I understand there's a new casual. I understand that. Tiff [00:15:46]: Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:15:47]: The new casual for me had been polo shirt and pants. And now Yeah. You know? As the weather's starting to change, I'll still try Tiff [00:15:53]: to keep that going for a little bit. Can you wear is it okay to wear linen after Labor Day? It's it's it's not like white. Like, Reginald Ferguson [00:16:00]: every hair has all of the blue. Yeah. Tiff [00:16:04]: You can't wear white after Labor Day. I did it just because I do what I want. Reginald Ferguson [00:16:09]: Well, you're a grown. But it's funny you say that, because on Insta, there's been a lot of back and forth about that. You guys know who you are. And it was really just more about people like yourself putting the thumb to it. But I just never felt I felt like growing up that was a real stringent rule. I didn't feel now at this stage of my life, and I don't think I'm much older than these guys. Matter of fact, they're my cohort. Essentially, they're my peers. Reginald Ferguson [00:16:34]: I didn't realize this was such a big big to do. So, hey, in terms of white, there's winter white as well. So Tiff [00:16:41]: I know. I never understood that because I'm like, what's the difference between winter white and white that you wear before Labor Day? Reginald Ferguson [00:16:48]: Well, I feel like even is a more more relative development. I mean, it's not recent. Tiff [00:16:55]: Right. Reginald Ferguson [00:16:56]: I just felt, hey, the weather the weather is warm. It's not hot. And I'm not gonna have any more many more opportunities. This may be this may be it. Right. You know, I'm 2 week rotation guys. So Tiff [00:17:09]: So you won't be seeing that until October again. Reginald Ferguson [00:17:14]: I may not see it again until the summer. I understand that. So but I I went out with a bang. So I really appreciate you, keeping that. Tiff [00:17:21]: Okay. It's official. Linen can be worn after Labor Day. Boom. Let's make it official. Linen and white. You do what you want. It's your fashion. Tiff [00:17:31]: How's that? Reginald Ferguson [00:17:32]: I I totally agree, gentlemen, ladies, you hero. Do your thing. Tiff [00:17:37]: Yeah. Be you. In this day and age, things are quite different. Big change is gonna come, and that means, that means in personal fashion as well. We can toss out those old school rules that really mean nothing anymore and do our own thing. Reginald Ferguson [00:17:53]: True that. Here. Right? Yes, ma'am. Tiff [00:18:00]: Which, you know, which means a lot of, new shopping. You know? Since you can't shop in stores as much anymore, well, at least here in Manhattan, I think across the nation, stores are opening up. Here in the city, in the 5 boroughs, some stores are opening up with limited limited people, but but I I think most people are still shopping online. I know I am. And, which I kind of all had already started doing. So maybe I was, I foresaw the future, maybe. Reginald Ferguson [00:18:30]: -Okay. I don't know. Online shopping has been the thing for a while, Tiff. Sorry. Tiff [00:18:35]: Right. I know. I know. And to me, it's easier. It's like, you know, if I have a question, I don't have to go search for somebody to answer it. I go on, you know, I'm online. I have a question. I've got a chat option. Tiff [00:18:46]: I've got a phone number I could call. I can email or I can, you know, I everything seems to be right at my fingertips. Like, the customer service is is really, top notch on online as compared to in person customer service. And I'm sorry to say that, but, Reginald Ferguson [00:19:03]: yeah. Customer service. Tiff [00:19:06]: Oh, did I did I touch on something? Reginald Ferguson [00:19:09]: Oh, yes. Tiff [00:19:13]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:19:14]: First of all, in terms of the shopping, for me, as I remember discussing with Caustic Man when he came on the pod, I do it a little. It's not bad I don't do it at all. I prefer the store experience. I always will. Tiff [00:19:30]: What about Amazon, where you can get everything and anything? Oh, I can get that on Amazon. I can do that on Amazon. Even Amazon's customer service is pretty amazing, being as huge as it is. I'm I've never had a issue. Reginald Ferguson [00:19:42]: Well, that that that's fine. I I don't really do any clothing shopping at Amazon, and I know they've branched out with their own clothing line and blah blah blah blah blah. Tiff [00:19:52]: Me either. Reginald Ferguson [00:19:53]: I'm I have no problem doing online when it makes sense. And I have done it. We'll do it. We'll continue. I always prefer the experience of of going in store. But customer service often can be a 4 letter word. I had I had some situations y'all between last night and today. It was, it was a roller coaster. Tiff [00:20:22]: Oh, boy. What happened? Well, And it was clothing shopping? You went somewhere to go clothes? Reginald Ferguson [00:20:28]: No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. Reginald Ferguson [00:20:30]: It actually actually it was not for clothing shopping, but I still think it's relevant to the podcast, and I'll explain. Tiff [00:20:35]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:20:36]: So my website for NYFG is hosted by GoDaddy. Tiff [00:20:44]: Okay. And what what is that website? Since we're there, I want you to give everybody a little shout out with your website information. Reginald Ferguson [00:20:49]: Sure. It's n y Tiff [00:20:53]: Boom. There you have it. Reginald Ferguson [00:20:55]: Yep. So they've been doing my hosting for other sites as well, and I buy or have bought a whole bunch of domains that I keep just in case. So they're very good with customer service. I find them to be personable and knowledgeable. They're always willing to try to do a deal with you. They point out opportunities for you. I'm not saying that yesterday wasn't the same, but the whole point was I had kinda messed up with my website. I used WordPress. Tiff [00:21:30]: Oh, dear. Reginald Ferguson [00:21:31]: And, I took my eye off the ball, everybody, and I I kinda made a boo boo. Uh-oh. Freaking out. Freaking out. I reached out to my boy, big shout out to Ben Rosenthal, who I can't get to help me with anything involving websites anymore due to COVID. You won't even do anything remote with with me. Take that. Take that. Reginald Ferguson [00:21:56]: So Tiff [00:21:57]: You gotta stop. This shit is serious. Reginald Ferguson [00:22:00]: So yes. Dawn serious. Supposed to be my friend. So need your help. You know how to code. I don't. So I mean, I've been empowering myself, but, whoo, been a struggle. So anyway, I wanna bridge too far yesterday and I reached out to GoDaddy via chat. Reginald Ferguson [00:22:21]: And one guy, he was fine. Also, again, gave me an opportunity to make a purchase with something at a discount. They're always down for that. I was I said to myself, cool. Told him, cool. But then we would talk about some technical stuff about doing a migration, which you can pay GoDaddy to do a migration. But I said to myself and them or him, hey. I'm grown. Reginald Ferguson [00:22:46]: I'm smart. I can read. I can do it. Tiff [00:22:49]: Alright. Reginald Ferguson [00:22:50]: So gave me instructions, started mucking around. But then, not truly his fault, he kind of fell off the chat and I was kind of on my own. And I was flailing. I went back on the chat. This was all yesterday evening. Started, like, around 6 So went with someone else on chat. Oh, actually, I'm sorry. 2nd person on the phone. Reginald Ferguson [00:23:17]: Really cool guy. Puerto Rican dude out in Arizona where, their phone operations are, even though I think everyone's working from home. So he told me contrasting info. But he also gave me a glimmer of light about what I was doing. And then he got off the phone and that was cool. Then I got on the chat again. And this person was kinda holding my hand, but then he ghosted me. And when I went back on the chat, he was gone. Reginald Ferguson [00:23:48]: And by this time, it was 2 in the morning. Tiff [00:23:50]: Oh, 2 in the morning? Did you guys catch that? Yeah. I Reginald Ferguson [00:23:53]: was working on it till 2 in the morning. I'm stubborn. I didn't even eat dinner. I didn't even make dinner. Tiff [00:23:59]: Holy cow. You were in it if you didn't even eat. Reginald Ferguson [00:24:02]: Yeah. I was in it. I'm kinda like that. So if I don't get something done, I just kind of ignore everything else. So until I get it done, it's goal setting. I passed out. I woke up in the morning. I said to myself, I have to call them. Reginald Ferguson [00:24:16]: And I called them. I gave the person my tale of woe, and they said, mister Ferguson, we're gonna do the migration for you, and we're gonna do it for Tiff [00:24:27]: free. What? Reginald Ferguson [00:24:30]: Ladies and gentlemen, that is an example of great customer service. The 3 individuals were not bad individuals. The 3 individuals gave contrasting information, which for a NAFL like myself, was definitely too much to deal with. And, also, I my head was kinda turned around. But I was definitely in over my head. I acknowledge that. So and I actually did part of the migration on my own. I did it Oh, Tiff [00:25:00]: so you had already started it? Reginald Ferguson [00:25:01]: Well, I started but I didn't put it on the GoDaddy stuff. I did it on my personal computer. So I didn't transfer it, to the hosting. So Powzilla. So but, yeah. That was a great example. And then to prove how they came out as such a shining star of customer service, they immediately sent me an email stating that when my next order, I get 25% off. I called customer service, because she was really technical support. Reginald Ferguson [00:25:32]: I called customer service and I said, I just did something because, again, they always it's not necessarily an upsell, but they look at opportunities and go, oh, mister Ferguson, you could save money if you do such and such. Tiff [00:25:43]: Right. Reginald Ferguson [00:25:43]: And I always like when they do that. Tiff [00:25:45]: You do? Reginald Ferguson [00:25:46]: Yes. And she found an opportunity for another website that I have that I'm not really using. It has nothing to do with fashion. And I said, I'm down. We did the deed. They have my info anyway. But then when I saw that email, I called customer service and I said, hey. How's it about you take, 25% off that bill I just paid? Tiff [00:26:06]: Oh. And? Reginald Ferguson [00:26:08]: Mister Ferguson, not a problem. Have a great weekend. And Tiff [00:26:12]: he and Reginald Ferguson [00:26:13]: he makes it to the field. Absolutely. Absolutely. That's awesome. Tiff [00:26:18]: What I'm Reginald Ferguson [00:26:18]: trying to say, ladies and gentlemen, there's always an opportunity to do the right thing. Tiff [00:26:24]: Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:26:25]: And that's what we all should try to do, whether it's just out there in the street at a supermarket and for us who have businesses, let's let's try to treat our people right. Tiff [00:26:38]: I agree. When I think it's I think it's awesome. And I'm wondering if the, the present day situations that we have going on are sort of making a difference in, I have to say customer service experiences that I have had lately have been great as well. So I wonder if, you know, it is the time and the place for this kind of, shift. Reginald Ferguson [00:27:02]: No. Because I dealt with Dell this morning and that was the exact opposite. Tiff [00:27:07]: Oh, damn. I was all excited and feeling good and everything. Reginald Ferguson [00:27:11]: I'm sorry. I gotta I gotta bring you I gotta bring you down up with people. That's very nice. Tiff [00:27:15]: That's good. What happened? Reginald Ferguson [00:27:20]: Not enough. So, ladies and gentlemen, I have a laptop that is relatively new, that I barely use and willing to toss across the room, but I restrain myself and to me acts as a paperweight in my office file drawer. Why? Because I have felt since the beginning that it's not working effectively. Something is wrong with it. I feel can you Tiff [00:27:51]: return it? Couldn't you, like, send it back? Reginald Ferguson [00:27:53]: No. That's an excellent point. So, Tiff, and you know this, and I'm gonna I'm gonna convey this to the audience, this laptop is for when we take the podcast on the road. Tiff [00:28:05]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:28:06]: Joseph Genuardi, take that. Take that. We'll wait for you, Joseph. Stop flaking. So when we go to an atelier, to a shop, to a store, to a studio, Search may not be available. He's made that clear. So I said to myself, hey, gonna have to get this laptop and maybe I'll have to record it and send it to Serge, let him do his magic. So but I don't like even opening this laptop. Reginald Ferguson [00:28:38]: However, today I decided because I got an email from Dell in which they were clear in their communication that I only had a month left on my service agreement. I said, Yeah. I said, Hey, you know what? This is a good time to figure this stuff out. Tiff [00:28:51]: Yeah. I only have a freaking month. Reginald Ferguson [00:28:54]: Right. So first I got on the phone, and then I said to myself, no. The great thing about customer service now in this day and age, ladies and gentlemen, is that we are really empowered as customers to try to to cure what ails us. So they have a piece of software, which did not come bundled with my brand spanking new laptop with Windows 10. Come on, Dell. Had to download it. I started putting it through its diagnostics. It was a 4 to 5 stage process. Reginald Ferguson [00:29:27]: It stayed at stage 2 at 91% for 45 minutes. Tiff [00:29:31]: Okay. That's the problem. It got it got hung up. Reginald Ferguson [00:29:34]: It got hung up. I called Dell. First individual I spoke with was very nice. Nice lady. She asked for my express code. I got to it, gave it to her. She passed me over to someone else. That took some time. Reginald Ferguson [00:29:51]: The other individual, I'm sorry, guys, spoke like this. Hello? It's just I I ain't I ain't hear the I can't hear you. That's the problem. I can't hear you. Oh, boy. And it doesn't mean you're supposed to have the timbre of voice that I do. The first individual I spoke with was very clear. This person, I could barely hear. Reginald Ferguson [00:30:15]: And this is not about race. This isn't about ethnicity. This isn't about where you're calling from, where you live. It's just about you may be technically savvy, but from an elocution standpoint, you get an f. And that doesn't make the customer feel confident. In addition, Dell, Dell, she had none of my information on screen. None. Except, like, my name. Reginald Ferguson [00:30:47]: She didn't have my address, my phone number, my email. So I'm giving it to her, and we're kind of going back and forth because she can't understand me too well. And then I wasn't understanding her so well. And to her credit and point Tiff [00:31:00]: Communication is key when it comes to customer service. It really is. Reginald Ferguson [00:31:05]: I mean, but what is up with a company that deals with hardware and software, and for whatever reason here's the deal. We all know, for all these outfits, they subcontract. I don't understand that. You say what you want about it. Good, bad. It is what it is. But why isn't all my information in front of this person? Versus GoDaddy, in which they had everything. And the guy who gave me that 25% off that I redeemed said the name of the previous person I spoke with, whose name was Heather. Tiff [00:31:43]: So that showed a history, a communication history with you as well. Reginald Ferguson [00:31:47]: Right there on screen, ladies and gentlemen. Dell Dell always I don't know why I continue working with Dell. It's stupid. I'm a masochist. Tiff [00:31:59]: Dude, I have a Dell as well, and that was that was not meant I didn't mean to do that pun, dude, I have a Dell. You remember those old commercials? Reginald Ferguson [00:32:07]: Yes, I do. Tiff [00:32:08]: And I have I I have had a different experience with Dell. I had a very, very wonderful experience when I had to get my new computer. Yeah. So, but I I mean, I do know what you're talking about as far as having a difficult time communicating with customer service. I mean, it is because, you know, you don't really need to have customer service department in a brick and mortar because you're you're basically talking to people on the phone. You don't, you know, people can do this remotely. They can do it from remotely from anywhere around the world. And a lot of these companies are choosing to go outside the United States for, cheaper labor. Tiff [00:32:45]: Cheaper labor. Right. Yeah. But the problem is the downside of that is if if the lang if there is a language barrier or a communication issue, if there's not an understanding of how we do customer service here in the United States, you're gonna have this discord. Yeah. It'll be a problem. Reginald Ferguson [00:33:03]: Dell is supposed to come to my house. Tiff [00:33:06]: Oh, you got that service contract? Reginald Ferguson [00:33:09]: Yes. Tiff [00:33:10]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:33:11]: 1 to 3 in the next 1 to 3 business days. Tiff [00:33:14]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:33:15]: So either this week or next week. But meanwhile, ladies and gentlemen, I have not received an email pertaining to any of this. Oh. GoDaddy, a gazillion emails. All good. None wasteful. Tiff [00:33:31]: Alright. Well, I'm sure GoDaddy's gonna really appreciate the promotion here and Give him a big shout Reginald Ferguson [00:33:37]: out to GoDaddy. Tiff [00:33:39]: And Dell. Dell, you have a little bit of work to do. How about that? Reginald Ferguson [00:33:44]: They always do. They always do. This game before. I why do I still work with you, Sal? Tiff [00:33:52]: Like I said piss it on me. I've had a good experience, so I think maybe it's maybe they're 5050. But it's Reginald Ferguson [00:33:59]: true. No. No. No. I've had others in the past. Tiff [00:34:02]: They shouldn't have any problems. This you know, every company should aim for a 100% customer satisfaction. Reginald Ferguson [00:34:08]: They're whack. I hate them. Michael Dell, suck. Tiff [00:34:16]: Well, in addition to this, I I know you have something else on your mind, that you wanted to discuss today. Reginald Ferguson [00:34:25]: Uh-huh. Tiff [00:34:26]: Yeah. And I know it's part of me didn't wanna bring it up, but it is about it it is about what we are here to talk about, which is fashion and not necessarily customer service. Although, I do appreciate your takes on it. Reginald Ferguson [00:34:37]: Yeah. Let's let's get back on, let's get back on the fashion track. Tiff [00:34:41]: Right. Because that's what we're here to do, you know, to inform and, Reginald Ferguson [00:34:45]: I know. It was all related to my defense. But, well, ladies and gentlemen, I'm about to bring the room down. Aw. But I really wanted to talk about this. And that's why I was so so intent on nudging you to to do this. Because it wouldn't it wouldn't have been good by myself, and I didn't have anyone in my sphere that I felt I could discourse it with. Tiff [00:35:12]: So we're gonna do it for everyone. We're here to support you, Reg. Reginald Ferguson [00:35:21]: Century 21 is going out of business. Now, ladies and gentlemen, for some of you, you may immediately think of the retail concern, but some of you may think of the real estate concern. I'm talking about the store. The clothing store. One of the best clothing stores in my whole life. I have been going to Century 21. Actually, let me take a step back. I wanna be clear. Reginald Ferguson [00:35:50]: Century 21 has declared chapter 11 bankruptcy. And is gonna be closing all of their stores. Tiff [00:35:58]: All 13. They have Reginald Ferguson [00:36:00]: 13 stores. Stores. Right. Which are mostly in the city. There's some in Jurors. And there's one actually in Philly that I've been to. Tiff [00:36:06]: And another one in Sunrise, Florida. Reginald Ferguson [00:36:09]: Yeah. I knew there was one in Florida. I never knew where it was. I don't even know where Sunrise is. Maybe you do. But No. So I know this really may sound strange to some people, but I think also other people will understand. But I I am really sad. Reginald Ferguson [00:36:28]: Thank you so much. Favorite stores yeah. This is not melodramatic at all. 1 of my favorite stores is going out of business, and I don't think it should be happening. And I'd like to explain why and then and this is gonna be an emotional ode. And, I hope you guys enjoy and I hope you learn something. I've been going to Century 21 since I was a freshman in college. Tiff [00:36:57]: Wow. Reginald Ferguson [00:36:57]: NYU and Stern School of Business. Meaning, I've been going to Century 21 half, a little over half my life. I have been going there ever since then. When I first was introduced to the store, Century 21, it was by a man named Alan Genachowski, which at that time, we were both kids. And Alan is the, brother of Julius Genachowski, if any of you guys remember the head of the FCC during the Obama era. Yep. Alan sent me we reconnected briefly once, many years ago, and he sent me a photo with him in the Oval Office with his brother and their families and the president. Wow. Reginald Ferguson [00:37:48]: Yeah. Wow. And Alan was wow to me. Alan and I, we hit it off from the 1st day we met. He transferred to Stern from, from the liberal arts school. He actually quickly transferred out because it was just too competitive for him. It's really tough to be in Stern. Tiff [00:38:07]: Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:38:07]: So Stern and Tisch are the hardest colleges in the university to get into. And we just we just hit it off. We were bread and butter. And one day we were talking instead of studying like we normally do and in Bob's library at the b level studying, but not. And we were talking about shopping, and he's, like, man, he was, like, well, you know, you got to go to Century 21. I was, like, the real estate company? Tiff [00:38:35]: I had the same reaction when somebody Everyone does. Reginald Ferguson [00:38:39]: Everyone does. It's the greatest setup. He was like, no, stupid. The the clothing store. And I was like, what? Like, what are you what what what are you talking about? So he explained it to me. He was like, you gotta go. It's the best. And the funny thing is, Alan and I never went together. Reginald Ferguson [00:38:57]: I guess due to our schedules, what have you. He lived out on the island. I was living with my grandparents in the Bronx. I grew up NYU was my campus. I mean, I grew up in the West Village. But ironically, when it came to undergrad, I was commuting. So and not just walking down the street, I was taking the train. So I went and my mind was blown. Reginald Ferguson [00:39:23]: Right. And I want to be clear, I grew up here, born and raised. Macy's, Gimbals, Tiff [00:39:31]: Arnie's, and Reginald Ferguson [00:39:33]: so many other stores, BFO. Tiff [00:39:37]: Was Woolworth still open at the time? What time did they Reginald Ferguson [00:39:41]: Yeah. But I think they were on their last leg. Okay. So Tiff [00:39:45]: That was a huge You're immune Reginald Ferguson [00:39:46]: to me, but that's Woolworth isn't isn't, you know, like, I'm trying to keep it analogous. So Okay. You know, obviously, not a clothing store. I mean, that would be a totally different podcast. I could totally talk about Woolworths. So great memories there too. So Bloomingdale's, I've been to great I've been to great stores. But I remember sometimes my mom and my my aunt and my grandma and 2 of the 3 of those people are big fashion influences to me. Reginald Ferguson [00:40:14]: Sorry, auntie. They would talk about stores like Arnold Constable. I've always remembered that name. And how brilliant, how incredible that store was. Even Bendel's, which I remember, obviously, but I I didn't go with them to Bendel's. So there are stores in the culture of New York City that are historic and make an impact. And that's what Century has done for me. When I was a sophomore in college at stern I got an internship. Reginald Ferguson [00:40:48]: I worked at Dun and Bradstreet for the summer. Dun and Bradstreet was that was what was then called the World Financial Center. Which I'm totally drawing a blank right now what it's called now. So it's it's something place, I think. I can't remember. But this is all the same structure with the winter garden and everything. So when I got that internship, it was, in my mind, 5 minutes away from Century 21. I wanna also explain to the listening audience and even you, Tiff, when I started going to Century 21, they weren't in that big, big store. Reginald Ferguson [00:41:29]: They were in a smaller shop that exclusively the entrance was on Broadway. Tiff [00:41:35]: Yeah, and it had, like, a vertical sign that said Century 21, right? Reginald Ferguson [00:41:39]: I don't even remember the signage. Here's what I remember. Entrance on Broadway, to the right of it, Rainbow Shops. Tiff [00:41:46]: Yes, that's yeah, that's the one I remember when I first got here. Reginald Ferguson [00:41:50]: Yes, so that's that's what I remember. I I kid you not, on my lunch break at Dun and Bradstreet, every day, I went through 121. Tiff [00:42:06]: Jesus. Every day? Reginald Ferguson [00:42:08]: Every day. Doesn't mean I bought something every day. Tiff [00:42:10]: Dude, I don't know how you got out of there without buying something every day. I purposely did not go in there very often because I knew I was going to find something and have and spend money, like, crazy money because I always found everything in there. Reginald Ferguson [00:42:28]: I mentioned to this cat that I've become friendly on Instagram, big shout out to Pedro Mendez, I'm not much about all these fashion books that people have and adorn. They're coffee table books. There's nothing wrong with them. But as I told them, I learned from my grandparents, I learned from my mommy and I learned from my family. And then I just learned from living living in New York City, being out in the streets. And my point is, one could argue that I really was molded and shaped by going to Century 21. Every day when when I worked at Dun and Bradstreet, Some days I purchased stuff, sometimes I didn't. But I learned a lot just by going there and looking at things, what I liked, what I didn't like. Reginald Ferguson [00:43:17]: So it was, in a way, it was a college for me. Tiff [00:43:20]: Yeah. I was about to say, you went to school at Century 21. Reginald Ferguson [00:43:23]: I went to school at Century 21. Fashion school. Absolutely. Also, as as teenagers will do, thinking that they're slick, because I felt they were taking their eye off at me at Dun and Bradstreet during my internship, my, lunch hour would turn into my lunch 10, my lunch 20, meaning an hour and 10, an hour and 20. Because not only was I going to Century, I was just posting up Nassau Street checking out chicks. So trying to get my groove on. Tiff [00:43:59]: So that's really the sad part of this. No. Reginald Ferguson [00:44:02]: The sad part of this is that more than 50% of my wardrobe is from Century 21. Tiff [00:44:09]: Wow. That's Reginald Ferguson [00:44:11]: Probably close to 90. Tiff [00:44:13]: Wow. Reginald Ferguson [00:44:14]: I don't think that's an exaggeration. My drawers are from Century 21. Tiff [00:44:20]: Your drawers. Reginald Ferguson [00:44:21]: My drawers that I'm wearing today, all my drawers are from Century 21. My tie that I'm wearing, Century 21. This store this store survived 9:11. And I wanna tell everyone a story. When 911 happened, what people need to know is once I started getting hooked on central 21 due to Ellen Genachowski, yes, I went every literally every lunch period when I worked downtown at World Financial. But, also, I was known for going early in the morning. Because what people need to know is the Cortland Street store, the Wall Street store, essentially, opened before the bell rang at the stock exchange. Because what the rap was was that brokers sometimes would run-in, buy some shirts, and then run to the trading floor. Reginald Ferguson [00:45:25]: I was enamored with that, though I wasn't a stocks and bonds guy, I wasn't a finance guy. So I wanted to be like them. So I would go in the morning before school, before work. When 9:11 happened, I received numerous calls because people thought that there was a chance that I was at Century. Tiff [00:45:50]: Right. Where were you? Why weren't you? Reginald Ferguson [00:45:53]: No, I know exactly where I was. I was actually at the Millennium Hotel, not the one that everyone immediately would think, the Midtown location. That's when I was in the cable industry. That's another story. But that's because it has and still is clear to people in my clique how much the store means to me. Tiff [00:46:13]: Right. Yep. Reginald Ferguson [00:46:15]: To go in the morning, it's 7, 8 in the morning to buy something. When I was in cable, my boss at the time gave me an opportunity at the extremely last minute to go to a black tie event. I didn't have a tux. At that time, I was renting and I had made a choice that I wasn't gonna rent anymore. That's a big choice. Where did I go? Tiff [00:46:38]: You went to Century 21. Reginald Ferguson [00:46:40]: I got my first tuxedo at Century 21. Tiff [00:46:43]: Oh my god. I really Reginald Ferguson [00:46:47]: my tie collection is from Century 21. My shirt collection primarily, though it has changed and adapted, and big shout out to Propercoff for that. Still a core of my shirts, Century 21. My tie collection is innumerable. The tie wall at Century 21, that was my spot. I just, I haven't felt emotion about a building since the original Yankee Stadium was destroyed. Tiff [00:47:23]: Wow. That was huge. Reginald Ferguson [00:47:26]: I can't believe and I was fortunate enough to go to the last game. This I this should not be happening. This store, this company has been going on for 60 years. The original location is in Bay Ridge. I've been to that one. I love the one in downtown Manhattan. There's one in downtown Brooklyn that I could go to. I don't like that one. Reginald Ferguson [00:47:54]: It's my go to. And I think it's the go to for the city and for the world. When I was growing up, the the drill was the tourists came on the weekends. So you only go during the week. I don't know what happened over the past 10 something years. The tourists are there every day. Tiff [00:48:13]: Every day. Every day. Reginald Ferguson [00:48:15]: Every day. Tiff [00:48:17]: The secret got out. Reginald Ferguson [00:48:20]: The first thing I ever purchased, not that you asked, Tiff, but I literally I I wracked my brain when I knew we were gonna do this. I bought a Henry Grethel gray spring summer belted trench. Tiff [00:48:36]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:48:37]: I rocked that trench till it wore out. Tiff [00:48:45]: And how long did it take for that thing to wear out? Reginald Ferguson [00:48:47]: Oh, I don't know. I I probably had it for a long time. Tiff [00:48:50]: I'm sure you did. Because the thing about Century 21 that we have to note is that it was good quality stuff. I mean, it was real labels, not knock offs. Reginald Ferguson [00:49:01]: Right. Tiff [00:49:01]: 121 had real labels and stupendous discounts. Like, and sometimes, I'm like, somebody somebody wake me up. Am I am I looking at this price tag right? It was like that. Reginald Ferguson [00:49:15]: Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. They had great brands. I have friends Tiff [00:49:20]: crappy stuff. Some of the Reginald Ferguson [00:49:22]: stuff No. There is no crappy stuff at Century 21. That is illegal. It was terrible. The tie wall every man went to that tie wall. That tie wall was amazing, and they had it priced out from the cheapest ties to most expensive ties. When I was growing up, the cheapest tire probably I coulda get was maybe 10 or sub 10. Most expensive, a 150, $200, and everything in between. Reginald Ferguson [00:49:50]: And that's what I'm also saying what's so hurtful about this is that it is a store, really, for everybody. I know it's been canonized on Sex and the City and stuff like that. I never watched it. I can't Tiff [00:50:02]: say that. Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:50:03]: Yeah. No. You could definitely chime in because I never watched it, so I don't have an opinion. Tiff [00:50:07]: I didn't watch it, but I I read an article where, you know, there was a they even got a line in Sex and the City about, you know, it being My Reginald Ferguson [00:50:14]: jury duty. Yeah. Jury duty. Blah blah blah blah blah. Yeah. Men, let me tell you. A Brioni suit is at Century 21. A Cucinelli suit is at Century 21. Reginald Ferguson [00:50:29]: So this should not be happening. And I know I realize now that this is gonna take a second episode, and I hope we're not boring anybody. All the brands I learned about. I learned about so many brands, Armani. I learned about so many brands because of Century. Yep. Just going there, buying stuff, taking my friends. Big shout out to my boy, Rich Madore, my best friend from undergrad. Reginald Ferguson [00:50:58]: Taking him and picking out stuff for him. My boy, AJ. My boy, AJ, when he lived in Japan, he's from Queens, come home once a year. We bought some dope ass winter coat for him. He said, that coat still to this day, people look at. Tiff [00:51:16]: See? Yes. It Good classic stuff but also, you know, with some, upscale design. Like, that's what I liked most about their pieces is, you know, you can I love Macy's, you know I do? I go there a lot. But it, you know, it Macy's has its regular brands that it deals with, but you go to Century 21 and you you in the past, you could get you could you could sort of level up in your fashion game there. You know what I mean? Reginald Ferguson [00:51:48]: Yes. Yeah. You had an opportunity to step up. I mean, they always have had the European designer section, at least for men, because I don't know the women's stuff as well. I don't claim to. I know that used to be the epicenter for shoes for women. I know that much. Tiff [00:52:04]: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Oh, no. Reginald Ferguson [00:52:08]: I know that much. I've been told. The funny thing is I've only really been to 3 floors since they expanded. So, you know, maybe 2 floors, really. I remember I'm sorry? Tiff [00:52:24]: I said, I I think it's the same for me. I don't think I've been to the entire store since, 9 11. I think I popped in to one level really quickly when I was down in that area a couple of years back, and that's it. Reginald Ferguson [00:52:38]: Right. Tiff [00:52:38]: And I sent you a picture the other night when I was down there. Reginald Ferguson [00:52:41]: Yes. Yeah. In which I was shocked that you didn't go in. So Tiff [00:52:46]: I had other business. Reginald Ferguson [00:52:47]: Understood. So I remember when the men's stuff was on the 1st floor, which now is where all the cosmetics is. I remember when they had a health and beauty aids section that was downstairs. I remember when J and R Music World, when at the time, they thought they were gonna come back to their stores. They decamped to Century 21. So there were store in store. I have so many good memories with my friends and my family. Family had to remind me of things that we had done there together. Reginald Ferguson [00:53:24]: There's 4,000 employees that are gonna lose their jobs, ladies and gentlemen, because of this. And this is only happening for one reason. It's happening because this pandemic is affecting everything so strongly that 11 insurance companies that owe Century 21 a $175,000,000 won't pony up. That's why this is happening. Tiff [00:53:48]: Yep. The only reason this is happening. Reginald Ferguson [00:53:51]: That's the only reason. This is terrible. This is selfish. The families that run-in now, they're the the 2nd generation of the 2 original families, Guindy and the other individual. This is wrong. This is wrong. This isn't and no offense to these other stores. This isn't L and T, Lord and Taylor. Reginald Ferguson [00:54:17]: This isn't even Brooks and Brooks has a tradition that's hallowed. But this is a tradition for New Yorkers and, also, now people in other places. Tiff [00:54:27]: Yep. Reginald Ferguson [00:54:29]: And people have asked me if I'm gonna go back. And to be honest, I think if I go back, it'd be like seeing an old friend who's not doing so well. Tiff [00:54:44]: Well, yeah. The I just read in an article that the, 66th Street, the Upper West Side Store, 66th Street Store had a line, 2 days ago, had a line around the block because I'm Reginald Ferguson [00:54:56]: not surprised. And I hate that. Tiff [00:54:57]: Because they're going out of business now. And it's and and people came out saying people came out saying it definitely looks picked over, which Century Knit 21 never looked. I mean, as much as do you see people walking out there with huge bags of stuff? It never looked ransacked. It never looked picked over. They always seem to have, stock, and and and it was always there. And that's yeah. So if you're gonna you should definitely go back. If nothing else, just just go back and and No. Reginald Ferguson [00:55:28]: I want my memories. It's really like Yankee. I mean, it's different in that I was literally there at the last day, the last game. I don't wanna look at stuff that's picked over. Tiff [00:55:38]: Right. Reginald Ferguson [00:55:39]: And as much as I am about a deal Right? Tiff [00:55:43]: I I mean, Reginald Ferguson [00:55:44]: you know what I'll do Tiff [00:55:45]: for you, Reg? You know you know what I'm gonna do for you? I'm gonna go back for you. I'm gonna go there and go for you. How's that sound? Reginald Ferguson [00:55:55]: If there's an incredible percentage off, maybe. Tiff [00:55:59]: I know. Reginald Ferguson [00:56:00]: No. But if it's, you know, if it's right now, listen. This is this is what I heard, y'all. Right now, for on the men's section is really 10% off. That's not an incentive. But, you know, certainly, if you wanna pay your respects, I hear there's still some good merch. I hear there's some good designer merch out there. Tiff [00:56:18]: The underwear is gone. They have it that has been the best selling. And I don't know what it is about men's underwear, but Reginald Ferguson [00:56:24]: Their underwear, they have crazy brands, Prudal Loom, all the way to Polo Ralph Lauren, whomever else. Tiff [00:56:33]: Well, it's all it's been fleeced. Reginald Ferguson [00:56:37]: I got all my drawers. Tiff [00:56:38]: All your drawers are gone, man. Reginald Ferguson [00:56:41]: Gold toe socks. Learned from my grandpa. Constantly bought gold toes at Century. So, again, my my knowledge of brands was broadened by all the trips I made to that store. I have a friend. I'm gonna shout him out because he said something to me that I had to laugh. It was gallows humor. I shared with him that Century was going out. Reginald Ferguson [00:57:01]: It's my boy, Jared Gooding, of police space from North Carolina like yourself. I remember I took him. I've taken so many people, or told so many people to go. So that's why people have reached out to me. They're, like, I know this is hurting you. It's hurting me, because it's wrong what's happening. But the point is, with Jared, I reached out to him on Apple message, and he said, It's your fault. Tiff [00:57:25]: Oh. It is? Reginald Ferguson [00:57:27]: Because of all the stuff I bought from them over the years. Tiff [00:57:30]: Oh, that's cute. Reginald Ferguson [00:57:32]: It was very cute. It was actually a joke that Lindsay did for hours for me. Tiff [00:57:37]: Please shout out. I have a little bit of news for you to hopefully end this conversation on an up note. There is there is breaking news, Reg. Reginald Ferguson [00:57:49]: What's the breaking news? The breaking news is that New York City's hearts are being broken Tiff [00:57:54]: That's true. With the Reginald Ferguson [00:57:55]: avaricious insurance companies. Tiff [00:57:59]: Greed. Greed. Corporate greed. Greed. Greed. Greed. But there is, there is a fight going on, and, this was breaking news, I would 5 or 6 hours ago. City councilman Justin Bronin and state senator Andrew, and I don't know how to say this name, g o u n a r d s, Guarnardis. Tiff [00:58:19]: Is that how you say that? They're trying to Okay. They're trying to save the Bayside store. Reginald Ferguson [00:58:27]: You mean Bay Ridge? Tiff [00:58:28]: I mean, I'm sorry. Yes. They're trying to send you to Bay Ridge store. Reginald Ferguson [00:58:32]: Yeah. Tiff [00:58:34]: And this is breaking news. They sent a letter to Century 21 owners saying that this is ridiculous. This is, this there's no you know, the corporate greed is this is gonna have a negative impact on our communities and our small businesses. And we need to hold these insurance companies accountable to their promises. And so they're gonna really, really work on trying to at least save this one Bay Ridge store. And I I just let's hold out hope. Let's send the energy there, Reg. We can make it happen. Tiff [00:59:07]: Don't you? Reginald Ferguson [00:59:07]: I'm sorry. I need a package deal. They're gonna do Bay Ridge. They have to do Cortland Street. Tiff [00:59:12]: I know. Well, I know. And let's just hope that that other other folks will step up too. Because what they need is a 170 $5,000,000. Right. Reginald Ferguson [00:59:22]: And they would've kept it they would've kept it going. It's 11 insurance companies. Yep. A 175,000,000. Tiff [00:59:29]: So any of our listeners out there, if you've got a $175,000,000, please give it to Century 21. We have to save this store for reg, if nothing else. Reginald Ferguson [00:59:40]: For the city. Tiff [00:59:41]: Fuck. For the Reginald Ferguson [00:59:41]: city. It's listen. I think it's a wrap, and, unfortunately, we have to wrap. So I think we should maybe do a tail end of this next episode. And then I know you wanna talk about the bigger things involving retail. Tiff [00:59:55]: Alright. So We got more to say. Always. Reginald Ferguson [00:59:58]: I know. I know. I know. Tiff [01:00:01]: But before we go, let's say thank you to all of our listeners. Right? Reginald Ferguson [01:00:05]: Absolutely. Yeah. Hey. Tiff [01:00:06]: New new and old. Thank you for returning if you've been with us for with us with Reg and his guests in the in the COVID period. And thank you for anybody listening, for the first time. Go back and listen to some other stellar episodes because we got many. Reginald Ferguson [01:00:24]: Yep. Right? Yep. Hit us up., On the insta@newyorkfashiongeek. Thank you so much for listening. Long live Century 21. We hope you had fun or down for another one. Please tell your friends about us. Reginald Ferguson [01:00:41]: Special shout out goes to our producer search and everyone down with the NYFG. Tiff [01:00:47]: Yes. See you next time. Reginald Ferguson [01:00:48]: Alright. Tiff [01:00:50]: Anna, I'm Tiff. Reginald Ferguson [01:00:52]: We'll see you next time. And remember. Tiff [01:00:55]: Always be fly. Reginald Ferguson [01:00:58]: I love you, Century 21. I always will. I always will. Tiff [01:01:02]: Hearts.

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