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Reg and Tiff chop it up on his visit to The Armoury for their “Summer Shindig” (big shout out to Richard Carroll), breaking down the definition of “accessible mastery” (bestowed upon Reg by Alex Winchell), what a “Tuesday suit” is, Reg’s hatred of backpacks with suits and a special guest appearance from the folks at Ecowrist (“So What Do You Do?”) talking about their line, their connection to Weeksville and their trip to the Essence Festival. Get ready for a good listen.


Reginald Ferguson [00:00:01]: Hello. I'm Reg. Tiff [00:00:02]: And I'm Tiff. And we're the fashion geeks. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:04]: Trying to make New York. Tiff [00:00:06]: And the world. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:06]: Well, New York is the world. Tiff [00:00:07]: A little flyer, one outfit Reginald Ferguson [00:00:09]: And certainly Tiff [00:00:10]: feels like that, doesn't it? Reginald Ferguson [00:00:13]: Yeah. Absolutely. It's like 75 degrees. Tiff [00:00:16]: I was sweating. It It certainly feels like that, doesn't it? Reginald Ferguson [00:00:18]: Yeah. Absolutely. It's like 75 degrees. Tiff [00:00:20]: I was sweating on the way over here. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:22]: I could tell. Tiff [00:00:22]: Of course, I was, you know, racing to get here. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:24]: Yeah. I I was waiting. Tiff [00:00:26]: Call. Me and my relationship with Time, it is ongoing. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:30]: It's, it's a drama in 3 parts. Tiff [00:00:32]: I was trying to make it 3 in a row where I got here with 4 years. That would have been blowing your mind. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:38]: Yep. Well, there goes nothing, Tiff. Tiff [00:00:41]: Well, something's gonna make me cute. Right? Reginald Ferguson [00:00:44]: Okay. You're endearing. So I'm geek number 1, Reg Ferguson. This person laughing is geek number 2. What's your name? Tiff [00:00:51]: Tiffany Minettel Shriver. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:53]: The timely one. Tiff [00:00:55]: Sometimes. There's a word time in the word. Time. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:00]: Yeah. Tiff [00:01:00]: Yes. Sometimes. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:01]: Yes. Oh, wow. Yeah. You're good. You're really oh, yeah. Boy, I'm sensing a theme already. That's, like, foreshadowing. Tiff [00:01:08]: I like to drop crumbs. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:09]: Oh, okay. Who picks them up? Tiff [00:01:12]: Hopefully, you. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:14]: Yeah. I guess I caught on to this one. Tiff [00:01:15]: You did. Very good. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:16]: Thank you. I try. I hope to get a gold star. Tiff [00:01:20]: Well, I'm excited to be here again. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:22]: Yeah. 2 in a row for you, Tiff. Speaker C [00:01:23]: We're getting Reginald Ferguson [00:01:24]: Oh my god. Tiff [00:01:24]: Getting back into the groove. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:26]: Thank god. Tiff [00:01:27]: Impromptu. I am traveling, though, starting Reginald Ferguson [00:01:28]: Of course. Tiff [00:01:29]: Next week. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:30]: Yes. I know. Tiff [00:01:30]: The travel thing starts all over again. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:32]: That's why we can't do it next week. Tiff [00:01:34]: But, you know, It keeps me keeps me happy. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:38]: I'm glad. If you're happy, that makes the podcast happy. Tiff [00:01:43]: Some would say. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:44]: Yeah. Well, you know. Tiff [00:01:46]: So what, let's talk about what you've been up to, enough of this nonsense. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:51]: Just a warm you up, Tiff. Well, you know, same o, same o. Tiff [00:01:54]: Working? Reginald Ferguson [00:01:55]: Working. Looking for clients. Met a potential one yesterday. Tiff [00:01:59]: Oh, really? Reginald Ferguson [00:02:00]: Yep. Tiff [00:02:00]: Did you get them through the podcast? The website? The Reginald Ferguson [00:02:03]: No. Actually, it was an event that you were gonna come with me Oh. And I went solo. Tiff [00:02:09]: And pop. Oh, talk about it. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:10]: Come on. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I went to, went to an event at the armory Speaker C [00:02:15]: Alright. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:15]: High end men's fashion. Tiff [00:02:16]: And I'm so sorry. I couldn't join you. I really, really okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:19]: I always give you an invite, but then, you know, I know it's it's really a role with you because And pop. Tiff [00:02:24]: I have a very full life. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:26]: Yes. You do. I'm I'm just glad that you fit us in so we can get some episodes down. Tiff [00:02:30]: Only for you. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:31]: Thank you. I appreciate it. Since this is your idea. But, yes, I went I went to the armory event Tiff [00:02:37]: k. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:37]: AKA the summer shindig. Tiff [00:02:39]: So what what what is the you said it's it's an So everybody knows where the armory is. It's in the middle of Manhattan. Right? Reginald Ferguson [00:02:45]: No. It's in Tribeca. No. The armory, the clothing store. Speaker D [00:02:48]: Oh. Yes. Speaker C [00:02:49]: I didn't Reginald Ferguson [00:02:49]: go I Tiff [00:02:49]: didn't go at the armory. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:50]: No. It didn't go to the armory. Tiff [00:02:52]: Art shows at the armory. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:53]: Say. I wasn't checking out art. It just read my mind. I was checking out gear. Tiff [00:02:56]: So there is a store called the armory. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:59]: Yes. Tiff [00:02:59]: Oh, okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:01]: Yes. With a u. Tiff [00:03:02]: Okay. Yep. I remember that. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:04]: They have a they have a location in Japan, and they have this location in Tribeca. Mhmm. I've been invited to a few events by them. Didn't have the opportunity to make it. Finally did. Was really happy. Big shout out to the crew out there. Richard Carroll, Jim Parker, my man, Alex. Tiff [00:03:26]: Alex? Reginald Ferguson [00:03:27]: Yeah. Alex. Alex Winchell. Tiff [00:03:29]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:29]: Yeah. But, you know, we were, like, so familiar. I didn't think. So yes. Andrew, Yamato, really good guys. So you're giving me a face. Do you know these people? Tiff [00:03:40]: I don't. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:41]: Do I? I don't think so. Well, you Tiff [00:03:42]: looked at me like you like, I should know them, so I got a little cold Speaker C [00:03:45]: on the car. I'm like, did Tiff [00:03:46]: I not study somebody I was Speaker D [00:03:48]: supposed to study? No. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:49]: No. If you had come, you would've met Speaker C [00:03:50]: because I Tiff [00:03:50]: did a lot of studying for this episode. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:52]: Oh, you're the researcher. But, yeah, it was it was really cool. Got to look at their items. Really chopped it up with Alex. That's why I just called him Alex. One name, but it's Alex Winchell. Oh. It was formerly of Drake's. Reginald Ferguson [00:04:04]: So, Tiff [00:04:05]: What are their items? Are men's wear from top to bottom? Reginald Ferguson [00:04:08]: Yes. Yeah. Literally. Tiff [00:04:10]: What is do they have a specialty? Is there one particular thing they do better than others? Reginald Ferguson [00:04:14]: High end. Oh. That's what they do well. Tiff [00:04:16]: Everything is high end. Okay. Absolutely. Nice. Reginald Ferguson [00:04:19]: So I guess if I'm, from top to bottom, I saw Panama hat, and I saw, Alden's, and I saw, Carmina, Carmina Shoemaker. So Literally from top to bottom. Tiff [00:04:28]: To bottom. Reginald Ferguson [00:04:28]: Yep. And everything in between. Tiff [00:04:30]: Nice. Speaker C [00:04:30]: Had a Tiff [00:04:31]: What'd you buy? Reginald Ferguson [00:04:32]: Didn't buy anything. I was invited for drinks and merriment. That's what I did. Tiff [00:04:37]: How was the merriment? Reginald Ferguson [00:04:38]: It was good. They made good merriment. Tiff [00:04:40]: And the drinks? Reginald Ferguson [00:04:41]: That was the merriment. Tiff [00:04:42]: Oh, okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:04:43]: Yes. The drinks. They were very good. Tiff [00:04:44]: Alright. Reginald Ferguson [00:04:45]: They were very, Tiff [00:04:46]: they were very The drinks normally help, like, loosen the pocketbook, so that's why I was No. Reginald Ferguson [00:04:51]: No. Not not me. Tiff [00:04:52]: Then work on Reginald. Reginald Ferguson [00:04:53]: Not me. No. I, the, the wallet is firmly closed. There's nothing going on. Tiff [00:05:03]: So what did, let's talk about what you saw. What what are you, what what happened? Reginald Ferguson [00:05:07]: Well, I bumped into this guy who, again, may be a potential client, and we were we were on the line for drinks because he thought that guys were just congregating. I was like, no. They're online. Oh, okay. Let's not be rude or gentlemen. So, we waited. We struck up a conversation, and Yeah. He could use my service. Tiff [00:05:30]: Alright. He Reginald Ferguson [00:05:30]: could use my service. Tiff [00:05:32]: Alright. Reginald Ferguson [00:05:32]: That's that's all I'm saying. Tiff [00:05:33]: Not bad enough. Agreement clearly. Reginald Ferguson [00:05:35]: I don't know. Well, he was intrigued Because I told him I was cutting class or I left class early. Speaker D [00:05:42]: Oh, that's right. I remember Reginald Ferguson [00:05:43]: that. Remember, I'm taking a Tiff [00:05:45]: And for those who are just joining us, listeners, brand new listeners, your service is Reginald Ferguson [00:05:51]: We're a fashion consultancy. We hip hop men be the best they can be. Tiff [00:05:56]: Yes. Reginald Ferguson [00:05:57]: We start from closet inventory to personal shopping and everything in between. Tiff [00:06:01]: And my favorite line is? Reginald Ferguson [00:06:03]: Consider me a personal shopper for fashion. Speaker D [00:06:06]: I love that. It's so true. Reginald Ferguson [00:06:08]: Personal trainer Speaker C [00:06:09]: for fashion. Tiff [00:06:09]: Personal trainer. Reginald Ferguson [00:06:10]: Yes. Tiff [00:06:10]: That's the word. Sorry. Speaker C [00:06:11]: Yes. Tiff [00:06:11]: Yeah. Yeah. I got all excited because I knew exactly what you're gonna say. Reginald Ferguson [00:06:14]: Yeah. I know. You messed me up, so I was on. Speaker D [00:06:16]: I didn't listen. Reginald Ferguson [00:06:17]: Yeah. It's okay. So, yeah. I met this guy. Big shout out to David Forsch. Got him in my sights, but, He was very intrigued, and we we worked the room, so to speak. We met a whole bunch of people. I love these events. Reginald Ferguson [00:06:32]: They're very interesting because first of all, I feel like it's really and for men, I think that's kinda unique. Growing up with a whole bunch of woman, I'm accustomed to it. But when you go into a men's store, it's weird. It's see and wanna be seen. Tiff [00:06:46]: Really? Reginald Ferguson [00:06:46]: Yeah. And I'm not that guy. I just wanna come in, talk to people, get some drinks. That's it. But they're they're checking you out head to toe. Tiff [00:06:54]: Well, that would happen with the, and then I went with, to that same thing was happening. Where did where did we go? Where You need Reginald Ferguson [00:07:00]: the Bruno Marley? Tiff [00:07:00]: And pop. No. The 1 other 1. The new it was a pop up opening. Reginald Ferguson [00:07:05]: Oh, yeah. Yes. Yeah. Actually, down the block, coincidentally. I mean, Tiff [00:07:08]: you and I were looking at the clothes. It looks like everybody else was looking. And, of course, people did somebody looked me up and down. And I'm like, yeah. They look good. Go ahead. Reginald Ferguson [00:07:16]: I don't have time for that. I mean, it's very interesting. I mean, me and Alex Winchell, we really were going into a deep conversation about that, about How some people are there and they're legit and some people are fronting. I'm just there to be in the environment. That's really it. I'm not really checking people's sneezes out like that. Tiff [00:07:36]: Keep checking out what they have going on because you need that free business. You need to know what the Reginald Ferguson [00:07:41]: I just wanna know what the store was like because you're always looking at it on Instagram. Tiff [00:07:45]: Right. Reginald Ferguson [00:07:45]: And as I told them, because I met this crew and they're the owners or some of the salespeople, That's why I shouted them all out. With the extension Andrew who works for Alan Flusser. I just wanna see what it's about. Tiff [00:07:56]: Had Had you ever been there before? Reginald Ferguson [00:07:58]: No. No. That was the whole point. Tiff [00:07:59]: Your first time. Yeah. Oh, okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:08:00]: Yeah. Yeah. And it's so convenient. We're right off one of my train lines. So Did Tiff [00:08:04]: you see anything, any one item that, Reginald Ferguson [00:08:07]: I thought of you, Tiff. Yes. I did. Tiff [00:08:10]: What did you see? Reginald Ferguson [00:08:12]: I saw a dope ass plaid sport jacket with fabric by VBC. Nice. Tiff [00:08:22]: Vitex. Very nice. Reginald Ferguson [00:08:23]: My best sex. Tiff [00:08:24]: Summer weight? Hold on. It's gotta be summer weight, of course. Reginald Ferguson [00:08:27]: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Tiff [00:08:28]: Wow. Nice. Kinda like the one you sent me on Instagram. That was a beautiful flag. Reginald Ferguson [00:08:32]: I can't recall. Yeah. But it was Super dope. Tiff [00:08:37]: What colors? Reginald Ferguson [00:08:38]: It was, like, beige and brown, if I recall correctly. Tiff [00:08:42]: Oh, I'd have to see that. Reginald Ferguson [00:08:44]: You can go on buys right there in the front of the store. Alright. Got a mannequin all up there. Tiff [00:08:49]: So I'll walk in there and take a look. Reginald Ferguson [00:08:52]: With a very nice tie that my man, Alex, I know is covered in, that went for a yard. So you go for it, Alex. Tiff [00:09:00]: Wow. Reginald Ferguson [00:09:00]: That's, that's too uptown for the man here. Tiff [00:09:03]: Oh, yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:09:03]: Yeah. Tiff [00:09:04]: Well, I'm glad I'm glad you get to make it. I'm sorry I couldn't join you, and I was so hoping that you wouldn't cancel because I couldn't join you. And when you met somebody that you could you know, you got a buddy. You could walk around the store Speaker C [00:09:15]: Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:09:15]: Yeah. It was really cool. Yeah. We went we went through the different clicks. That's essentially what it was. So they were accept accepting of us. And then we really let into, like, the owners. So that was that was really Tiff [00:09:25]: And you had a conversation with the owners. Right? Reginald Ferguson [00:09:28]: And Yes. Yeah. Yeah. We had a lot of we had a lot of yuck yucks. Tiff [00:09:31]: And you said you said they said you had Reginald Ferguson [00:09:34]: It was Alex, particularly. Alex Winchell said I have accessible mastery. Tiff [00:09:41]: Accessible mastery. Reginald Ferguson [00:09:42]: Yeah. Speaker C [00:09:43]: I I mean, Tiff [00:09:43]: I know the definition of those words separately, and I can assume what it means together. But what does that mean, accessible coming from them? Speaker C [00:09:51]: I Reginald Ferguson [00:09:51]: I mean, first of all, coming from them, I think it was quite a compliment. Because, again, everyone's checking each other out. But when you have these salespeople I mean, this is really what they do. They have a eye for detail. I think I'm rather meticulous as well. A matter of fact, this guy, David, who hopefully would become a client, he said the same thing. And I like that. I pride myself on that. Reginald Ferguson [00:10:12]: But when I think the staff and when the salespeople are checking you out, I don't feel particularly since None of us are really shopping. Like, I don't even recall seeing 1 purchase happen. Tiff [00:10:22]: Really? Reginald Ferguson [00:10:23]: Essentially, no. Because they closed the store for this special event. The door was widely open. They didn't check a list or anything. But my point is, I don't think he had any incentive, particularly knowing that I was a fashion consultant, about him trying to gas me up. So, you know, I think I think it was a a an honest assessment. He he had made an observation about my gear and this guy David earlier, particularly about my lapel. What were you wearing? I had on my Tuesday suit. Reginald Ferguson [00:10:52]: And Tiff [00:10:54]: pop. That's so funny that yeah. You have this and it's this Tuesday suit you wear Reginald Ferguson [00:10:58]: on Tuesday. Every Every 2 Tuesdays. Tiff [00:11:01]: Is there ever a time when maybe Thursday you might wear it? Reginald Ferguson [00:11:04]: No. That'd be Thursday. Tiff [00:11:05]: Okay. So it literally Tuesday soon. So listen. I've been in your apartment. I know your closets. We talked about your closets here before. So you got you have to have more than 1 Tuesday suit. Reginald Ferguson [00:11:16]: If I have a 2 week rotation, yes, I would have Tiff [00:11:18]: 2 Tuesdays. Ask you a question then. If you've got Tuesday suits and Thursday suits, and the Tuesdays don't you you don't wear them on Thursdays, Do you have your closet divvied up into Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Reginald Ferguson [00:11:30]: For my suits, yes. Tiff [00:11:31]: Oh my god. Really? Reginald Ferguson [00:11:33]: It makes life easy. You just go that's it. Monday through Friday, Monday through Friday. The only the only thing that I do The day before is I'll put a shirt with it. And then usually that morning, then I'll figure out a tie. Tiff [00:11:49]: So you lay out your clothes the night before? Reginald Ferguson [00:11:52]: Yeah. Essentially. Tiff [00:11:53]: That's, that's a very, very together thing to do, I think. Reginald Ferguson [00:11:57]: It's pragmatic. You know? Everyone laughs. That's okay. Something wrong with it. It makes sense. Tiff [00:12:04]: I go like this. I open my closet doors, and I go, what can I fit in today? Reginald Ferguson [00:12:08]: That's inefficient. I open it up, and I go Monday. Then the next day, Tuesday. Tiff [00:12:15]: So what if you're feeling like I'm not Feeling this. I wanna be creative. I wanna Reginald Ferguson [00:12:19]: I am creative. The shirt, the tie, the accessories lead to the creativity. Tiff [00:12:24]: But your Tuesday suit is gonna be on Tuesday. Right. Reginald Ferguson [00:12:27]: Because it's a Tuesday shoot. Tiff [00:12:29]: Alright. I got it. I just wanted to, you know Reginald Ferguson [00:12:31]: It was a Hickey Freeman, by the way. Speaker D [00:12:33]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:12:34]: Brown. You've seen it. Very subtle. Tiff [00:12:38]: Yes. Yeah. I know which one you're talking. That looks really good on you. Reginald Ferguson [00:12:42]: Thank you. Thank you very Tiff [00:12:42]: much. Nice. Reginald Ferguson [00:12:43]: Yeah. He he peeped my. I like that. Because I don't wanna I don't wanna talk about it. But if they're gonna talk about it, Tiff [00:12:50]: yeah, I Reginald Ferguson [00:12:50]: like that. Right? I but I I like that accessible mastery. Yeah. I gotta really I gotta really hold on to that. Tiff [00:12:57]: I if somebody called me master in anything, I'd be like, oh, k. I'd love that. Impa. Accessible mastery? Okay. Thank you. Reginald Ferguson [00:13:04]: If I'm a fashion consultant, as my boy Blaze says, every day what you're wearing has to represent Speaker C [00:13:10]: And pop. Reginald Ferguson [00:13:11]: So I'm I'm even more particular, and I think I've always been persnickety, but I can't let anything slip, guys. Tiff [00:13:17]: You're your own billboard. And pop. You're on a marketing tool. Reginald Ferguson [00:13:20]: Gave away a shirt last week to the Bowery Mission because it didn't didn't reach the standard. Because if I'm really, if I'm meeting someone, I bump into them, And they're checking me out, and then something's off. They're like, fashion consultant of what? Tiff [00:13:34]: I'm checking you out right now. Speaker E [00:13:36]: Yes. Tiff [00:13:36]: I love how you are and I I am I'm a fan of mixing patterns, and you you have a check shirt on. Yep. You have a tie with a pattern of small circles. It's honestly polka dots either. They're circle within a circle. And then you have a pocket square that, I can can can't see from here the design. In pop. Oh, it oh, you oh, you're bringing in some circles in the pocket square, but it's a totally different color, and I love that. Tiff [00:14:05]: No matchy matchy. Reginald Ferguson [00:14:06]: Nope. Tiff [00:14:07]: And I it's just it all coordinates with each other, ties in with each other, but it it it's very visually it's Impop. It's like a Reginald Ferguson [00:14:16]: feast for the eyes. Thank you. Speaker C [00:14:19]: I'm a Tiff [00:14:19]: buffet of fashion. Are you can eat buffet? With that, let's do that. That's, let's, let's Reginald Ferguson [00:14:30]: keep on going, Tiff. I just, Yeah. We, Tiff [00:14:34]: we have some, some guests in our studio today. Reginald Ferguson [00:14:37]: Get out of here. Tiff [00:14:38]: Yeah. They're right here. Can't see them? They're right here. Reginald Ferguson [00:14:40]: Can. Yeah. I do I I I Tiff [00:14:42]: They were in your peripheral vision. Reginald Ferguson [00:14:44]: Yeah. I know. I'm just shocked because this is supposed to have happened very long time ago, but I'm glad it happened. We Well, it's happening. I mean, I put it in the past tense. And not 1, but they came as a team. Tiff [00:14:57]: Yes. Yes. Reginald Ferguson [00:14:58]: Because even even 5 minutes ago, I was told, hey. I don't know. It could be me. It could be her. Could be both. Could be neither. 5 minutes before. Tiff [00:15:09]: Wow. Reginald Ferguson [00:15:10]: Just constantly keeping me posted from the morning till now. I'm standing in front of the studio. Speaker E [00:15:14]: Actually, we started that last night. Tiff [00:15:19]: Impop. Well, I was wondering why I couldn't get a straight answer from you of what we, you know, want. Reginald Ferguson [00:15:23]: Because I was not given a straight answer by the minister of information for this brand called Echorist. Tiff [00:15:43]: Now is it echo or eco? Speaker E [00:15:45]: However you prefer. Reginald Ferguson [00:15:46]: Okay. Tomato, tomato. Tiff [00:15:48]: Potato, potatoe. Reginald Ferguson [00:15:49]: Eco risk. Speaker E [00:15:50]: It's it's really eco risk because echo actually has a h in it. Reginald Ferguson [00:15:56]: Yeah. The Tiff [00:15:58]: h. It certainly does. Reginald Ferguson [00:15:59]: Representing my pronunciation, mister Gandy. Tiff [00:16:01]: Go risk. Reginald Ferguson [00:16:02]: And who are you anyway? Speaker E [00:16:05]: I am David Gandy. I am a cofounder of EcoRisk, Everest. Speaker D [00:16:13]: And I'm Marguerite Hamden, and I'm also the cofounder of Echoreist. Tiff [00:16:18]: Marguerite, now you you and I have something in Impac. Common. I'm you know, my name is Tiffany. Speaker D [00:16:23]: Yeah. Tiff [00:16:24]: It's spelling. Because your name is, spelled differently then margarit. Margarit, it's, with a q. Right? Speaker C [00:16:32]: It Speaker D [00:16:32]: is. It is. Tiff [00:16:33]: So do you pronounce it, or you still pronounce it with a g? Speaker D [00:16:36]: You know, here, I just had let let it go because people just say Marguerite. Reginald Ferguson [00:16:40]: Yeah. We just keep on messing up. Speaker D [00:16:41]: But it is Marguerite. Tiff [00:16:43]: And do I was gonna ask you. Do you correct people, or do you just say? Speaker D [00:16:46]: It's a A lot of times I don't anymore. Right. It's fine at this point. Tiff [00:16:49]: Yeah. With Tiffany, I get misspelled all the time. I'm all i's, t I f f I n I. And I constantly yeah. Right? Reginald Ferguson [00:16:56]: Yeah. Oh, that's right. Tiff [00:16:58]: Yeah. My first name is Mary, m e r I. This yes. My mother loved the eyes. Reginald Ferguson [00:17:04]: It's a southern spelling. Tiff [00:17:06]: I don't know. I always like to say it was during the sixties. My mother was a creative. Speaker E [00:17:10]: She was free. Tiff [00:17:13]: Not as free as she'd like to be, I'm sure, but, you know, you know, whatever. She was creative, so there we go. But I just wanted to Point that out Yeah. For the listeners. So because I think it's important that people know how to spell your name correctly. Reginald Ferguson [00:17:25]: Well, what's equally as important is What is this brand that we are speaking of? Because, again, I'm just I'm still mesmerized that I have both of you here. They are ladies and gentlemen, these are friends of mine Who are incredible entrepreneurs, but I'll let them talk about it. Tiff [00:17:41]: Yeah. So tell us a little bit about Ecorist. Impop. I thought we were I I I kinda wanted to start with each of them individually, but let's start with EcoWrist because that makes the most sense. That's what we're talking about right now. What is EcoWrist? Speaker E [00:17:54]: Oh, you want me to okay. Tiff [00:17:55]: Your little elevator spiel. I know. Right? Speaker E [00:17:58]: Okay. So we we go back and forth about, how we founded The company. But, I guess it's agreed that, Marguerite actually came up with the idea of Making this company a realization. So some 11, 12 years ago, we were vacationing in Saint Martin. Saint Martin. Speaker D [00:18:25]: Yeah. It was actually 2005, I believe. Speaker E [00:18:27]: Right. So we were we were on the French side, and we befriended these shop owners. They had, like, these this natural store. They had all kinds of supplements and all these interesting items. And One of the items was a it was a coconut watch. It was a coconut watch. So it was a coconut, band with a bamboo face. And so I was, oh, that's interesting. Speaker E [00:18:57]: So I got 1, and Marguerite got 1 also. And we came back to New York, and Everybody's like, oh, wow. Wow. Wow. So the light bulb went off on someone's head. She says it was hers. Speaker D [00:19:12]: It was my head. My head. Speaker E [00:19:14]: So that's that's the debate. That's the debate. Okay. So I'll give it to her. Okay. So the light bulb went off in her head, and I'll let you continue. Speaker D [00:19:24]: Yeah. So because of all these Positive reactions. I was like, there's something there, you know. Speaker E [00:19:31]: Something was there. Speaker D [00:19:32]: There's something there. And also because we're both creatives, we're both in the performing arts, And, you know, what what is important in our lives is is creativity, that expression of it, wellness, Which is very important to us. So But you're leaving Speaker E [00:19:47]: you're leaving something out though Speaker D [00:19:48]: What else? Speaker E [00:19:48]: About your background also. Speaker D [00:19:50]: Well, yeah. I do have a background in fashion as well. I studied fashion. Tiff [00:19:54]: Kind of important. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, Speaker D [00:19:57]: yeah, let me not leave that out. I did study fashion, In in, basically, bachelor's degree in Amsterdam, because that's where I'm from. So, I was like, you know, We're both artists, but we're also entrepreneurs. We have fallen pursuit in that. I was like, why don't we start designing Our own pieces. Let's do research and see how that goes. It was kinda very organically go with the flow type of thing. And we we started with a couple designs, and it's been growing, growing, growing. Speaker D [00:20:32]: And now we have over 50 over 50 designs each year. Our collection is changing. And but more than anything, the people that have been supportive of us, Because each it's so personal to us. What you see, our company, it is really David and Marguerite. Right? And our life story, our our family. Because each design has a particular name Tiff [00:20:55]: to it. You know? That's one of the questions I had. Go ahead and let's talk about that, because I noticed The names are so interesting. So I I was on your Instagram. I deep I went all the way to the beginning. Speaker C [00:21:08]: And pop. Wow. Tiff [00:21:09]: And then I went Speaker E [00:21:09]: to research. Wow. Tiff [00:21:11]: I'm not I'm not on Reginald Ferguson [00:21:12]: Twitter. Watch. Tiff [00:21:15]: I'm not on Twitter, so I couldn't Speaker C [00:21:16]: And pop. Tiff [00:21:16]: Do that. But I also I listen to your podcast on In Bloom. And then, also, you guys were featured in an interview, in an article on Top Black. Is that the name of the the magazine? Speaker D [00:21:28]: Correct. Yeah. Tiff [00:21:28]: So your press is out there, and I read all your press because, you know, I like to get to know people who I'm talking to. And, I forgot what I was gonna say now. It's been a whole point in Speaker C [00:21:40]: the whole point in the whole point in the whole point in the whole point in the whole point in the whole point Tiff [00:21:41]: in all of that. Reginald Ferguson [00:21:42]: All of this, and then Tiff [00:21:44]: Oh, the names. The names are so interesting. And, well, I know what where how they begin, but let me tell let you tell the story. Speaker D [00:21:53]: So, yeah, the first is so cool. Our first design, we really designed that piece together. That we did. Speaker E [00:22:01]: Okay. Wow. When this happened? Another another debate. Speaker D [00:22:04]: Oh my gosh. Speaker E [00:22:05]: That's another debate. Speaker D [00:22:06]: Anyway, so That piece particularly Reginald Ferguson [00:22:10]: couple guys. Speaker D [00:22:11]: That piece particularly, after our daughter was born, our daughter, Umie, which means, life, Which means, mother spirit, but also, ocean. While we were designing that piece, It felt just natural that that first piece was named Umi. And, that has been going has been with us ever since. It's been going through transitions, like, something new about it each year, but that piece has never left us that design. Tiff [00:22:43]: It's the Umi collection, Impression. And each year, there's something different about and I noticed that you've got different kind of Oumi watches. Speaker E [00:22:49]: Yes. Sometimes we'll take a year off on a particular design And then bring it back and, you know, do something different to it. It's it's like cars or like a computer. You know? You have to reinvent it Speaker C [00:23:01]: Right. Speaker E [00:23:02]: Every once in a while. Speaker D [00:23:03]: Yeah. I mean, some designs we have let go, but, Umi, because of its meaning and its importance, it's always been with us. Tiff [00:23:12]: And it's your initial piece? Speaker D [00:23:13]: Initial piece, and it's a strong piece. A very strong piece. So we've always kept it. Impop. Tiff [00:23:18]: Yeah. Makes sense to me. It's beautiful. The different versions that I saw. Speaker D [00:23:21]: Thank Tiff [00:23:21]: you. You guys can always, listeners go on, onto their Instagram. Beautiful pictures of all of their work. And pop. You wanna plug your Instagram address? Speaker D [00:23:30]: Sure. It's eco wrist watches. I had a Tiff [00:23:32]: little frog in my shirt out, so I Speaker E [00:23:35]: There's no h in there either. Tiff [00:23:37]: Oh, good to point out. Eco, because there is no h. Reginald Ferguson [00:23:40]: Eco wrist. It's watches. Nothing wrong with the echo wrist. I didn't put a I didn't put a h. I didn't put a h. I mean, I know who you are. Tiff [00:23:51]: I Well Reginald Ferguson [00:23:52]: I follow you on Insta. Tiff [00:23:53]: Right. Well, now everybody else can follow on Insta. And that's the same address for Twitter? How does Twitter work? Your Twitter handle. Right? Speaker E [00:24:00]: Yeah. I believe it's Eco Wrist Watches also. Tiff [00:24:03]: Okay. Speaker E [00:24:04]: Yeah. Tiff [00:24:04]: And, of course, you have a website. Speaker E [00:24:06]: Ecorist .com. Tiff [00:24:09]: So I I had them all. So I just wanna make sure we get that because sometimes we get so involved in the talking that we kinda forget to, you know, plug Instagram in all of your your websites and things. So you guys have the business has been around for I was surprised how long your business is over. Speaker D [00:24:26]: 11 years now. Tiff [00:24:27]: Yeah. It is. You're here to stay. Speaker D [00:24:30]: Yeah. It's Tiff [00:24:30]: I mean, I Impop I used to have my own business, and they say once you hit that 10 year mark, you it's up to you how long you wanna stay, you know, because You you've got a great foothold in your market. Speaker C [00:24:41]: Thank Speaker D [00:24:42]: you. I mean, it's evolving. It's been evolving over the years, you know, with with the the network of People that have been supporting us and also the relationships that you form throughout because, you know, it's it happens globally. Tiff [00:24:55]: Right. And very organically you talked about, which is I know what that means. That's how I grew my business too. And sometimes I felt like I was on the back of a of a racing horse. Do you ever feel you ever feel like that? That the growth is so tremendous that you're like, I don't know if we can handle this. Or do you just hire someone else to help you? Speaker E [00:25:14]: Hiring. Speaker D [00:25:15]: We're ready. That that's That's Imposs We need. We need. Speaker E [00:25:18]: Capital capital is always the concern. Tiff [00:25:22]: As I read every Always. For every business. Speaker C [00:25:24]: Impop. Tiff [00:25:24]: Yeah. But if you wanna grow, you gotta have capital. Speaker E [00:25:27]: Exactly. It takes money to make money. That's what they say. Tiff [00:25:29]: Is that where you're at right now? Speaker E [00:25:31]: Always. Yeah. Tiff [00:25:32]: I mean, Speaker D [00:25:32]: we've we've hit that mark, several times. Tiff [00:25:35]: Okay. Speaker D [00:25:35]: So, it's like it's almost like a cycle, and then, you know, something happens that gives you the push To keep going. And I I would say because of how it started and what we have been involving into, we are just much more than just. Not just, but then ecoris, which is this beautiful, handcrafted pieces. Right? That you can wear either around your neck, around your wrist, Or as I wear. Right? Reginald Ferguson [00:26:01]: I love you. Can you explain that? Because Speaker C [00:26:03]: Yes. Reginald Ferguson [00:26:04]: We went into this. But what makes these watches unique, distinct? Speaker D [00:26:08]: And pop. Reginald Ferguson [00:26:09]: The stakes. The listener Speaker D [00:26:10]: understands. Most definitely. Like, we we use What's Reginald Ferguson [00:26:12]: it about? Speaker D [00:26:13]: For the faces for the faces, we use natural materials. I can show you here. For the listeners, I will be very detailed. So we have Speaker E [00:26:20]: some videos too. Speaker D [00:26:22]: Yeah. So we have we use wooden Wooden materials for the faces of the watch. We combine that with beautiful accents of copper Or just wood and where you can see sometimes the internal mechanism as well with the help me out for a second. And pop. Reginald Ferguson [00:26:41]: The bezel? Tiff [00:26:42]: The crystal Speaker D [00:26:42]: or the bezel? That you see the internal mechanism if it's a an automatic movement piece. Right? Speaker E [00:26:47]: Oh, okay. Yeah. Speaker D [00:26:49]: So if it's not, then you see still a wooden a wooden face that is either laser engraved or, has some kind of artwork Within the center of the piece. Right? And then the backing is also, wood or copper. That's the latest that we've incorporated. The last year, we decided we're gonna incorporate copper within our design. One, because of the benefits for the body, And pop. And because it just makes the piece look really authentic. Speaker C [00:27:19]: Does it patina? Tiff [00:27:19]: Does your copper patina? Speaker E [00:27:20]: What's that? Tiff [00:27:21]: Does it turn green over with the with the age? Speaker E [00:27:25]: Well, copper Yeah. Real copper, doesn't it does oxidize, but the the remedy for, cleaning up the ox oxidation for, copper or any metal. You can just take some ketchup, Put it on a Q tip because it's the vinegar base. Speaker D [00:27:42]: Acidity. Acidity. Yeah. Speaker C [00:27:44]: And you Speaker E [00:27:44]: can clean it just like Speaker D [00:27:45]: Wow. And it keeps it really nice. So, as you can see here. So Swipe Speaker E [00:27:50]: the ketchup off the Speaker D [00:27:51]: The cool thing about each piece is that it's hand cut. Yes. So And you could see that Tiff [00:27:57]: in your photographs. I wanted to point that out. Okay. You go the photographs, I can actually Imposs. See where it's hand everything is handmade. Yeah. Everything is handmade. Speaker D [00:28:06]: Beautiful. Right. And then the straps, either we have a double strap, Which you can wear then 2 different ways, like, either more classic or sporty. Right? Tiff [00:28:15]: Okay. Speaker D [00:28:15]: And then we have, the single strap with either a string. So it's Tiff [00:28:21]: like Right. And that's another Speaker E [00:28:23]: thing. Yeah. Or a a buckle closure? Speaker D [00:28:26]: Yeah. And the buckle closure, that took some time to develop, but really excited about Speaker E [00:28:32]: the end result. About this latest one. Speaker D [00:28:34]: So it's a combination of wood And pop. And copper. Alright. Tiff [00:28:37]: On your website, I saw mostly can you talk a bit more about the string closures? Because that's what's very unique about your watches. I mean, I've seen bracelets like that. Right. You know, you used to go to street fairs, and leather bracelets have that kind of closure. Right. But I've never seen a watch. Speaker E [00:28:50]: So each one is gonna give you a custom fit. You get so many people that, you know, you have The, holes in in the, piece where, oh, it doesn't fit. Can you put another hole in it? Tiff [00:29:00]: Yes. No. Speaker E [00:29:01]: We're not putting any holes in these. The string closure allows for a custom fit where you can make it as loose or as tight as you want it. So it's just it's just easy. Tiff [00:29:12]: That's a genius. Speaker E [00:29:12]: It's just easy. Speaker D [00:29:13]: Yeah. And it goes around either a tagwa button or a wooden button with And pop. A at the end here, we Speaker E [00:29:20]: Well, everything's copper now. Speaker D [00:29:21]: Yeah. Oh, copper. And then we transitioned from a seed of seeds, like a seed from The South American region into, actually, semi precious stones. So we do either onyx Tiff [00:29:33]: Everything from the Earth. Speaker D [00:29:34]: Everything from the Earth. Tiff [00:29:35]: I love that. Reginald Ferguson [00:29:36]: How do you source your materials? Speaker E [00:29:39]: Well, there's 2 different ways. One of the ways is, so we're on a 3rd manufacturer. We manufacture in Bogota, Colombia. And the current manufacturer that we have was actually an employee of the 1st manufacturer that we started working with years ago. And I guess they fell out. We didn't really like the 1st manufacturer. He did some great work, but he kinda did whatever he wanted to do and didn't really listen to what we were saying all the time. And so our current manufacturer found us. Speaker E [00:30:23]: He approached us and said, hey. I'm the one that's been making all your designs, basically, and, I would love to work with you and help you because I know all of the ideas that you had. The other manufacturer, he couldn't necessarily do. He he didn't want to do it, But I can do it for you. Said, okay. So, sourcing, basically, the the wood comes from the Amazon region. We try to get As much recycled, sustainable woods as possible, sometimes from fallen trees. Sometimes we're able to get from trimmed trees. Speaker E [00:31:06]: We're not cutting down any trees to make any of the Awesome. Tiff [00:31:09]: Impop. That's awesome. Because you said Amazon, and immediately, you think, we're getting you know, sourcing from Amazon. Speaker E [00:31:17]: We're not we're not we're not Showing our oxygen and our Tiff [00:31:20]: I love that. Speaker E [00:31:21]: Plants know. Tiff [00:31:22]: Taking what's already felled. Speaker E [00:31:23]: Yes. Yes. And that and that's the whole idea. That's that's how this whole planet needs to be. But our culture, especially this one that believes that there's no such thing as global warming, Keep on consuming and consuming, and there's not gonna be any effect from it. So, you know, we stand against that, And we try to do something that's that's friendly. Tiff [00:31:49]: And I'm glad you touched on that because that's one of the things that I had down on that I really, Now going moving from talking about equal wrist and the watches is about your personal commitment to, And pop. Your your family, your community, and the world. You guys are co culturally and socially conscious, and and and eco conscious. So Impac. I I just wanted to point that out. Please discuss more about that. Reginald Ferguson [00:32:23]: Well, first of all, be before they do that, just I just wanna chime in. What who do you who do you represent? What do you represent? Where where where is this business from? Where is it located? Oh. What what is your origin? Tiff [00:32:39]: That's a good question. Reginald Ferguson [00:32:40]: What borough do you represent? Speaker D [00:32:42]: Oh, we definitely represent Brooklyn. Tiff [00:32:44]: Represent Brooklyn Speaker C [00:32:45]: all day Speaker E [00:32:46]: every day. Brooklyn all day every day. Speaker D [00:32:48]: You know? Speaker E [00:32:49]: However, However, both of us neither one of us are from Brooklyn. Where are you from? I'm originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. Speaker D [00:32:58]: And I'm from, the Netherlands. Yeah. Tiff [00:33:01]: Dutch. Dutch. Yes. Which, you Speaker D [00:33:03]: know, New Amsterdam, New York. Speaker E [00:33:05]: Brooklyn. Speaker D [00:33:06]: Brooklyn. Reginald Ferguson [00:33:06]: Oh, yeah. Okay. Well, We know what you did. Speaker D [00:33:09]: Yeah. We know what they did. Reginald Ferguson [00:33:11]: Yes. What they did. Tiff [00:33:13]: Yeah. Just got that. Mhmm. New Amsterdam. Speaker E [00:33:16]: However, I will say that I've lived in Brooklyn longer than any other place that I've lived in in my life. Tiff [00:33:21]: So that makes you Brooklyn? Because I I'm from North Carolina. Impop. But I've lived in New York longer than than North Carolina now, so I'm now a New Yorker. I may not sound like it You're so good. But I'm And pop. I'm now a Speaker E [00:33:34]: New Yorker. I don't care I don't care what Reg said about you earlier. You are right with me. Reginald Ferguson [00:33:38]: He always does that line, ladies and gentlemen. This is just Impossil. So predictable. Tiff [00:33:44]: It is an old, old one. I've heard it many times. Speaker E [00:33:49]: It works. Tiff [00:33:50]: And I just take it as, oh, I I have a presence. They're, you know, they you know about me before I even get here. That's that's good. Alright. Well, moving on. Can we can we now move on about their, Speaker D [00:34:02]: personal? Reginald Ferguson [00:34:02]: I obviously have questions, but, you know, Tiff [00:34:04]: do everything. But getting back to Impop. Your your consciousness about what's going on in your community and everything. I I noticed, in my research that, one one particular thing, really touched me. And that's your involvement in, a village where's my notes? And pop. Weeksville Heritage Center. Yeah. So I know you guys are loving Brooklyn. Tiff [00:34:28]: Please talk about that because we have a we have a Problem. Reginald Ferguson [00:34:31]: Yeah. We do. Tiff [00:34:32]: And I want I want our listeners to hear about it because if we can It's serious. Get this out there or and get the word out, Maybe we can, I don't know, make a difference just from our podcast in one way or another? So please, what's going on? Okay. Speaker E [00:34:47]: 1st Tiff [00:34:47]: of all, what is Weeksville Heritage Center? Speaker E [00:34:50]: Okay. So Weeksville, Heritage Center. There's a community called Weeksville. Prior to 18/65, when, there was a emancipation of, slaves or Africans, I should say, in the United States. Slavery was Illegal, I believe, in about 18 3rd 18/27 in New York. I'm not sure what the exact date was. However, so there was this free community of people of the African diaspora here, And they started the community. There was a guy, his name was Weeks, I believe, that purchased some property in Brooklyn and And built a community other people purchased, and there was this thriving community. Speaker E [00:35:47]: Over the years, like, when the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge started to happen, there were immigrants coming, especially from the European countries. They were coming from all over, and they needed places to to live. And one of the places that they decided they wanted to be was around the Weeksville area. So it's kind of like a ongoing cycle. We're kinda dealing with that still right now. It's there was gentrification then. And so people were kinda displaced then, but, you know, the community was still there. But people were really tied to the community. Speaker E [00:36:26]: And, a lot of the people also moved because, like, the main church, it moved deeper into Bed sty. And so they followed the church. The church was, like, the thing. That's that's the number one thing. Still is for a lot of people. So the the community went closer to the church. So for a long time, the properties, were kinda neglected. And then, there was, I would say, in the 19 sixties, I think around late sixties, people wanted to try to preserve these houses. Tiff [00:37:08]: How many are there, by the way? Speaker D [00:37:10]: There's Speaker E [00:37:11]: there's Three. Yeah. There was 1 from the 19 twenties era era. There's 1 from the 18 sixties era, and then there's 1 from the, like, A little bit earlier than that. 1 of them actually burned down and they rebuilt it. Tiff [00:37:26]: Oh, wow. Speaker E [00:37:28]: So Speaker D [00:37:28]: Yeah. But the importance and the significance to To, the African Americans is is major because, you know, it's it's a piece of history. Street. Speaker E [00:37:39]: Yes. So they were gonna Speaker D [00:37:40]: connect to. Right? Right? Speaker E [00:37:41]: They were gonna build some projects on that on that particular piece of property. Tiff [00:37:46]: And people tear down all these historic buildings? Right. So landmarked? Speaker E [00:37:51]: Yeah. This was back in the 19 like, early 19 seventies. But the community rallied, and they had to prove that it was a historical site. They dug up artifacts, and it was Considered a historical site, so they couldn't destroy it. They got some funding to, do a little bit, But the real funding didn't happen until just recently when they did this whole heritage center. It's Actually really beautiful over there. Tiff [00:38:21]: And it's a newer building. Speaker E [00:38:22]: It's a newer building. Yes. Tiff [00:38:23]: But in the community area. Speaker E [00:38:25]: But it's in the same it's It's the same Reginald Ferguson [00:38:27]: it's the same outfit. Tiff [00:38:28]: Museum? It's does it have Yes. Yes. It's beautiful. Yes. Okay. Speaker D [00:38:31]: It's gorgeous. The architecture is Tiff [00:38:33]: tragic. Gorgeous. Your artifacts that they probably dug up is Speaker C [00:38:36]: And popular. Speaker E [00:38:37]: Performing arts space. Everything there. Everything there. So we use houses there. Speaker D [00:38:41]: Walk through the house, the pieces, all the Items have been placed also in the house. Nice. So it's it's really when you think about the heart, when you think about the soul, It's really connecting to to your history. You feel it. Right? Speaker C [00:38:55]: Right? When Speaker D [00:38:55]: you walk through these houses, you feel that. You wanna give that legacy to your to, to the kids Yep. To the to other generations to be able to to get that information. Tiff [00:39:05]: So this place is in existence. Speaker E [00:39:06]: It's it's in existence. Tiff [00:39:07]: Yeah. Protected, But the problem is funding is Speaker E [00:39:11]: funding. They're in financial trouble right now. Reginald Ferguson [00:39:13]: That's what's Speaker E [00:39:13]: going on. Tiff [00:39:14]: Were they did they get hit like a bunch of other arts and culture with the the cut in in the in the fun. Reginald Ferguson [00:39:20]: Yeah. Of course. Tiff [00:39:21]: Yep. In the president. Yeah. Speaker E [00:39:23]: Of course. Because that's not important. It's more important To make sure that we, you know, build more bombs and and, invest in the infrastructure, Which is not happening. Speaker D [00:39:36]: But more importantly, to basically take over as real estate, to take over those grounds Right. And to build up the types of That's beyond there. Speaker E [00:39:42]: That's what it's about. It's a it's about getting that land. Tiff [00:39:45]: Yeah. But they, so there's a big fight going on. Right? Not a fight, but there is a a fundraising push. Speaker E [00:39:50]: Yeah. They're getting funding. They're getting funding. I I can't remember the last Tiff [00:39:53]: Money's rolling in, or is it still trickling in? Speaker E [00:39:56]: You know what? I have to check, but, you know, we can we could probably find out where they are at this point. I know in the first couple weeks, they they had, like, almost 200,000. Tiff [00:40:05]: Oh, that's awesome. So That's good. That's not inch worming. That's Yes. That's good. Speaker E [00:40:10]: I don't know where it is now. No. I haven't been there in a couple Tiff [00:40:12]: but they're still accepting, you know, donations. Horse. Reginald Ferguson [00:40:15]: Horse. Tiff [00:40:16]: I didn't write a website down, but you can Google Weeksville Heritage Imposter syndrome I did, and that's where I got all my information from. Speaker D [00:40:22]: It's about, you know, people people with the people, like, get involved. Absolutely. That's what And Tiff [00:40:27]: it's about your community, it's about your history and your heritage. The word heritage is there. It's that's where you and it's a it's a small 3 3 or 4 houses you said, and the Heritage Center. Speaker E [00:40:38]: I think it's the oldest free black It is. Community. Speaker D [00:40:41]: Yes. That's what it is. It is. Tiff [00:40:42]: That's what it says. That's what the advertisement says. And, you know, the the You Speaker E [00:40:46]: should make a Weeksville piece. Tiff [00:40:48]: The deadline is July. Like, that's when they're planning on closing if they don't get Yeah. 200 how much, Impop. 2 how much money? Do you know how much they need? Speaker E [00:40:58]: Honestly, I don't Speaker D [00:40:59]: It's on Tiff [00:40:59]: the website. Everybody go. Please please please go. And pop. This item, I was I got chills when I read about this online. I I read about this last night. Speaker D [00:41:09]: Okay. Tiff [00:41:10]: And I was like, oh my god. This is Impop. Amazing. And I had heard about I'd read about the existence of it. I didn't I didn't understand what I was reading when I read about it, like, a couple of weeks ago when I was And pop. We're doing research for a prior podcast that we had. And I was like, oh, wow. I didn't know that this place existed. Tiff [00:41:27]: And then to see it on your Instagram, and I'm like, wait. In pop. Is that just and then to Speaker D [00:41:32]: further investigate. That's what's happening. You know? Information is really finally, I think, spreading more so that when people are aware of it, They can really be actively involved. There's, like, new pro you see the the thing the ball is rolling that Tiff [00:41:44]: Gotta talk about it. Yeah. Speaker D [00:41:45]: Yeah. Talk about it, and more Programs are coming in to to bring attention and just to really, bring more liveliness to the center as well. Tiff [00:41:56]: Yes. Right? Do you guys have a Weeksville piece? Speaker C [00:41:58]: Do you have a Speaker D [00:41:59]: Not that that's what we're talking about. That's what we're Reginald Ferguson [00:42:01]: talking about. You inspired them, Tiff. Yeah. You inspired them. Speaker D [00:42:03]: Yeah. So I'm excited, actually. That's awesome. Yeah. Tiff [00:42:06]: I'm glad. Reginald Ferguson [00:42:07]: You guys talk about community. Let's let's get a little bit more specific and germane to the brand. Yeah. So Why who is the community in terms of your customer? Because you you said something, and I'd like you to elaborate. Why do you think there's such an emotional connection with your customers and the pieces and the brand? Speaker D [00:42:28]: Well, because the the last several years, we've been do we we've been the face. Right? So they see us. When when we sell our product, they see us. So we have this Reginald Ferguson [00:42:37]: Now do you have brick and mortar? Speaker D [00:42:39]: Or how do you No. We decided not to do that. Okay. So it's online. And then, actually, we first started, from a Holzfeld perspective. So we would go to the Jacob Javits Center, you know, with the the New York gift fair. Speaker E [00:42:51]: New York gift fair. So used to do. Speaker D [00:42:53]: You know, companies, stores, Museums come from all over. Tiff [00:42:57]: You guys do street fairs too. Yeah. We do. You do events. Speaker D [00:43:00]: Yeah. We do events. Tiff [00:43:00]: You have events. Table or a booth. Speaker D [00:43:03]: A booth. You know, we set it up really nicely, creative. Tiff [00:43:06]: And That's on your institution. Chicago. Speaker D [00:43:08]: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But beforehand, it was more so we were at the New York Gift fair. Tiff [00:43:12]: Okay. Speaker D [00:43:12]: And people would come to our booth within that space, you know, and and, it was like a Macy's or whatever. And they look at your product, And we would have to have a pitch ready. Right? And then they would, do the initial purchase or not. In that time, we had a few, museums, some small stores Throughout the country that would, you know, be like, hey. Yeah. I like what you guys are about. I'm willing to try because you're new. Right? You're new on the scene in that in that sense. Speaker D [00:43:39]: Yeah. So we did that for several years, and then we felt like, no. We wanna push it ourselves. One, because we do like The the connection with people, and that's how you also build relationships. And importantly more importantly, and that's what I I came about to be to be, not only at peace with it, but knowing that's what we're about is building that that global community, not only here, but basically throughout the world. Because we're about creativity and inclusivity and visibility. That's what we're about, you know? And and that's how we build, Through e commerce because e commerce is is an creative expression of us. So Yes. Speaker D [00:44:19]: It is. Tiff [00:44:19]: Yes. I love that. Yeah. Because you you're much bigger than just your It is Yeah. Totally. Much maybe and that's what I was trying to point out earlier, speaking about your individual pursuits as well as the business. I had a question pop in mind. As far as your inventory, do you have inventory? Or are the I know these pieces are handmade. Tiff [00:44:39]: Are they made to order, Or you have you have an inventory stock, and you go online, and people order it, and then they get it delivered within the next week or 2 depending on how long shipping takes, that kind of thing. Speaker D [00:44:50]: So we build on a collection each year. Right? Tiff [00:44:53]: So And so you have a certain number of pieces. So these Yeah. Once they're done, they're done. Speaker D [00:44:59]: Yes. Unless it's overwhelming, the the response. They're like, we really we like it, then we'll okay. We have to make some more. Okay. We'll do that. We'll do that. So we've done that. Speaker D [00:45:11]: We do that actually each year, you know, that we make more of a piece. But basically, we have a collection of well, how many pieces do we do? The the the variety is, what, at least above 20. Speaker E [00:45:24]: Originally originally, there were, Like, maybe over 50 different and then variations that were that was over a 100 something different types of pieces. It was just too much. Speaker C [00:45:38]: Mhmm. Right. Speaker E [00:45:38]: Too much. Because it's like if you if you give people too many choices, then they're not gonna make a choice. They get overwhelmed. Tiff [00:45:45]: Wow. Yes. Speaker E [00:45:46]: Yes. Tiff [00:45:47]: Very good for that is brilliant to think about that. Speaker D [00:45:50]: Like scale it down. Yes. Speaker E [00:45:52]: She said brilliant. And pop. Tiff [00:45:55]: Well, you you Reginald Ferguson [00:45:55]: should be happy. She doesn't say that a lot. Speaker E [00:45:59]: I like that. Speaker D [00:46:00]: Yeah. So we scaled it down, You know, to, like, our best sellers. And then from that, we would offer, you know, different colors. Speaker E [00:46:07]: Different color bands. Stuff like We we would mix up the woods a little bit, maybe do an accent of copper here or there. Tiff [00:46:14]: Super smart. Speaker D [00:46:15]: Super smart. So we the umi. We have our famous nalo, which is named after our son that yeah. Do you have a a nalo with you? Speaker E [00:46:23]: Have everything right there. Reginald Ferguson [00:46:24]: Yeah. What do you what do you guys have? Speaker D [00:46:26]: Yes. I can show you. Speaker E [00:46:27]: Ho ho ho. Speaker D [00:46:28]: My nalo. A latest nalo. Tiff [00:46:31]: Oh, that's very sleek, and I like it's not it's not like a straight line. Why? It's got Speaker E [00:46:37]: a parallelogram. Tiff [00:46:38]: It's a parallelogram. Speaker D [00:46:41]: And our latest, it's a combination with copper. Copper and wood. Copper button. Speaker E [00:46:46]: Yeah. Nalo Nalo is named after our first son, which means beloved. Beloved. Speaker D [00:46:53]: Yeah. And pop. So you Tiff [00:46:55]: have ocean. You have beloved. Yeah. Then you have a 3rd child. Speaker D [00:46:57]: You have a 3rd child. This is Which is Tyler. Tiff [00:47:00]: Is a which let me point that what you you're wearing a watch on a necklace, which is very unique too. Yes. Speaker E [00:47:06]: It's actually a pocket watch that can be worn as a necklace. Speaker D [00:47:09]: Okay. Okay. So, yeah, this is, the Gillen collection. Our latest our youngest son is Tayo Gillen, and this Beautiful pocket watch with real gemstones on the chain. So we have amethyst, we have onyx, lapis lazuli. Speaker E [00:47:26]: Yes. Tiger eye. Speaker D [00:47:28]: Tiger eye and Carnelian. Speaker E [00:47:30]: Carnelian. Yeah. This one's Carnelian. Speaker D [00:47:32]: Carnelian? Yeah. So, yeah, the Gillen collection is pretty awesome. Tiff [00:47:36]: Gillan Gillan. Very cool. Speaker E [00:47:38]: Gillan means, like, completed circle Speaker C [00:47:41]: Yeah. Speaker E [00:47:41]: Which means we're not having any more children. Speaker D [00:47:44]: He completed our circle. Speaker E [00:47:46]: That's it. Tiff [00:47:48]: Circle. Yeah. 33 is enough. Yeah. They're adorable. You you have a I you're they're featured on Instagram. Speaker D [00:47:55]: Yeah. Tiff [00:47:55]: And I love this series where you had them standing in front of the outdoor art. And pop. Because Yes. Because these this is wearable art as we talked about earlier. You yeah. Don't wear it swimming. And pop. Don't wear it in the rain. Tiff [00:48:10]: It's wearable art. Take care of it. Reginald Ferguson [00:48:12]: And Did you read our warranty card? Tiff [00:48:15]: I did. I read and the entire website. I've read read the whole thing. Every every word because it's important. Speaker D [00:48:23]: Yeah. I I hear you, and I like that. Reginald Ferguson [00:48:25]: I like that. Mess around. I keep Speaker C [00:48:26]: on trying to judge you. Tiff [00:48:27]: I see you. But I I know this is, one of the things I wanna point out is that And pop. This is work it's wearable art. It's inspired by art, but also by music too. You you go on your Instagram, and you you have the pictures of your kids in front of this, And pop. You know, these works of art that are outdoor art of old artists from the eighties, which is another thing we have in common. We love. The eighties was my, was my favorite, I guess, music. Tiff [00:48:56]: Every time I hear a eighties song, I'm, like, taken back to my high school years And pop. Yeah. When I was Speaker E [00:49:00]: in since We have a couple more of those Yeah. Posts to do Yeah. Tiff [00:49:03]: Actually. I love them. Keep doing them. They're great. Because it's sort of it's cool, and I love the kids' expressions. And pop. And it just it makes it more family. It's like this is definitely family. Tiff [00:49:15]: So, And pop. Reg was showing me something here, and, the list of questions that I had for you were a lot. Trying to see And pop. Oh, we have another thing in common. Uh-oh. We'll just touch on it. There's a lot of that you only I think I read it in in your interview that I think it's important because, Landmark Forum. I took Landmark Forum. Speaker D [00:49:41]: Oh, you too. Tiff [00:49:42]: I went all the way to the, the self, s e l p. And I was wanting to ask you, for those listeners who know what the Landmark Forum is, it's a it's a personal growth organization, you take classes. You learn how to to sort of live in the present and create your future. Speaker E [00:50:01]: Get past your blocks in order to move on. Tiff [00:50:03]: Leave that in the past, and this is how you grow. And then you you create communities from your growth. And then from those communities, you create more communities. And then the next thing, you're creating a world, which I absolutely when I read that out, I I get it from your business model Because like I said earlier, it's not just about the watches or, or the sunglasses, by the way. You're rocking your nice aviators there. Speaker E [00:50:27]: Thank you. Tiff [00:50:28]: Love those. Speaker E [00:50:29]: Thank you. Tiff [00:50:29]: Those are beautiful. Speaker E [00:50:31]: They could be yours. Tiff [00:50:31]: I could wear those. Like, I'm not an Aviator's fan because everybody was wearing them, and I don't do that. But Those I like a lot. Speaker E [00:50:39]: Thank you. Tiff [00:50:40]: But I wanted to bring that out because some people think landmark's a cult. But my experience, Imposs. I did not feel that way. And I have to say, it, it sort of changed my life in a lot of ways with my marriage, with my personal life and with my business. So I wanted to ask you, did this business was this your business project? Did you go You guys go past the forum? Did you do the advanced forum? No. We did did you do the weekend? Speaker D [00:51:07]: The initial, And then, I I got out of it what I felt like I needed. The the business, this, again, happened later, like Okay. After we got married. Tiff [00:51:20]: Yeah. You know? Okay. So it was not even part of it. Because that's one of the things that the forum does is it helps you to sort of decide what do you wanna do with your life, and then you create businesses or Right. Or whatever. Speaker D [00:51:32]: But I've been going through different cycles as far as because we're I'm a creative, so I'm going through different cycles in the work that I do. Mhmm. But what the the the the red thread line through all of this, it is or has been. And I didn't realize it until Later on being in the process, you know, us growing and growing is that we are building we have been building this community, this global community, And and it's, and that's where Ekaras is falling under. Well, the Speaker E [00:52:01]: interesting thing also is that, this This person that's in our lives that has been in our lives for a long time that she's working with, particularly right now, Olubide Mhmm. From Bloom. He went through the landmark form, and he was he was, I think he was, like, Is there a coach title or something? Tiff [00:52:24]: Yeah. I didn't go that far. Speaker C [00:52:25]: Yeah. So Tiff [00:52:26]: I didn't have enough time Speaker E [00:52:27]: to do that. Speaker D [00:52:28]: So this is actually full circle there. Speaker E [00:52:30]: Yeah. Whether she knows it or not, I'm bringing it to light to her right now and that she's still working within Tiff [00:52:36]: Yes. She is. Speaker E [00:52:37]: The landmark form. Some well, it's not. But, of course, it's not the landmark form, but but people who have come out of That and are building, and and that's what he's doing. He's building. He's helping to build communities and businesses throughout this world. Reginald Ferguson [00:52:55]: I wanna get back on the community thing. Who is your customer? How do you describe a eco risk customer? Tiff [00:53:01]: Your market. Mhmm. Speaker E [00:53:03]: Someone who appreciates what we do. That's that's the customer. Because if I if I had to say, oh, it's This type of person or that type it's not. I mean, if you look at some of the posts that we've had, some of the pictures, I mean, it ranges from It could be a young millennial, white girl to, old I wouldn't say older or older, like, African American person in their eighties, or it could be the European traveling, on holiday, you you never know. It's just someone who has an eye for detail and someone who appreciates what we're doing. Speaker D [00:53:45]: Yeah. Who who appreciates definitely, who's open. I I feel like they're they're open. Consciously open Definitely Speaker E [00:53:53]: have to And Speaker D [00:53:53]: pop Into into something that is different because I've had reactions from people that are from Australia, either England or Germany. It's In pop. All kinds, but the I I would say the core though has been has been, The African diaspora, I would say, but it's always extended to also people that are into something different. They wanna be different. They wanna be unique. Mhmm. Because we have unique pieces. Like, oh, this is unique. Speaker D [00:54:24]: Like, yeah. And pop. I want that. Right. It's like, Reginald Ferguson [00:54:27]: okay. And you've done a demo. You you said men and women. Are your Speaker D [00:54:31]: watches unisex? Speaker E [00:54:31]: Yes. The watches are unisex. Thanks for pointing that out, Reg. Our watches are definitely unisex. Tiff [00:54:37]: And so are your glass your sunglasses. Speaker E [00:54:38]: Everything is unisex. Everything is unisex. Speaker C [00:54:42]: And pop. Tiff [00:54:42]: Alright. Awesome. I have a couple more questions. We're getting tight on time, so these are gonna be, like, fire questions. But Yeah. Just bringing it down to, you know, Fashion Geeks is a menswear, style and consultation business. The podcast we talk about menswear, different aspects of menswear. So, yes, your your products are unisex, but, you know, on a menswear, in a in a win menswear type of mind. Tiff [00:55:10]: What are your thoughts on The, I guess, the current style of menswear today on what's hot. What are your thoughts on that? I know that's a big broad question. Reginald Ferguson [00:55:21]: Impossibly And how and how does your product integrate with that? Tiff [00:55:25]: Mhmm. Nice, Reg. That's it. Speaker E [00:55:30]: I would say that well, first of all, I don't keep up with fashion. Reginald Ferguson [00:55:35]: I know. Speaker E [00:55:38]: But I'm always fly. No. I'm always fly. I'm always fly, but I don't subscribe to, oh, that's Trending right now. Oh, I gotta get that latest blah blah blah. Never been on it. Right. Maybe for a hot second in high school. Speaker E [00:55:53]: But, Tiff [00:55:53]: I think we all were. Speaker E [00:55:55]: Yeah. But I I've always I've always kind of, you know, ran to the Ran to the beat of my own drum. Right? What's the march to the beat of my own drum. Dance to the beat of my own drum. And, you know, Sometimes people like it. Sometimes people don't. But I'm comfortable, and I like it, and and that's my style. I like to be comfortable, And I like to feel like I look good. Speaker E [00:56:19]: And if my wife thinks I look good I used to dress myself all the time, but now, you know, If there's something that she says, hey. What do you have on? I'm like, oh, okay. I'll change it. Tiff [00:56:30]: My husband does the same thing. He's like, I know when you go. You're gonna wear that. Speaker E [00:56:34]: Right. Right. But we do we do it to each other. Yeah. I mean, to her more often to me, but, you know, but it's okay. But, I I think that our pieces are are classic pieces, and it doesn't matter what you have on. Mhmm. Everything has earth tones, and and it goes with everything. Speaker E [00:56:54]: I see a trending thing. I see a a lot of b things, in fashion in men's fashion, they like to wear, like, the stones around their, around their necks or around their wrists. I've seen a lot of that, but, I mean, that wasn't an inspiration for us. I mean, we like stones before it was Something that was quote, unquote fashionable. That's my take on it. What what do you think? Speaker D [00:57:20]: I I, I agree. I agree, actually. We we designed these pieces that you can wear either classic classically, you know. It's it could be modern. It could be toned down, but it could also be very expressive because we have all kinds of customers. Right? We have customers that are in the corporate world. We have customers that are artists, performers, or, you know, fam they have families. I mean, all kinds of folks do by us because of the variety and diversity that you see in our pieces. Speaker D [00:57:56]: Again, it could be toned down. It could be very expressive with color. So, it's yeah. Either you like it or you don't. Tiff [00:58:05]: Yeah. And that's all it is. Yeah. Speaker E [00:58:07]: Yeah. Tiff [00:58:07]: I mean, And pop. That's what it is. That's what Speaker C [00:58:10]: it is. Speaker D [00:58:11]: I mean, together, and that's my my my my my framework's like you Speaker C [00:58:14]: like it, you know. Speaker D [00:58:15]: We are we are timeless. That's what we are. Speaker E [00:58:17]: Together we are. Tiff [00:58:18]: Together we are. Timeless. Time. Speaker D [00:58:20]: That's where we Tiff [00:58:21]: go. Again, very nice. You just brought that full circle. Yeah. One last question. Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:58:25]: Because we're running out of time. Tiff [00:58:27]: Because we're running out of time. What does it mean to you to be fly? Reginald Ferguson [00:58:36]: With stumped up. Yeah. Speaker E [00:58:39]: So need to be flown. To me, it it's confidence. There's a confidence. There's a sharpness, a confidence, comfortable aspect. Free. Speaker D [00:58:59]: Free and Flowing. Being fly is really an expression of yourself that you see in that person that is really They're expressing themselves and who they are through it could be through clothes. It could be through accessories, And that it works. Because sometimes it's not necessarily coordinated colors, right, as what Reg has has been doing with Speaker E [00:59:21]: patterns. Shows. Speaker D [00:59:22]: It could be with See? But it's still it could be fly because Tiff [00:59:24]: it just You're rocking 2 different patterns right now. Right. Speaker D [00:59:27]: But it it just it works. Yes. Reginald Ferguson [00:59:30]: Right. Speaker D [00:59:30]: But it's really expression Tiff [00:59:31]: of It works Because you make your work. Speaker D [00:59:33]: Right. Well, expressing the core you. Yeah. And be really comfortable with it. And what you said, confident. Nice. Tiff [00:59:40]: Yeah. Impop. Feeling good. I like that when you said confidence because that's Speaker E [00:59:43]: Everything is confidence. Speaker D [00:59:45]: When it makes you feel good, you radiate that. You know what I mean? You radiate that. Speaker E [00:59:49]: And people wanna be a part of that. Tiff [00:59:51]: And I'm always fly. Reginald Ferguson [00:59:56]: They're friends. I'm a client. Go cop 1. Gandhi, Margarita's been a long time coming, but all jokes aside, thank you so much Speaker D [01:00:06]: Oh, thank Tiff [01:00:07]: you. Thank Speaker D [01:00:08]: you very much for taking care Speaker C [01:00:10]: of it. Speaker E [01:00:11]: And and having us on. Speaker D [01:00:12]: Yeah. Tiff [01:00:13]: So Hold on. You guys got something coming up. Where can people find you when they I mean, you do do street fairs. You got something coming up soon. Speaker E [01:00:20]: Yes. Tiff [01:00:21]: Wanna buy your art. Speaker E [01:00:22]: The next the next Event that we're doing is called the Dance Africa Bazaar, which is related to the Dance Africa Festival at Brooklyn Academy of Music Memorial Day weekend will be there Saturday Sunday from 12 to 10, and then on Monday from 12 to 8. Speaker D [01:00:41]: And then let's not forget, we're gonna be at one of the biggest festivals in New Orleans. We'll be at Essence this year again. Come and see us. Let's have fun. Check out our stuff, and we're gonna have new stuff there too. Speaker E [01:00:53]: Oh, yeah. We have our our latest, latest products are gonna be, Making a debut at the Essence Festival and at Afropunk. Brooklyn will be at Again this year. Speaker D [01:01:05]: Yeah. And just stay stay tuned. Stay tuned. Throughout the year, you'll we'll post Speaker E [01:01:10]: Reg will be Speaker D [01:01:11]: where we're gonna be at. There's some new things coming up under the umbrella of this new tribal movement, this global community that we're building, so stay tuned. It's about wellness. It's about creativity. And pop. Just keep keep keep up with us. Keep up. Speaker E [01:01:23]: And be fly. Reginald Ferguson [01:01:24]: Yes. Tiff [01:01:24]: Always. Very nice. Very nice. Thank you guys very much. Speaker E [01:01:29]: Thank you. Speaker D [01:01:29]: Thank you. Tiff [01:01:30]: Alright. Should, we we got, like, 2 seconds to finish off, the last 2 segments of our episode. So I think we, I think we should do it. Don't you? Reginald Ferguson [01:01:40]: Yeah. I could do it. Tiff [01:01:41]: Alright. So, there are next segment. It's it's kinda somewhat new. We just Reg, This was, a baby of reg. It's called Fashion Fool. Reginald Ferguson [01:01:49]: That's right. Fashion Fools. They're out there. Tiff [01:02:02]: Impossible fashion choices. Reginald Ferguson [01:02:04]: Right. That's why they're fools. Tiff [01:02:05]: That's why they're fools. So, Reg, who is our fashion fool, today? Reginald Ferguson [01:02:11]: Guys who wear backpacks with their suits. Tiff [01:02:15]: Now this is not this is not the first time I've heard you, talk about this. Reginald Ferguson [01:02:20]: No. It was the 1st time well, it's 1st time under this category. Tiff [01:02:23]: And I have shaken I so, like, a backpack suit. Who who cares? Impair. What's the big deal? Reginald Ferguson [01:02:28]: I care. Tiff [01:02:29]: You gotta carry your stuff somehow. Reginald Ferguson [01:02:30]: It's too much stuff. I put this in my newsletter a long time ago. Guys rocking suits with backpacks is whack. It's not a good look. It's silly. Tiff [01:02:39]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [01:02:40]: First of all, it messes up the form of the suit. Speaker D [01:02:43]: Oh. Reginald Ferguson [01:02:44]: Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. I don't understand why any man would do that. It pulls. It gathers. How about a shoulder bag? A brief. Tiff [01:02:54]: Well, wouldn't the shoulder bag also mess up the shoulder? Reginald Ferguson [01:02:57]: No. Okay. I rock a shoulder bag every day. Speaker C [01:02:59]: Alright. Reginald Ferguson [01:02:59]: Do you see anything wrong with this shoulder here? Tiff [01:03:01]: Do you transfer from 1 shoulder to the other to to even out the wear on Reginald Ferguson [01:03:05]: both sides? Because I don't I don't take my life's possessions with me while I'm going to work Tiff [01:03:10]: Oh, okay. Reginald Ferguson [01:03:12]: Or to an event or an event? Tiff [01:03:13]: No. No. We've talked about pockets and bags, so I need to put some stuff Reginald Ferguson [01:03:16]: on my pocket. And bags in business. There's no question about that. But I don't have the type of heft that's gonna pull on these fine fabrics. It's just ridiculous. I only have 1 client who legitimately needs 1, and that's because he carries a camera and a tripod. Okay. Shout out to my my very first client, Ben Rosenthal. Reginald Ferguson [01:03:38]: He dresses casually. So Tiff [01:03:41]: Okay. So he's not wearing a suit Speaker C [01:03:42]: right now. Tiff [01:03:43]: So he's fine. Okay. Reginald Ferguson [01:03:44]: He's fine. He's not the target of my ire. I mean, I saw guys today on the train coming to the studio. It just looks ridiculous. And these backpacks, It's like pictures have everything in them. Just everything. Speaker C [01:03:57]: Well, we Tiff [01:03:58]: do live in New York City. You leave your apartment, you're gonna be gone all day, You never know what weather you're gonna hit. You never know what what you might end up doing. You get you gotta pack for the day. It's like you're going on a day trip whenever you leave your apartment in in the city. Reginald Ferguson [01:04:11]: And pop up. Stand down. Tiff [01:04:12]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [01:04:12]: This is it's it's ridiculous. Speaker C [01:04:13]: You know Tiff [01:04:14]: what's in devil's advocate. Speaker C [01:04:15]: You know? Reginald Ferguson [01:04:15]: You know what's in my messenger bag? Tiff [01:04:17]: What? Reginald Ferguson [01:04:18]: Magazines. Tiff [01:04:19]: Imposs. Of course. Reginald Ferguson [01:04:20]: Occasional folder with some papers, a plastic bag full of wires because that's the life we live, And my keys. I mean, that's really it, and sometimes sunglasses. That's it. And I'm not saying there is any heft, but You can't tell. It's not bulging. These guys with these backpacks, I feel like if you just blew on them, they just fall the other direction. I feel like wearing a backpack is straight up infantilization, and it's inherently lazy. Tiff [01:04:52]: And pop. It is it is a favorite of this new generation. Speaker C [01:04:54]: It's not Reginald Ferguson [01:04:55]: even the new generation. I mean, this is this has been going on for a generation. Tiff [01:04:59]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [01:05:00]: You know, from Jansport to everything else, but I'm just like, these guys with suits. Tiff [01:05:05]: If you're gonna go to the trouble of wearing a nice suit, And pop. You should go to the trouble of Reginald Ferguson [01:05:11]: having a nice bag. Get a messenger bag. Get a leather briefcase. Tiff [01:05:14]: Gotcha. Speaker C [01:05:14]: If Reginald Ferguson [01:05:14]: you don't wanna do leather now, we have vegan leather. If you don't wanna do that, you've got nylon. It's just there's so many options. When I see a guy going like this, Is he in the light? Is this the adult scouts? Tiff [01:05:28]: Nobody could see what you were doing, but that was quite funny. Reginald Ferguson [01:05:31]: Ridiculous. They could laugh. Our guests are still here. They can laugh. That's right. Yeah. And I love bags. My bags have bags. Reginald Ferguson [01:05:40]: I love bags because they have pockets. Tiff [01:05:42]: In pocket. Always. Reginald Ferguson [01:05:44]: But unless you're about to hit the trail, go on a trek, or pitch a tent, it's just not needed. Stop, guys. You're embarrassing yourselves. Tiff [01:05:54]: Well, I have to say, Reg, you are not alone. I did Google this. I Googled, men who wear backpacks with suits, and there are results. There are quite a few results. Reginald Ferguson [01:06:04]: Yeah. They're atrocious. Tiff [01:06:05]: And they're results. They're I mean, even Huffington Post has an article Impac. I mean, and they but they're on both sides. Both are I've read enough articles on both sides saying that it's acceptable, but you have to have a nice backpack if you have a nice suit. But I'm gonna I'm gonna side with you on this one. Reginald Ferguson [01:06:20]: It's still a backpack. You could have a leather backpack. Right? We're probably gonna have, This dude, Jens, from, Brooklyn Handworks with his leather stuff from Greenpoint. Tiff [01:06:32]: Nice. Reginald Ferguson [01:06:33]: Yeah. Hoping in the next few weeks, few months, gonna do a collabo. Hopefully, have him on the show. I don't care. No offense to him or anyone. It's just it looks And pop childish. Tiff [01:06:43]: Don't mess your suit up. Reginald Ferguson [01:06:44]: We're grown if you wanna be fly. Tiff [01:06:48]: Oh, there we go. And pop. And there we have it. The definitive definitive word. Reginald Ferguson [01:06:55]: Of course. And you had the last one. Fashion wear of the day. Fashion word of the day of the day. Tiff [01:07:12]: Alright. Moving on to our last segment, fashion worth the day. Who wants to go first? So this is the time of the show where we all bring a word. And pop. We all, meaning me and Rich. I'm sorry we didn't invite y'all to bring a a word, but, Reginald Ferguson [01:07:25]: I thought they were, you know, I thought they were gonna jet because they have 3 kids, but I think, actually, they're taking a respite. This is a a 20 minute vacation. Tiff [01:07:32]: I I from the way it said it earlier, I think they're they're enjoying our adult company. Reginald Ferguson [01:07:37]: They may they may even listen to the next episode. Oh my god. We're just hanging out. They're just we're not talking about watches anymore, so we're just here. Tiff [01:07:46]: So we bring each other a word. We have to spell it and define it and use it in a sentence, and we try to beat each other. We try to, like, not beat. We try to, Reginald Ferguson [01:07:56]: We compete. Tiff [01:07:57]: Yes. We compete. So who wants to go first? I can't remember who went first the last time. Reginald Ferguson [01:08:01]: Matter. Go first. Tiff [01:08:02]: Ladies first. Speaker C [01:08:03]: Yes. Tiff [01:08:03]: Alright. I have a I have an easy one. Reginald Ferguson [01:08:05]: Of course. And you're gonna stump me. This always happens. Speaker C [01:08:08]: No. Reginald Ferguson [01:08:09]: Alright. Tiff [01:08:10]: Gusset. Reginald Ferguson [01:08:11]: See what I mean? G u s s e t. Tiff [01:08:17]: Correct. Very nice spelling. Define it. Reginald Ferguson [01:08:20]: I can't. Really? I really can't. Really? I wish the spirit of my grandma would just enter my body because Tiff [01:08:26]: Oh, she would be Reginald Ferguson [01:08:27]: so embarrassed. Envision it. Speaker C [01:08:29]: Right now. Reginald Ferguson [01:08:29]: I don't think she'd be embarrassed. I don't so I'm a consultant. She'd be like, great. Designer. I'm not a Tiff [01:08:36]: tailor. About gussets. Reginald Ferguson [01:08:38]: I think she would've give me a hard time on this one. Tiff [01:08:41]: Alright. So I'm gonna read you the definition. Gusset, the actually, what a gusset is, a triangular or Impop. Rhomboidal. Reginald Ferguson [01:08:48]: Never looked at that. Tiff [01:08:49]: Rhomboidal. A rhombus. Piece of fabric inserted at a seam to add strength and durability to a garment and reduce wear and tear. So in such as men's formal wear or suiting, there's usually a gusset in the underarm so that, one, you could have more ease in your lift, but also it it it takes away some of the stress on all the seams. And pop. But you also in casual shirts, really nice casual shirts, you look down your side seam and you'll see that it Yeah. Separates, and there's a piece of fabric there that gives you ease when you sit down. If you have a fitted shirt, it gives you a little bit of ease when you sit down. Tiff [01:09:27]: Do Do you have any Reginald Ferguson [01:09:28]: you don't have that. Tiff [01:09:29]: No. No. Trust me. That there is a gusset. And sometimes, I've seen them used in casual pants too. Gust it right in the crotch, makes the crotch a little bit more roomier. And, you know, especially pants that you're wearing for athletic reasons or you know, I don't know. If you're just walking down the street and you got a big stride, you need a gusset. Tiff [01:09:51]: So that fair is a gusset. Reginald Ferguson [01:09:54]: Big stride. Tiff [01:09:58]: No. You didn't. I didn't. Reginald Ferguson [01:10:01]: Well, I lost on that one. Alright, Tiff. Tiff [01:10:03]: Okay. My turn. Reginald Ferguson [01:10:04]: Bootcut. Tiff [01:10:05]: Bootcut, b o o t c u t. And it's, it's a it it refers to, pair of slacks, the width of the hem of the slacks. It's either slim cut or boot cut or, wide leg or you've got that The other fan out, 19 seventies Reginald Ferguson [01:10:27]: Yeah. Not a flare. Not a Tiff [01:10:29]: Flare. I had those. I love those. Yes. And I think I just used bootcut in the sentence, didn't I? Reginald Ferguson [01:10:34]: Yeah. I guess you did. Tiff [01:10:36]: Did it what's happening? Did I get it right Reginald Ferguson [01:10:38]: here? Him. Speaker D [01:10:39]: It's not It's not the him. Reginald Ferguson [01:10:40]: Thank thank you, Margarita. Tiff [01:10:42]: Well, the director of The Hem. Reginald Ferguson [01:10:43]: Please buzz the hem. It's a pair of pants where the ankles are cut wider to fit your footwear. Speaker C [01:10:48]: And pop. Tiff [01:10:49]: Alright. Okay. Reginald Ferguson [01:10:50]: Him. That was Tiff [01:10:51]: That was close. Mhmm. Don't I get a little squeaky? Squeaky squeaky there? Reginald Ferguson [01:10:57]: Anyway, well, that's a wrap. Thank you so much for listening. We hope you had fun down for another one. Please tell your friends about us. Tiff [01:11:04]: Yes. And, if you're just joining joining us, go back and listen to all of our other episodes. We're we're on Spotify, SoundCloud. And pop. But don't aren't we on the 3rd one? Speaker D [01:11:14]: ITunes. Itunes. Tiff [01:11:16]: I have a droid. I'm not an iPhone, so I don't Reginald Ferguson [01:11:18]: That's what Stitcher's for. Tiff [01:11:20]: Anyway, join us. Listen to us every day of your life. We, you know, we have episodes that are usually under an hour, but not this one because we had a big 2 guests today. Reginald Ferguson [01:11:31]: Have a guest, we always go over our outfit. Tiff [01:11:32]: But we had 2 guests today. Reginald Ferguson [01:11:34]: Yes. I know. I was Tiff [01:11:35]: a lot to say. Reginald Ferguson [01:11:37]: Special shout out. Those are our producer search and everyone down with the NYFG. Tiff [01:11:41]: If you have any, questions for us or And pop. You wanna suggest, a topic from one of our podcasts, please email us at Reginald Ferguson [01:11:50]: Hit me up on the Insta as well, New York fashion geek. Tiff [01:11:55]: Because you always post something pretty there. Reginald Ferguson [01:11:57]: I try. I got pressure now. You know who you are, Tim Becker. Speaker C [01:12:01]: And pop. Reginald Ferguson [01:12:01]: I've been told to upgrade my Insta. Tiff [01:12:03]: And we're gonna do it. We're gonna do it. It's gonna be nice. Reginald Ferguson [01:12:05]: Okay. I'm Reg. Tiff [01:12:07]: And I'm Tiff. Reginald Ferguson [01:12:08]: See you next time. And remember, Tiff [01:12:10]: always be fly.

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