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The Fashion Geek Podcast


0 | What The Fashion Geeks Are All About.

An introduction to what The Fashion Geeks are all about.

1 | You Met Prince?

Reg and Tiff start their debut episode talking about his royal badness himself, Prince. The Purple One. They get into how his influence changed their lives as well as the world of fashion. You may not believe it, but one of these two geeks met him! Listen for the details!

2 | I Rocked Maglis Pre-OJ

On this episode, Reg and Tiff talk Afropunk (and Reg's valiant effort to be down), race and Fashion Week (brands beware) and Run-DMC (that's right, this is not a typo). Walk this way.

3 | A Tribute to a Sample Sale Friend.

Reg and Tiff enter the atelier of Reeves Bespoke to experience Saville Row flavor in the Big Apple. Tiff reveals the origin of her name and Reg explains why his boots are made for styling, not walking.

4 | Hawaii Needs My Help.

On this episode, Reg and Tiff talk about flip flops (Reg is not a big fan), Mercedes Benz (guess who wants one?) and Big Daddy Kane (who influenced one of the Fashion Geeks in a very big way). Ain’t no half stepping.

5 | Always Be Fly: Defined.

Reg and Tiff experience the Panamanian parade with their boots on (guess who wants to go barefoot?), Reg explores Red Hook and Tiffini explains what it’s like to live in the home of Michael Jordan (the state, not the mansion).

6 | I Am Biologically Fly.

Reg and Tiff talk about Michael Kors, Saville Row’s contribution to New York: David Reeves and Reg’s childhood Fashion Hero Dapper Dan (Reg still can’t afford him).

7 | The Search for Bobs’ Bag.

Reg and Tiff talk about their visit to Bruno Magli (Reg’s return: all good), Tiff let’s us know where’s she’s been traveling and shares with Reg her Fashion Hero: native New Yorker Zac Posen. Give a listen, we’ve got you covered from A to Z.

8 | We Are Not Doing Button Down Collars.

On this episode, Tiff is traveling (again) and watching Reg’s movie selections (remember “Confessions of a Shopaholic”?), Reg is scouting out sample sales and their Producer Search(@jimsearch) comes in as a special guest to talk about Tiff’s Fashion Hero: New York’s own Ralph Lauren. On the Lo, you’ll be Thirstin for this one.

9 | You Got to Have A Fashion Trick.

Reg and Tiff talk about voting, traveling (Tiff goes to Boston) and viewing (Reg sees the premiere of Aretha Franklin’s “Amazing Grace”). They also have spoken word poet Abdul Fattah Ismail (Author of “Extended Syllables”) stop by to talk about fashion and art. If you like what you hear, snap your fingers.

10 | A Good Fit Moves Me.

Reg and Tiff talk about fashion events they went to, their Fashion Heroes (Bill Cunningham) and Reg’s quest to have some Harris Tweed in his life.

11 | Your Makeup Looks Good.

Reg and Tiff talk about Regs’ corduroy suit and Chelsea boots, skin care, Guinness (and its myths), Tiff’s crush on Tyson Beckford and the Oakland Raiders impact on fashion. This episode is a commitment to excellence.

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