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Closet Inventory Evaluation

After we have a consultation (and before we go shopping), we need to review what you have (and what you don't have) in your closets, either in person or online (make sure you have good lighting). We want to see the state of your current items and see what we can use to build your foundation. This generally takes an hour. I'll assess and anything we agree to purge will go to the Bowery Mission, It's a win-win; we organize your clothes and give what you don't use to those in need.

Men's Personal Shopping

This is the ultimate part of the process. We now act on your vision. We either go to stores, or I shop for you online, to create or add to your look. We'll select items, you'll try them on, and I will be with you every step of the way, helping you become the best you can be. This, on average, takes at least 4 hours.

Custom Clothing-Made To Measure

Here is your chance to become a full geek. If you get your measurements done by a tailor, a friend or myself, we can fit you into a suit, a sport jacket, pair of pants, dress shirt or a NYFG polo. Or you buy a pair of cufflinks. The sky is the limit.


Virtual Shopping Consulting

If you find yourself at a store, mall or online and something catches your eye but you're not sure if you should but it, I can still help you-I don't have to be there. As long as you have your phone or your laptop with a good camera, good lighting and a strong network we are in business.

Virtual Shopping: It's Like 3D Man!


The Groom's Man

Because it's your big day too.

“Dude, you’re getting married?!”


When a bride is getting married, she has a whole team: hair, makeup, gown. Even the wedding planner is for her.

What does the groom have? Nothing. Until now.

New York Fashion Geek presents: "The Groom's Man." We do everything your Best Man wouldn't and couldn't.

I will help you select a suit or tuxedo, off the rack or custom, and choose the right accessories for it. I will do the same for your guys.

I will help you pick out the proper, memorable gift for your crew.

How about a mobile barbershop for you and your team to get a haircut and shave and make it a party?

How about a photographer chronicling the fun you and your crew are having?

How about a mobile tailor at the blessed event in case of any wardrobe malfunction?

I will be by your side and take care of everything sartorial.

Let's the Groom's Man Be Your Wingman.

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Photo Credit: Rachelle Clinton, Kristen Reimer: Photomuse


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