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55 | Kevin Wohlman of Southern Scholar Guarantees He'll Improve Your Sock Game

Reg talks with Kevin Wohlman of Southern Scholar about being a relative new entrant in the men’s sock category and how he’s making an impression in the space with over 1500 positive reviews. Pull up your ankles and give a listen.

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00:00 Introduction and Welcome
00:33 Meet Kevin Wollman of Southern Scholar
02:01 Impact of COVID-19 on Business
04:02 Marketing Strategies During the Pandemic
07:07 Creative Process and Advertising
09:43 The Science Behind Synthetic Socks
17:20 Customer Feedback and Product Durability
19:40 Challenges and Innovations in Sock Design
27:13 Quality Control and Customer Satisfaction
28:17 Durability and Customer Stories
29:30 Market Needs and Business Insights
31:42 Body Types and Sock Fit
33:27 Customer Reviews and Product Range
36:38 Fashion and Style Etiquette
41:59 Signature Style Card
52:42 Final Thoughts and Future Plans

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