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38 | There’s So Many Things To Talk About

Reg (Tiff is online shopping) talks with Co-Founder of Capitol Hill Clothiers (and Founder of Capitol Hill Photo) Anthony Bolognese about doing business in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) while in the midst of two pandemics: Covid-19 and racism. It’s a worthwhile listen.

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00:00 Introduction and Podcast Format Change
01:09 Meet Anthony Bolognese
02:21 Capitol Hill Clothiers: Business Model and Pandemic Impact
06:50 Capitol Hill Photo: Origins and Evolution
13:52 Navigating Business During COVID-19
22:26 Future Outlook and Client Engagement
27:05 Discussing Work from Home for Lawyers
27:37 Fashion Consultant's Perspective on Dressing Up
29:29 Marketing Strategy for Masks
32:16 Offering Free Headshots to Black Business Owners 39:50 Challenges and Criticisms Faced
47:40 Personal Reflections and Future Plans
55:37 Concluding Thoughts and Farewell

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Reginald Ferguson [00:00:01]: Hello. I'm Reg. And I'm Tiff. And we're the fashion geeks. Trying to make New York. And the world. Well, New York is the world. A little flyer, one outfit And Reg. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:16]: Tiff is on hiatus. She's not I am Reg. Tiff is on hiatus. She's not here today, so I'm holding it down. We're holding it down in a really special way at a special time because we're gonna do something we've never done before. I, as one of the cohosts, I'm doing this from my home office. I am not at the studio. Unfortunately, my producer search is What up? And more importantly hey. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:43]: What's up, search? And more importantly, We are gonna do a full podcast episode via interview. Meaning, we have 1 guest, We're gonna chop it up from beginning to end. So we're not gonna do fashion heroes. We're not gonna do fashion fools. We're not gonna do fashion word of the day. -Again, this is a special time, so I'm happy to have this special guest. And live from DC, I have my man, Who is co owner of Capitol Hill Clothiers and owner of Capitol Hill Photo, wanna give it up for my man, Anthony Bolognese. It's quite the Anthony Bolognese [00:01:23]: lead up to be, especially considering I'm taking away everyone's favorite portions of the, normal podcast. So thank you. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:28]: No. It's all good. It's all good. You're worth it. We had been talking about this before anyway, so now we're finally doing it. So really happy to have you here, Anthony. Happy to be here. So you're in DC. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:43]: You're in New York. You know, the first question really is, as everyone does to everyone, but we haven't we haven't spoken or seen each other in a little bit. Last time we saw each other was in New York. How's it going out there? Anthony Bolognese [00:01:59]: It's going, man. I mean, there's so many different contexts at which I can answer that question. Right. Right. Considering current events, considering, you know, the current events that have been going on for the past 3 months, as well as, you know, the month or two it had been before that started since I had seen you. So there's been a that's a big, big question. Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:17]: Well, we're we're gonna we're gonna chop it up into into little pieces. So, And pop. Anthony, why don't you tell us what Capitol Hill Clothiers is? Because that's that's one of your that's one of your hustles. So Sure. Anthony Bolognese [00:02:29]: And that's the reason that I met you in the 1st place. A little bit of backstory about how I met Reg. We, we went to the CTDA, Custom Tailored and Designer Association, trade show up in New York, in early January, I believe. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:41]: Yes. Anthony Bolognese [00:02:41]: And, yeah. So my, my business partner and I were up there scouting, kind of different avenues to add to our business. To explain our business a little bit, we are a custom clothing company based in DC, the DC area, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. And, we don't operate at a storefront. Everything is completely custom made, made to order, and, by appointment only. So we will come to you, fit you in your home or place of business, and kinda do everything on a valet, sort of concierge basis. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:12]: And how long have you and your partner, your partner being? Anthony Bolognese [00:03:17]: Robert Ordway. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:18]: Yes. How long have you guys been in business? Anthony Bolognese [00:03:20]: We've been in business together since, I believe, January of 2017. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:25]: Oh, excellent. Yeah, it's Anthony Bolognese [00:03:29]: been quite a wild ride. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:31]: Yeah, yeah, yeah. 3 years in the pockets. That's really significant. And like you said, I met Robert at CTDA, and then he introduced me to you. And then, you know, we caught fire. And, you know, here we are now. I know Robert also wants to be on the podcast. So we just have to handle you guys 1 at a time, because both of you is just too much. Anthony Bolognese [00:03:50]: I was going to say, I think that's how the world can take us 1 at a time. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:59]: So really, like you said, there's so many things we can talk about. So though it's an interview, it's really ultimately a conversation. So since the pandemic And really, to me, the pandemic now is twofold, which I think is what you were alluding to a little bit earlier. Yes. How has how has business been for Capitol Hill Clothiers? Anthony Bolognese [00:04:22]: So since the coronavirus pandemic, has begun, that honestly, we we got off really, really, really lucky in that regard because, Like I said, we do not operate out of a retail storefront. So we didn't really have any overhead that we had to overcome, you know, finding payment is for. We've still definitely taken a huge hit in, you know, our our customer base. Not that people are, you know, actively avoiding us, but people just aren't Requesting fittings because of that proximity thing. You can't really do a custom fitted suit from 6 feet away. So, it's kind of a tough ask, but luckily we've been, you know, the way that we structured our business was was in a way that we don't really have to deal with losing money hand over fist, you know, paying for a lease, or rented space or anything like that. So of yeah. I know that there are a lot of businesses that have gone under or closed their doors temporarily, if not permanently. Anthony Bolognese [00:05:18]: I think we're just lucky not to be one of those. Reginald Ferguson [00:05:20]: Sure. No. I also agree. I mean, obviously, I have a related business with a fashion consultancy, but I'm not a brick and mortar as well. So, you know, that's very alleviating, to really be honest. Have clients In reaching out to you or have you been reaching out to clients? Like, what kind of communication, if at all, you've been doing since the start of, COVID? Anthony Bolognese [00:05:45]: So as a photographer, I have offered, some deals and put out a pretty consistent email blast, to clients just because that tends to be where spend more of my time. But, on the fashion end, honestly, most of my emails and correspondence with clients has been with old clients. I'm just kind of checking up on them in a more genuine way and then making sure that they're doing okay, that their families are doing okay. Checking in to see if these people still have the jobs that they had when I fitted them. It's kind of a more genuine person to person interaction To check up on them because my, my relationships as a custom clothier tend to be a little bit more personal than my relationships as a photographer. You know, I fit Fit these people in their homes. They meet their kids. They meet their wives. Anthony Bolognese [00:06:27]: And, you know, you kind of just start to develop a relationship in that sense. So I think I would rather spend my time maintaining those, You know, connections on a personal level versus trying to, like, hey, you know, we're struggling right now, so buy a suit. Right. Even though you're not gonna need one for the next, you know, Forseeable future, however long that may be. Reginald Ferguson [00:06:45]: Well, you you brought something up. Why don't we also in a way, we're kinda doing this simultaneously. Why don't And pop. We also you specifically tell us about your other business, Capitol Hill Photography or Capitol Hill Photo. Anthony Bolognese [00:06:59]: So Capitol Hill photo, kind of started basically, like, a month before Capitol Hill Clothiers And completely by accident that, the 2 kind of coincided in that timeline. So I've been I've I've been taking photos just casually since probably 2014. I had bought a camera when I lived in North Carolina, and I just kind of went out and took photos of random stuff just because I was bored and I wanted to stay creative in some other way. When I moved up to the DC area, I started to seek out, you know, local fashion influencers and local fashion blogs and just kind of fashion content so that I could kinda get a lay of the land for this area. And, you know, throughout the rest of the country, DC is not really known as a fashion mecca by any means. So I found a couple guys on Instagram And, started following them, DM them, just like, hey, you know, I'd love to meet up. Just, like, give you a complimentary shoot since I was not doing anything business related with photography at the moment. So I ended up meeting with, Barnett Holston of DC Fashion Fool, based out of DC. Anthony Bolognese [00:07:59]: He's been in the area for I wanna say all his life. But, yeah. He, he and I did a shoot together and then he ended up inviting me to this, this brunch with A bunch of fashion influencers and bloggers and brands. So my eyes lit up as a potential photographer as I was trying to, like, transitioned into, you You know, photography as a business at that time. So my eyes lit up. I'm, like, holy shit. A a a room full of perspective clients. Like, this is gonna be a gold mine for me. Reginald Ferguson [00:08:26]: And Anthony Bolognese [00:08:26]: I ended up going there. And I tried to turn some of them into clients, but my my business acumen at the time was not incredible. And honestly, I think I was more on a personal level, I think I was more looking for friends at the moment. So I ended up befriending a lot of these guys. And, you know, I still got into shooting them, just casually. I shot their products. I shot their outfits for Instagram. And then they ended up taking me to events With them as their plus 1 slash photographer. Anthony Bolognese [00:08:53]: And, you know, the people who are hosting these events, the PR people, the the managers, they're seeing somebody taking pictures. They're naturally gonna ask, like, hey, do you shoot events? And I'm gonna say yes, even if I don't because Yes, Reginald Ferguson [00:09:06]: I do. Anthony Bolognese [00:09:06]: I can learn. So that's pretty much how it kinda transitioned out. And I ended up, going from the fashion and influencer shooting game, pretty much exclusively to events over the next Several years, and that's that's almost exclusively what I have done for the past, let's say, year and a half now. I've been almost primarily an event shooter, and then, when I get a chance to shoot or fashion stuff, I will. Reginald Ferguson [00:09:30]: Gotcha. So really, I mean, it's kind of it's very complementary, YouTube Anthony Bolognese [00:09:35]: Oh, absolutely. Reginald Ferguson [00:09:37]: Yeah. I mean, and the great thing is when you're doing stuff for Capitol Hill Clothiers, you've got the, photographer right there. Anthony Bolognese [00:09:45]: Exactly. And one of the, one of the more, well, slightly annoying things is that Robert is, He's simultaneously camera shy and just camera ready at all times. So I've shot him Crazy amount of times, but almost never for our own stuff. Because, you know, we've gotten partnerships with other brands. You know, I've I put him in his underwear more than I've ever imagined I ever would and showed anybody in their underwear. You know, there's There's so many photos that we've taken together, but he has always wanted me to be the face of Capitol Hill Clothiers, but I can't do that while being behind the camera. Reginald Ferguson [00:10:23]: Exactly. Anthony Bolognese [00:10:24]: So I feel like the, the content creation game has been surprisingly low considering my Capabilities. But I actually just bought a, a mannequin torso. It's actually behind me at the moment. And I've been using That to kinda take photos of outfits and create content for Capitol Hill Clothes without my face, you know, needing to be in it. Reginald Ferguson [00:10:45]: Gotcha. Oh, that's fantastic. Yeah. I I saw that briefly. I didn't realize. That's excellent. So, shame on Robert. Come on, Robert. Reginald Ferguson [00:10:55]: Step up. I will Anthony Bolognese [00:10:56]: look He's in a he's in a pretty I mean, he's been pretty pretty much since I've known him. He's been in a self growth period of, like, trying to really nail down his, fitness and diet Schedule and plan and, you know, what works for him. So he has phased out of a couple wardrobes in the few years that I've known him. Reginald Ferguson [00:11:13]: Oh, wow. Okay. So In a good way. Right. He's I was gonna say he's in transition as we all are. Anthony Bolognese [00:11:21]: Definitely. He just hasn't, Hasn't really updated his full business professional from us yet, but, I'm not really that concerned about it. You know, we've got enough of a client base, and I, you know, I offer all of my clients, A complimentary photo shoot in their garments if they choose to have it. It's good for marketing material for us. And, it's it's great to give, you know, that Extra level of service to our customers and just let them say, hey, you know, I've also got immediately done professional photos in this new custom suit. Reginald Ferguson [00:11:49]: Anthony, I gotta tell you, really like that angle. That's what they wanna offer it. Anthony Bolognese [00:11:54]: Why not, you know? Reginald Ferguson [00:11:55]: Yeah. That's really cool. I mean, Yeah. I mean, your 2 businesses, I mean, complimentary is an understatement. I mean, they interlock. Anthony Bolognese [00:12:05]: Absolutely. Yeah. And I feel like it would definitely be a waste if they didn't. And even if I had and even if I was in the catering game, for example, you know, I'd I'd find a way to make catering and clothing go together. I'd be hosting more events or something like that. So there's always a way. Reginald Ferguson [00:12:21]: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No. You are You have that that ambition and that foresight. I mean, even when we were wrapping at CTDA, you know, candidly and I'll tell every everybody in our podcast audience. I mean, you were breaking so many things down to me. I was really so grateful to try to learn and understand and also implement. Reginald Ferguson [00:12:40]: So, I'm really not surprised with your hustle because that's who you are. Anthony Bolognese [00:12:45]: Yeah. I mean, I'm happy to help. I mean, that's that's the thing. Information is such a crucial thing in this game and really in any of the games that involve entrepreneurship. You know, there's there's really no benefit to anybody withholding the information that they have if it help somebody else, especially if it's in a complimentary or, you know, the complimentary field. And we both work in fashion, but our demographics are completely different. Our location is completely Friend, there's no reason that I should withhold just the knowledge that I've accrued over the past, you know, 5 or so years of just kind of working for myself. Reginald Ferguson [00:13:17]: Right. Brother, I totally I totally agree with you. So I would be I would be lying if I said I'm following the DMV as closely as I'm New York City here. Anthony Bolognese [00:13:29]: I'm gonna be surprised if you were, to be honest. New York's had a lot going on at all times. Reginald Ferguson [00:13:33]: Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. And even more so now. We're number 1 in the worst way. Oh, yeah. So, nowadays. But the reason why I I mentioned that is, What is the timing in the DMV area in terms of, for example, just overall retail opening up? Like, for example, We just hit what we call phase 1 yesterday. Reginald Ferguson [00:13:59]: And that's really construction. I can't remember the other industries. What's what's your timetable like out there? Anthony Bolognese [00:14:06]: So we are in phase 1 at the moment. I believe we've been in phase 1 for almost 3, if not almost 4 weeks. And that includes I believe I mean, construction has been going on throughout all of it. You know, government subsidized, construction has been going on through everything, you know, road updates and all that kind Tough. But, I believe that privatized construction has been going on for the past couple weeks. Restaurants have now opened with all the stipulations throughout All 3 locations in the DMV. Face masks and distancing. So, you know, a lot of businesses that have been able to open have adapted. Anthony Bolognese [00:14:40]: There's outdoor seating, there's distance tables, you know. Face masks are being enforced. Specifically, I don't know. I can't speak for Maryland, but Virginia itself, opened up for phase 2 this past Friday With the exception of Northern Virginia. So all the counties surrounding DC, which honestly are the the biggest economic drivers of Virginia and probably the highest population density have not yet opened for phase 2. Reginald Ferguson [00:15:10]: Okay. Anthony Bolognese [00:15:12]: DC, last I checked, was scheduled to reopen, And pop. For phase 2 on the 28th of this month, but I can't be quoted on that. Reginald Ferguson [00:15:21]: Okay. No. No. No. Understood. Yeah. I was just curious. You brought up face masks. Reginald Ferguson [00:15:27]: So how do you how have you envisioned face mask from a fashion standpoint. Anthony Bolognese [00:15:36]: So it's interesting. I've seen I've seen a lot of different approaches for it, and a lot of them are philanthropic, just from people that have the time and resources and energy and, you know, money to make them and just give them away, Specifically to healthcare workers or, you know, officials or anything like that. But from a private standpoint or from an entrepreneurial standpoint, there have definitely been a lot of people that have Impop. Caught me off guard with how prepared they were for this and how quickly they're able to churn stuff out. I honestly jumped on the bandwagon very late and I that's That's a huge detriment to me, because I'm honestly still waiting for the fabric to come in to start making them, which is Which is insane. And I I understand why the delay has been so well delayed just because there's such a demand by everyone who knows how to sew Pretty much is just ordering fabric like crazy. So, but no, I've I've definitely seen a big community energy thrown into it. I've seen a lot of, A lot of the bigger brands have started offering stuff online. Anthony Bolognese [00:16:37]: Even even websites like Custom Ink and Vistaprint, you know, have offered, masks just In bulk. So it's really cool to see. Reginald Ferguson [00:16:48]: So are you like you said, you're late to the game, but you've decided to stick your toe in, so to speak. And correct me if I'm wrong, I think I think recently I saw on one of your IG post that you had, like, some some graphics ready or at least in the chamber. Is that correct? Anthony Bolognese [00:17:03]: Yeah. So the reason that our fabrics are being delayed is because we're doing custom printed fabrics, and, through Capitol Hill Clothiers, you know, we have custom printed, viscose linings. Reginald Ferguson [00:17:12]: Yes. Yes. I've seen those. Anthony Bolognese [00:17:16]: But viscose is not the fabric that we were choosing to use for the outside of the linings or outside of the masks. So we've decided to do custom printing on cotton and I think I placed that order mid April Or no, I'm sorry. Yeah. Yeah. Mid April. Wow. So it's Yeah. And they're supposed to be here Allegedly tomorrow, at the latest at the latest on 15th. Anthony Bolognese [00:17:42]: And that's before I can even start selling them together. So we will see If anybody even needs masks by the time they actually are done. Reginald Ferguson [00:17:51]: Right. Right. And Is your is your is your source a domestic source or international source? Domestic. Anthony Bolognese [00:17:58]: And I think that's part of the reason that they've, That they've been taking so long is because they've had just such a high demand, and I completely understand that. I don't fault them for how long it's taken. Just because I'm sure we were way back in the queue By the time I placed that order. Reginald Ferguson [00:18:12]: Right. Now related to that, like you said, hey, you're not a brick and mortar. I'm also not a brick and mortar. What has been your deal in terms of suiting, you know, material or shirting material? Like, do you Anthony Bolognese [00:18:27]: So everything that we've, you know, luckily, we don't house anything in, like, on location in the states. That's what Reginald Ferguson [00:18:33]: I needed to know. Anthony Bolognese [00:18:34]: Yeah. We we manufacture, through a factory in Thailand. It's a small factory. It's not one of the big name brand factories. It's just a small locally owned factory. And they have kind of their warehouse full of fabrics. So whatever they had Had been worked through pretty quickly, honestly. And then, you know, once the Italian mills all closed down, that definitely Put a put a kink in the operation and we've just kind of been running low on some fabrics and there's really no guarantee for when production can go back to a quote unquote normal. Anthony Bolognese [00:19:08]: Luckily Thailand was not hit quite as hard as mainland China for manufacturing. So that was kind of a blessing on our part, but That also made it so that we were able to, like, have the factory, kind of take up arms and and help out some of these other Chinese factories with outsourcing orders so that things could still be fulfilled. So the factory has been kind of busy absorbing some of that that, work from the Chinese market. Reginald Ferguson [00:19:36]: Okay. And did you have any orders, like, right in the pipeline when the pandemic hit? Like, you know, a client that's awaiting a suit or Anthony Bolognese [00:19:46]: Luckily, no. So we had we had one that was almost done, and I think it was delayed like A week and a half. Uh-huh. But that was that was really the only issue. And luckily, the customer was not really that concerned about it, because she was not in Obviously, she was not gonna be needing a suit Right. Reginald Ferguson [00:20:06]: At that point. So Right. Right. Exactly. Anthony Bolognese [00:20:10]: And she was gracious enough to at least let me even deliver it And, you know, get a get a feel for how it fit on Reginald Ferguson [00:20:16]: her, which was nice. Oh, can you can you elaborate on that? How did that go down? Anthony Bolognese [00:20:20]: So luckily, it was actually someone that I'm I was already relatively close to. So I feel like if it was if it was kind of an out of the blue client, it might not have been that gracious. But, you know, I was able to go to her apartment in Navy Yard, pretty close to National Stadium and, just kinda, You go through the outfit, put a couple, or rather go through the garments that that I delivered, kind of reiterate the features and customized Details that we did. And, you know, we had already prior to delivery discussed a couple outfits that we had in mind for, you know, pairing with that or with those garments. So we went through a couple of those. You know, I I went through this is her 1st garments from us. So, I went through a couple slight alterations that we're gonna need and then I'm gonna adjusted her measurements system but otherwise it was really good I still have to I still have to go shoot those those clothes on her we have not yet done that So Reginald Ferguson [00:21:14]: Okay. And do you both have oh, I'm sorry. Continue. Anthony Bolognese [00:21:17]: I was gonna say at some point, we'll we'll get those photos done. I'm actually very, very excited to take photos of this These outfits because, they look great. Reginald Ferguson [00:21:24]: Okay. Yeah. Actually, that was gonna be one of the questions I was gonna ask, so you beat me to it. But the follow-up question is, Did you both have mask on while you were doing, you know, the unveiling, so to speak? Yes. Okay. Anthony Bolognese [00:21:38]: Yeah. Just for for the sake of safety. Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:21:41]: Right. And I mean, my assumption is there's no way that you could keep Social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet while you were doing all that. So how did how did the client feel, particularly since this is a first time client, About that whole process. Anthony Bolognese [00:21:58]: Like I said, luckily, she was somebody that I knew prior to this. So she was more okay with it. She was more aware of, you know, How I've been living my life or how I had been living my life, you know, with quarantine. So we we were confident in each other's Cleanliness, as you can say. So it was it was not as big a deal as I feel it might have been if, If it had been a client that I had not known prior to Reginald Ferguson [00:22:24]: that. Okay. Understood. How do you think, as a segue, How do you think you and Robert you know, it's kind of like you and Robert, and then you, meaning your 2 businesses. How do you think you're gonna approach things when, you know, the overall DMV area, You know, goes through, I don't know if you're 4 phases or 5 phases. But what do you what do you think you're gonna do when when everything is green lit? How how do you envision handling the business, handling the the clients? Like, for example, here, like, now I'm the king of the webinar. I hated webinars prior to the pandemic. Mhmm. Reginald Ferguson [00:23:06]: Had no interest. I was always like, no. No. No. Now I'm like, oh, my gosh. A webinar. Let me learn let me learn something. Anthony Bolognese [00:23:14]: Exactly. Reginald Ferguson [00:23:14]: And and some of them I've taken have been in the fashion space. Not exclusive, but some of them have. -Some of them have been CTDA. A lot of them have not, but still in the fashion in the fashion world. -Mm -And How do you think your existing clients and potential new clients, how do you think You're going to approach things. How do you think how do you think they're gonna feel? Do you think individuals are gonna want Custom clothing. What do you think? What's your gut? Anthony Bolognese [00:23:47]: So I think that specifically for my business, I don't think that that's going to be much of an issue just because of our target demographic. You know the people that we are catering to are people that are still technically able to do their work right now. And once they're They're able to go back into the office and they're gonna be back into the routine of wearing suits or at least business casual every day. They're going to have The need, again. And their income is not the type that is gonna be stifled by anything that's go that's been going on. It's really the lower level, working class That has been most affected by this. And that's including, you know, myself. I'm considering, you know, small business ownership, versus, you know, more corporate, positions. Anthony Bolognese [00:24:33]: So luckily the, you know, the lobbying space in DC has not been affected. You know, there's still Government relations work to be done. You know, there's still law being practiced, even if court dates have been pushed back, you know, people are still suing, people We're still getting sued. People are still representing them. So those are kind of our, bread and butter, you know, ideal clients. So luckily, that is not as much of an issue, on the clothing end, on the photo end, I genuinely have absolutely no clue how it's gonna roll out because, you know, with events, I I think that those are gonna be some of the last things that are allowed to come back as well as, you know, I think that those are some of the last that people are going to be willing to put themselves into. Because people are already so up in arms about, you know, any grouping of more than 10 people and distancing out in public The strangers so going to a networking event sounds like an absolute nightmare right now. Reginald Ferguson [00:25:26]: Right. Anthony Bolognese [00:25:27]: Because you can't network, you know, in a in a small DC, you know, 1,000 square foot restaurant from 6 feet away. Otherwise, you get 10 people in there. Right. Reginald Ferguson [00:25:36]: So This is all this is all head scratching stuff. Anthony Bolognese [00:25:39]: Yes. Luckily, I think, I'm switching my business model, at least for the moment, over to headshots and, you know, portraiture and stuff that I can execute from A safe distance. You know, people can feel safe about it. And, it's a little bit more personal. Reginald Ferguson [00:25:54]: Right. -Impop. -You're You know, you said with with great confidence that with your high end clientele, it'll be business as usual. But in the same breath, do you think that do you think that the majority and then maybe you can just also Share and elaborate more about who your demo is. Obviously, you've hinted at it. Do you think all of them are gonna go back to work? Meaning, I understand the employment. What I'm saying is do you think that potentially there's going to be a significant number that I'm gonna continue to work from home? Anthony Bolognese [00:26:30]: For the sake of general society, I genuinely hope so. I do hope that a lot more people are going to be allowed to work from home from now on, just considering that we've done this, you know, quarter of a year trial run, to just to see if That productivity can remain. So I think that lobbying from home is a tougher sell. You know, my my Ideal demographic for for people who buy my suits are people who make upwards of $150,000 a year. Ideally working in government relations, government affairs, and lawyers. So law, in really any capacity. So people who Capitol Hill and the and attorneys. Yeah. Anthony Bolognese [00:27:12]: Okay. So I don't believe that those people are going to necessarily have as much of an option to work from home. Although I am not incredibly immersed In either of those fields, so I don't know what their day to day job entails that would allow or disallow them to be able to work from home. Reginald Ferguson [00:27:30]: Okay. So it's somewhat it's somewhat up in the air. Yeah. Got you. You know, and the reason why I'm asking you that is, on my side of it, You know, clearly, I'm not a clothier like you guys. I'm just, I'm just a fashion consultant. Clearly, I'm head scratching. I think like a lot of us are. Reginald Ferguson [00:27:50]: And I'm just I'm just literally wondering. I feel I feel Then to your point, the people who have to literally leave their house when, you know, when the light is green. Mhmm. -Then, yeah, you know, they still have to dress. I'm really curious about the ones who are gonna if I'm gonna remain working from home. You know, I'm really clearly, I'm kind of all over the place in my response. You know, my point is, I think guys are going to be like, man, I do not want to wear sweatpants anymore. I thought I did. Reginald Ferguson [00:28:24]: I love these oh my god. I'm wearing them every day. Oh, no. Anthony Bolognese [00:28:28]: You know, please, please. Even even just from my personal network, I've actually, you know, asked that question to the people that I'm used to seeing in suits that I know have been home for several months now. And I get an equal measure response. 1, I'm excited to wear suits again. I'm excited to wear real clothes again. And then the very opposite of that, I don't think I'm gonna fit into any of my suits again. Like, these sweatpants have become part of my body. I don't know how I'm gonna change that after this. Anthony Bolognese [00:28:57]: So I definitely fall into the former category. I cannot wait to get, you know, dressed up and out and just back To the normal routine of looking good and making other people look good. But I know plenty of people, both in the working world and just in the general fashion interest world are, And pop. Slightly more reserved about, you know, well, this this can go on a little bit longer. You know, these these sweatpants are good. Reginald Ferguson [00:29:25]: Yeah. It's like I said, it's it's a it's a total head scratcher. When you start doing the mask, My assumption is, and just correct me if I'm wrong, are you immediately going to let your clientele know? Like, how how are you How are you, you know, how are you planning to go about that from a launch perspective? Anthony Bolognese [00:29:44]: So I've got, so you saw on Instagram, I have the, the fabrics Kind of mocked up already. Yeah. Yeah. Look at that. And I have I have a folder of, you know, kind of a marketing strategy of, like, daily posts in different styles, showcasing the masks and the fabrics and, like, mock ups of how they might look. Obviously, it's gonna be a little bit different because most of the The mask mock ups that you can find online are based on the, the medical looking masks. So the ones with the little divots, kind of like the, I'm not entirely sure what the fabric is called or the the paper is called, but more of the medical style of mask versus the fabric mask. But, just to give people a general idea, and, You know, part of the reason that I haven't been pushing that super hard right now, especially considering the fact that the the fabrics are scheduled to come in very soon, is because of the rest of the social media climate at the moment. Anthony Bolognese [00:30:35]: It's not a very good time to be promoting products, it's not a very good time to be promoting, you know, Commerce, really. Unless there is, I guess, a more targeted philanthropic or socially driven message to it. And I completely understand that. And unfortunately, none of the fabrics that I had ordered, you know, almost 2 months ago, go along those specific lines. So it's a little bit of a, minefield at the moment and I don't want to rub anybody the wrong way, but once they do arrive that is going to be a part of, You know what I'm posting along with the offers that I'm giving and the information that I'm trying to spread. Reginald Ferguson [00:31:12]: Sure. I gotta tell you, Ant, you saying that you've opened up to a segue that I was planning to get to. I just didn't think I was gonna get to it now, but here we are. So You mentioned something, and I appreciate your acuteness. Because essentially what you're saying is, I have product right now. And I have to curtail the way I market in light of the political climate. Exactly. Let's just let's just call it what it is. Reginald Ferguson [00:31:44]: So so let's talk about that. Mhmm. Because really, that was that was really the reason that you've come on today, you know, per my invite. Obviously, like I said, we had always talked about you coming on and Robert coming on. But I want to let the audience know, you know, what I saw. And, you know, it moved me. And clearly, you can hear it now. It moved me so much, Anthony. Reginald Ferguson [00:32:11]: So let me let me tell the audience what I'm talking about. So a few weeks ago, you had correct me if I'm wrong you had on a story on IG that you are offering 1 free headshot for Black business owners. -Yes. -Uh, I'm gonna keep it real with you, Ant. When I saw that, I was like, Okay, wah wah. You know? It kind of went one ear and out the other. I was like, Okay, you know? But then a few days ago, you had a post, and In your post was from the various photo shoots with the business owners. And I think my point is in that expansive time when you first rolled it out To that later post, a lot had happened. Reginald Ferguson [00:32:59]: Understatement. Yes. We have 2 pandemics now is what I always say, or what I have been saying. We have COVID, and we have racism. Mhmm. So Like I said, when you did the 1st post, I was I was casually indifferent. I was like, Okay. That's what he's doing. Reginald Ferguson [00:33:20]: Yeah. Okay. Wawa. Yeah. But then I saw your post with - And, Anthony, I really got to tell you, I mean, I literally did. I mean, I'm, you know, it moved me to tears. I was so touched because, obviously, one of my questions is gonna be what even led you to this initiation. But seeing the spirits lifted during your photo shoots, It really it really touched me. Reginald Ferguson [00:33:58]: So I've gotta ask you, what led you to want to do this? Anthony Bolognese [00:34:03]: So I think a big reason that the social media push has been going on I mean, obviously, you know, the the point is to protest To the the brutal murder of George Floyd as well as reminding people of the the fact that this has been going on for years decades. But a big reason for the consistency of the social media push from so many people is to just make sure that it's embedded in people's minds now. The fact that, you know, no matter what color you are, no matter where you came from, no matter what you're doing in life, this is a fact. This has been going on for so long And you can't just ignore it anymore. So I I remember seeing, you know, every time I go on Instagram, I mean, it's a habit at this point, as a business owner and just as a millennial, if I can buy into that stereotype. You know, every time you go on Instagram, there's a bunch of black Squares, there's a bunch of activism, there's a bunch of, you know, I mean, videos of of what's happening, both in the, You know, the the crowdsourced video of police brutality, the videos from all the protests and everything like that. I mean, it's something that Definitely sticks with you and seeing it in your own community is gut wrenching. Especially seeing people that you recognize, you know, getting their cameras destroyed by police. Anthony Bolognese [00:35:20]: Seeing people that you, you know, are friends with just out there fighting for a cause that they truly believe in, that their ancestors have literally died for. It's something that, you know, makes you ask if you're even remotely with your emotions or with, like, reality person. What can I do To to change this or what can I do to uplift, you know, this community that I've, you know, passively let be oppressed? And that's something that I feel like a lot of, white people, business owners and non, you know, have to come to terms with. The fact that, you know, No matter where you started in life there is a societal leg up just because of your, you know, color of your skin. And I know that I've been able to get to where I am in both of my businesses for a lot of reasons and one of them definitely is the privilege that I've had to be, You know, I say privilege in the societal sense, to to have been born white. And I wanted to offer Some level of what I know how to do best to the community that didn't have that same, you know, predetermined leg up in society. So I I narrowed it down to black business owners. I wanted to, you know, help my community in the DMV. Anthony Bolognese [00:36:36]: Anybody who has started a business or owns a business or even does, like, a side hustle and makes money doing something that they, as a passion, Impression want to do. I wanted to offer them a headshot because I know how cost prohibitive they are. There they can be. I mean, I know what I charge for a headshot session. And I know that not everybody can justify that or afford that or especially starting business owners, you know, someone who just started their business is not gonna spend $500 On a full headshot package. So I wanted to open that up and offer it to, you know, any and all black business owners in the area. Reginald Ferguson [00:37:13]: When you first just give me a better sense of the timing because it's a little bit of a blur for me. When did you first offer that? What was the what was the do you kinda remember the date? The timing? Let Anthony Bolognese [00:37:25]: me see. I wanna say it was It was the 31st of, May, I believe. Reginald Ferguson [00:37:33]: Okay. Anthony Bolognese [00:37:34]: I was I was just laying in bed. Reginald Ferguson [00:37:36]: Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Anthony Bolognese [00:37:37]: I was just laying in bed on Instagram and I closed it and I was just kinda looking up on my ceiling and like, what can I do? I don't I know what I can do. And then it just kinda that light bulb hit me. Like, I can just I can help business owners. I can help people grow their businesses. I can help people get, you know, the leg The leg up in having some of that content for themselves or having something to properly represent them as a professional. Reginald Ferguson [00:38:04]: Please tell me please tell us what was that 1st round of shoots like? Anthony Bolognese [00:38:10]: It was Underwhelming if I can be completely honest. I mean I Reginald Ferguson [00:38:14]: want you to be completely honest. I was with you when you first posted Anthony Bolognese [00:38:17]: Yeah. It's Reginald Ferguson [00:38:18]: like, yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Anthony Bolognese [00:38:21]: So when I posted it, I mean, I I tried to be consistent about it. I posted it, you know, every day or every other day, from when I when I, made the graphics on, like, the 1st of the month until, until the weekend that it was supposed to happen, I got 5 bookings total Throughout the whole weekend I had booked 22 hours of the weekend, you know, 11 hours a day exclusively for this purpose and I got 5 bookings. And I was kind of disappointed because like, you know, obviously I wanted to help as many people as I could. And I understood that maybe not everyone would see it or you know that was This 1st weekend was the the big weekend for protests and, you know, in person activism and I understand that. But, yeah, the 1st round was was Pretty underwhelming from an RSVP RSVP perspective. So I decided to offer it again. So I'm offering it again Coming weekend and I've already more than doubled my, my bookings. And luckily I've been able to get a little bit of press coverage and a lot more shares from the black community. Anthony Bolognese [00:39:18]: Just letting people know that this isn't an option. And the, the Instagram story that you actually replied to, you know, letting me know that you were you were moved by it. It was a response, I'm writing an IGTV video from one of the women who, got her headshot from me. And I've I've taken her photo before. I've done some some work for her. And she was kind of explaining the fact that this is such a great deal for black business owners and that people should be taking advantage of it And, kind of highlighting the fact that I've actually gotten some flack for it as well. Really? Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:39:53]: Would you care to elaborate? Anthony Bolognese [00:39:55]: Yeah. So I've I've posted it on, I posted it on, like, the Washington DC Subreddit. I posted it on a bunch of, you know, freelance, Facebook groups and kind of local community groups. Just trying to get the word out as much as I can. Like, hey, if you are black or a business owner, Take a look at this because this is catered to you. Like, I wanna help out and it's free. So if you've got 10 minutes out of your day, come, You know, get this free thing that's gonna help you in your business. And I I got a fair amount of backlash from people ranging from Things that I thought were a little bit asinine to the point of, like, you know, when I posted it on Reddit, the first comment that I got was just headshot question mark. Anthony Bolognese [00:40:39]: And I so I assumed it was, like, okay. Somebody doesn't know what the headshot is. You know, this is not this whole subreddit is not full of business owners or people who would ever, like, have a need for a headshot, so I defined a headshot. And their their response to that was, that term seems a little bit insensitive considering Yeah. I knew I Reginald Ferguson [00:40:55]: knew this is where that guy was Yeah. Anthony Bolognese [00:40:57]: I think Reginald Ferguson [00:40:57]: it was like I kind Anthony Bolognese [00:40:59]: of get it from from the outside perspective of not having ever had to experience, You know, a professional headshot or not being in an industry where you need that. Like mechanics, for example, don't need a professional headshot. It's just not something that comes up in their job. And I completely understand that but it was just little levels of stuff like that but then, one that really stuck with me, someone that I had met, through another black friend of mine, at an event, you know, a couple years ago. She and I had been friends on Facebook and, you know, spoken several times since then. I posted that deal in a group called Freelance DC, and she was just not having it. She was like, this is not the time for, you know, black people to be getting headshots. Like, you need to be out at these protests. Anthony Bolognese [00:41:44]: You need to be, like, voicing your opinion and not hiding, you know, in your house. Like, we're tired. We're being killed and oppressed. Like, we don't have time for your fucking headshots. And I hear I hear the pain and it it hurts for a couple different reasons. Like, I I want to be able to do what I can. You know, I'm not I didn't start any of this for for PR reasons or for, you know, good, you know, standing in the black community. I did it because it's something that I know can help. Anthony Bolognese [00:42:15]: I know. Reginald Ferguson [00:42:16]: That's why I want And Anthony Bolognese [00:42:16]: there's really no way to explain that without sounding defensive. Reginald Ferguson [00:42:20]: Right. Right. You're you're in you're in you're caught in the corner, so to speak. Anthony Bolognese [00:42:25]: Exactly. And I know that these are tense times, and it's it's justifiable. Like, I I have no no no ill will for anybody who is kinda raising their voice intention at these times because I I get it. Reginald Ferguson [00:42:36]: Right. Anthony Bolognese [00:42:36]: But And pop. Kind of know that I'm not the Reginald Ferguson [00:42:40]: enemy here. Exactly. And you're and you're and you're not. You know, I don't know how often you've listen to our podcast. I know you've listened to a few episodes, but my point is I have very strong opinions about things, and I think my opinions are always backed up intellectually. So by no means in this conversation am I saying, woah, because I say it's so. It's so. And it's not about receiving a black past. Reginald Ferguson [00:43:03]: But my My point is this. We have individuals who look like you that are out there at the protest, and that's to be applauded. But you hit on something which I think is equally important. This is your ability, this is your skill, And you figured this is a way that you can contribute. There's not one way to contribute. I mean, matter of fact, I've had conversations with some people Because there are people who look like you that will come to me and go, what can I do? There's a myriad of things that you can do. I mean, in the most myopic way, if individuals, whenever the time is right, become clients to New York Fashion Geek. That's part of the process. Reginald Ferguson [00:43:50]: It's a baby step. -But supporting black businesses is what it's all about. And if any of these individuals, you know, if they even had a glimpse of agave philosophy or x philosophy. It is about self empowerment. There's no question about that. And here you are, you're trying to help along. I think your approach is right. It's just You're in a no win, but the fact that, you know, and you already you already said it, but I think the audience should hear it again, that you're doing this again on Sunday 14th from 11 to 6, you know, is to be is to be applauded. Reginald Ferguson [00:44:32]: So you gotta keep on keeping on that. Anthony Bolognese [00:44:36]: Definitely. And I, you know, I, like I said, I understand the voices that are, you know, speaking out, not necessarily Imposter. But giving their criticisms of the fact that I am doing it, I am listening to those voices. I'm not going to change the fact that I'm this because I know that, you know, even this past weekend, I there are 5 specific people that I've helped and they've already seen, you know, a lot of good feedback from posting those photos And being able to update their LinkedIns and stuff like that. So those kind of rewards that are that are happening, like those tangible, you know, Successes that are happening because of these photos, that's enough to make me keep going and want to keep offering this. Reginald Ferguson [00:45:13]: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, Ironically, I have a friend and maybe you know him I have a friend whose name is Craig Hudson. And he's out there On the front lines, he looks like you, and he's taking all this wonderful photography. I think he's freelance now. I'm not sure if he's with the Post anymore. I can't really recall. So my point is, I've known this guy for years. I'm looking at his stuff. Reginald Ferguson [00:45:37]: He's on the front lines. You're on the front lines in a different way. And you both have photography in Pretty uncommon. So Exactly. And There's not one way to approach this. There's not one way. Yeah. Anthony Bolognese [00:45:48]: I mean, I know so many photojournalists in DC That are out there, you know, doing what they know how to do. Like, they're taking photos that are compelling and showing, you know, what's happening in the world. And that's what they're trained how to do. That's what they have experience doing, and that's what they are are doing now. And I understand the risk. I understand that, you know, It's you can't guarantee that your cameras won't get destroyed by doing it, but, you know, that's that's where they feel the most comfortable. That's where they have the most expertise, and that's where they want to be, you know, exercising that. Reginald Ferguson [00:46:22]: No, Ant, you got to you got to keep on keeping on. And I'm sorry to hear that was underwhelming. In a way, I'm not surprised that you got brushed back. I'm so idealistic for things like this, which is probably surprising for certain people. Well, like I said, when I when I saw it, it moved me because to see this, you know, to see this 1 sister's face and Just the elation. It might've been underwhelming for you, but for someone on the outside, it was uplifting. So And don't Anthony Bolognese [00:46:50]: get me wrong. The the the part that was underwhelming was exclusively the fact that I only had 5 people. But the second I had the second I had, Impop. You know, tangible results. The second I had photos to show them and I could see their faces light up, that is that's why I do what I do, you know, regardless of the the political times, Regardless of the social times, regardless of the motivation behind it, just the fact that I'm able to to make someone happy with how they look. And this goes for, honestly, both businesses in the way that I'm gonna word it. Like, the fact that I can make someone happier with how they look and more confident in in the way that they're presented, That that's the whole reason for me. Reginald Ferguson [00:47:26]: Yeah. Right on. Yeah. That's all I got, bro. Anthony Bolognese [00:47:32]: Alright. Reginald Ferguson [00:47:34]: For real. So Well, I don't Anthony Bolognese [00:47:35]: want this to just be a monologue about me. I wanna hear about what's been going on with you. Reginald Ferguson [00:47:40]: Well, I mean, we don't really well, until the producer gives us -The, the high sign, which I think is gonna happen shortly. I mean, yeah, in a nutshell, we're I mean, I'll be brief, but, You know, we're here in New York. And as I sarcastically say now, we're number 1. So, It's been, it's been a tough situation. I have lost a dear friend, So that was really painful. Known him close to half my life, so that really hurt. My nephew, had it. He's a first responder. Reginald Ferguson [00:48:21]: And I haven't really talked about that a lot, but that was on pins and needles. But he came through fine, and he's a firefighter. This is his 1st year he's a rookie. He's only been doing it for weeks, months. So It's a Anthony Bolognese [00:48:33]: hell of an initiation into the job. Reginald Ferguson [00:48:35]: Yeah. For real. He wasn't feeling well. He suffers from allergies and we weren't certain. You know, and then I hear it, and your heart sinks. And I think that's what, you know, relatively, a lot of people don't understand. It's typical of a lot of things. You don't understand until it happens to you. Reginald Ferguson [00:48:53]: So and this is so insidious. So I've always felt that I'm built for this type of gig in terms of quarantining in place. I think I keep my mind right. I miss being outside. There's no question. The few times I go outside, I only go if I have an errand sometimes I spread out my errands intentionally. But I don't go out all the time because I just feel guilty If I do, I don't go out for long. From a fashion standpoint, I mean, this is the 1st podcast that we've done, You know, since since COVID, so and certainly since George Floyd. Reginald Ferguson [00:49:39]: So I'm glad to have done it because I've missed the podcast. And, you know, it's been it's great having you as as this, you know, unique approach. We're all doing it remotely. And like I said, it's, you know, it's an interview, you know. We've always broken up our interviews. -Our interview will be a few minutes, and we'll still do our other portions. -Mm -I've also relatedly I have a newsletter for NYFG. And I had to dust it off because I haven't done it in, like, over a year. Reginald Ferguson [00:50:14]: And in April, I was talking to 1 of my boys. And I was like, it's time to do this thing. So for the whole -Month of May on Fridays, I released a newsletter. And kind of like you, -Like, my first one, certainly, at the very end, because mine is brief. It's always, like, in 3 parts. Like, I have an intro, and then it's, like, 3 tips, and then an outro. -On the outro, I was like, Hey. You know, if you're doing Zoom and if you need some help, you know, you know, come holler at me. Reginald Ferguson [00:50:49]: But then after that, -It's really just sharing how I'm feeling, you know, amongst my 4 walls, and what I'm dealing with. Because I figure what I'm dealing with, other people can relate. I think people should know that we have a lot more in common here, than we have things that are dissimilar. I give out I give out some deals sometimes because people order it online. And, you know, not deals that That come into my pocketbook, but just like, hey, J. Crew's got a 60% deal. He better jump on it. So In terms of, you know, I I think that's been I've gotten some good feedback. Reginald Ferguson [00:51:28]: You know how it is with the newsletter. Sometimes you get unsubscribes. So but I've gotten good feedback, and I've looked forward to doing it every Friday. I did it, you know, last Friday as well. So I think I'm gonna continue doing it every Friday in June. Also, I think it'll be contingent on, You know, the phase, the phases from the governor, so to speak. And, you know, my fingers are crossed. I hope that I get new clients. Reginald Ferguson [00:51:57]: I hope my existing clients come back. I don't have, specifically, the demo like you do. But, You know, I'm just I'm just curious. But I wanna I wanna keep on keeping on, you know? And I have all these different ways to do it. I have the podcast. I have the newsletter. But certainly, I'd love for retail to reopen. I'm definitely I'm gonna collab with a with a brand right Now, Los Jodos tailors, like, we've always been talking. Reginald Ferguson [00:52:24]: We spoke recently. And that's been great too, you know, talking to people In the brotherhood, in the sisterhood, in fashion. And, you know, letting each other know that we're out there, we're there for each other, that we're good, that we're healthy. So, I go outside man. I'm like a senior Susan man. I'm like my grandma getting that sunlight on me. Anthony Bolognese [00:52:48]: Have you gotten any gardening? No, Reginald Ferguson [00:52:51]: no gardening. That's funny because in my building, because I live in a high rise, we have a garden. It's so close. I overlook it. So, it's just, you know, it's it's everything that's been said. It's just, it's unbelievable. And, I'm just curious to see how we come out of it. And, you know, my my fingers are crossed. Anthony Bolognese [00:53:16]: Definitely. And I'm curious to know how the, you know, I know where it's a little bit early on to see any results or any stats from it, but I'm curious to see how the protests, You know, I'm I'm nervous about them making more spikes in the, in the cases and, kind of prolonging this whole thing. But it's, You know, I don't wanna say it's worth the cause because it's a deadly virus, but, you know, it's definitely a cause that needed to be spoken on. And I don't think that have come at a better time, you know, when everyone is or most people are are not working and have the time and energy and, you know, just availability to go Speak their mind and make change as it needs to be. Reginald Ferguson [00:53:52]: Yeah. No. You hit it on the head. I mean, everyone thinks I'm out there every day, I guess, because that's my personality. But, no, I mean, you're right. But, people are doing what they have to do, and I know that's a good day. It speaks to the severity of the situation. And Sure. Reginald Ferguson [00:54:13]: I think you hit on something. I'm really curious about all these brands, small and large, about their commitment, because having a black box, You know? Oh, yeah. Anthony Bolognese [00:54:27]: And Reginald Ferguson [00:54:27]: even You Anthony Bolognese [00:54:27]: know, part of the reason that I love the people who have been so outspoken, even even against the stuff that I've been doing, is that things have been Coming to light and it is glorious. You know, seeing people who, who have, you know, these these demons or skeletons in their closets That, that are finally being pulled out because people have the time and the determination and just the the sheer visceral anger and desire to figure it out And pop. Are, are pulling them out and being able to call people out on their their bullshit, to be completely honest. Reginald Ferguson [00:54:57]: Yeah. It's, no. It's, you know, it's an interesting time. I'm I'm looking at the long term play, versus things that are ephemeral. So my fingers are crossed. I'm curious. I'm cautiously optimistic. But it's a worldwide phenomenon now. Reginald Ferguson [00:55:16]: And, you know, -We're watching what you guys are doing in D. C. Like I said, literally, my boy is out there. Like you said, he's a photojournalist. And, it's all it's all encompassing it's all enveloping so we're gonna see and I hope to hope to stay safe Anthony Bolognese [00:55:35]: Definitely. And I hope that you stay safe and everybody that you, you have close, you know, remains to be as safe and, you know, healthy as possible. Reginald Ferguson [00:55:44]: Thank you, Anthony. I really appreciate it. Hey. Let's let this be the last time. But I'm certainly, certainly, certainly, really touched that it was the first time. And, we'll see you on the other side. Absolutely. Anthony Bolognese [00:55:59]: The second I can get up to New York New York safely and grab a beer with you, I hope to. Reginald Ferguson [00:56:03]: That sounds good, I'll have my mask on Anthony Bolognese [00:56:05]: all right man I'll bring my I'll bring a couple CHC ones for you to buy too Reginald Ferguson [00:56:08]: yeah I was gonna say yeah yeah I think I'll DM you we'll have to pick us up All right, Anthony Bolognese [00:56:12]: man. Well, thank you very much for having me on. I appreciate it. Reginald Ferguson [00:56:16]: Anthony, really thank you for the time. To Robert, I said, hi. Ladies and gentlemen, -That's been Anthony Bolognese, Capitol Hill clothiers, Capitol Hill photo. He's speaking truth to power. We'll see you on the other side. Always be fly.
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