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The Fashion Geek Podcast

33 | Shopping Season is All Year Round For You

Reg and Tiff talk about Instagram’s plan to eliminate “likes”, Reg’s distaste of men who wear baseball caps (“Fashion Fools”) and Reg goes down memory lane for “I Must Have It.”

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00:00 Introduction and Sponsor Message
00:22 Meet the Fashion Geeks
00:37 Winter Fashion Talk
01:43 Holiday Shopping and Wrapping
05:17 Branding and Marketing Insights
08:50 Social Media and Influencer Discussion
17:58 Fashion Fools Segment
24:20 Debate on Wearing Hats with Suits
24:33 Fashion Recommendations from GQ and MrMag
26:26 The Case Against Baseball Caps with Suits
26:42 Personal Hat and Cap Stories
28:49 Transition to 'I Must Have It' Segment
29:12 Nostalgic Journey with Nike Cortez
44:47 Fashion Word of the Day Challenge
47:45 Closing Remarks and Contact Information

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Reginald Ferguson [00:00:01]: The fashion geeks are hosted and powered by Blueberry. Tiff [00:00:04]: That's Blueberry, b l u b r r y. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:07]: Thinking of launching a podcast? Want your episodes to be deployed smoothly? Go to, type in the word fashion, and get a deal on us. Tiff [00:00:15]: Just put in the word fashion. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:17]: Blueberry, Always hostfly. Hello. I'm Red. Tiff [00:00:23]: And I'm Tiff. And we're the fashion geeks. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:25]: Trying to make New York Tiff [00:00:26]: And the world. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:27]: New York is the world. Tiff [00:00:28]: A little flyer, 1 outfit Reginald Ferguson [00:00:30]: And podcast. Tiff [00:00:31]: At a time. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:36]: Oh, yeah. Winter time. Tiff [00:00:39]: Oh, what a beautiful, beautiful not so time of the year. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:42]: Well, if you're dressed for the weather, which is a wonderful segue to what we do Tiff [00:00:47]: Yes. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:47]: I'm fashion geek number 1, Reg Ferguson. To my right, ride or die. Tiff [00:00:52]: I'm fashion geek number 2, Tiffany Minotell Schreiber, and we are here today to bring you another episode, about, you know, things fashioned for the everyday man. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:02]: Exactly. We are the fashion geeks. And, fortunately, we were prepared for the weather because we just avoided a Wow. Tiff [00:01:09]: Oh, yeah. Wasn't that cool, though? Reginald Ferguson [00:01:11]: It was interesting. Tiff [00:01:13]: It's like blue skies 1 minute, gray skies the next, and then snow and wind blowing everywhere the next. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:19]: Yes. But, fortunately, I had a parka. Tiff [00:01:22]: Yes. And I had my London Fog trench coat on. Is that what it is? Reginald Ferguson [00:01:26]: Yes. Yes. The Long Trench. Tiff [00:01:28]: The Long Trench. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:29]: But, Tiff, next time, fasten all the buttons. Tiff [00:01:33]: Yeah. My, my belly button button was not buttoned, My bellybutton got a little frozen there. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:37]: Yipes. Still thawing out. Oh my goodness. Well, 'tis the season. Tiff [00:01:43]: What kind of season? It's Reginald Ferguson [00:01:45]: Shopping season. Tiff [00:01:46]: There it is. Reg's favorite time of the year. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:51]: Is it? I didn't realize it. Tiff [00:01:53]: Well, shopping is your favorite time of the year no matter when it falls. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:55]: Regardless of the Right. Regardless of the season. Tiff [00:01:58]: Shopping season is all year Reginald Ferguson [00:01:59]: round for you. That's right. It's, 4 quarters of action. Tiff [00:02:03]: Right? So This is when the amateurs come out though. Right? This is when you have to start dropping elbows to get in there and get what you want before everyone else takes it. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:14]: Well, as you know, Tiff, I like to shop Decently ahead of time. So Tiff [00:02:18]: I was gonna ask you Yes. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:20]: I'm done. It's true. Tiff [00:02:24]: You are already done. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:25]: Yeah. Absolutely. Tiff [00:02:26]: I have not Started. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:27]: Oh my really? Tiff [00:02:29]: Yeah. Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:30]: My gosh. Tiff [00:02:30]: It's not 3 days before Christmas. It's crazy for me to start. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:33]: I can't. No. Tiff [00:02:34]: No. That's when you get all the deals, Reg. I'm cheap. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:38]: I'm not I mean, I'm all about the deal. There's no question about that. I'm not seeking any deals. I acquired the gifts that I had too. Now only thing I have to do, which I literally put on my kitchen counter this morning before I left the house, it's wrapping. Tiff [00:02:51]: Do you like wrapping? Reginald Ferguson [00:02:53]: No. I don't. Tiff [00:02:53]: I love repping. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:55]: Oh, I wish you would've wrap my for me. It is. It's a art for my cousin too. Tiff [00:02:59]: I make Paper. I have anything and everything. Really? And then I've got tons of different kinds of gross grain ribbon, wire ribbon, plastic ribbon. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:07]: So with my grandma. Tiff [00:03:08]: Every. I got I owe you, and I just make the most incredible bows Reginald Ferguson [00:03:12]: Really? Tiff [00:03:13]: With flower inserts and twigs, sometimes leaves off The Ground from outside. Oh, yeah. I do it. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:20]: Man, that's a humble brag, Tiff. Tiff [00:03:21]: That's what I do. But, of course, I have nothing to wrap this year. So Reginald Ferguson [00:03:26]: Well, There's always next year. Tiff [00:03:28]: Yeah. Yeah. I'll start shopping now. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:31]: Well, there you go. I, yeah, sent out all my cards, And, Tiff [00:03:36]: That's amazing. I stopped doing Christmas cards about 10, 15 years ago. What? Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:41]: No. No way. Tiff [00:03:42]: Yeah. I did. And people were still sending me cards, and every time I get one, I'm like, I gotta send a card out. I feel Reginald Ferguson [00:03:48]: guilty. Yes. Tiff [00:03:49]: I feel guilty, but then I think, you know, these people sent it just The pass along the holiday cheer. I shouldn't feel guilty. I should just embrace the love. Right? Reginald Ferguson [00:03:57]: You should embrace the love, but then you should spread the love, Tiff. Tiff [00:04:00]: Yes, sir. Reginald Ferguson [00:04:01]: That's all I'm saying. Tiff [00:04:02]: Alright. Do I have time to do Christmas cards? Absolutely. Okay. So I'll do Christmas cards tomorrow, and then I'll stop start shopping the next day. Reginald Ferguson [00:04:09]: Out my last batch today. Tiff [00:04:11]: Good for you. Reginald Ferguson [00:04:11]: With the session of my auntie's card, I'm gonna send it tomorrow. Tiff [00:04:14]: Alright. Reginald Ferguson [00:04:15]: So, Tiff [00:04:16]: She'll get it before the people hear you. Reginald Ferguson [00:04:18]: Absolutely. No. She'll get it before Christmas. Otherwise, I will no longer be her nephew. Tiff [00:04:23]: Oh. So Wow. Well, Reginald Ferguson [00:04:25]: I mean, cool. I can't no. I mean, it's real. You know? Christmas Tiff [00:04:29]: cards are demanding. Reginald Ferguson [00:04:31]: Christmas is demanding. Tiff [00:04:33]: Yes. I would a 100% agree on that. Reginald Ferguson [00:04:35]: There's no question about it. It's not like when I was a child, but I'm I'm aware of who my audience is. Tiff [00:04:40]: So when you go, does anybody any clients contact you to help them Christmas shop for others instead of Helping them with their wardrobe, which is what you do. Reginald Ferguson [00:04:51]: Not this time not this time around. And to be candid, I've been remiss. I haven't done significant email marketing via my newsletter the way that I should, unlike last year. So Tiff [00:05:03]: Why? What happened? What's going on? I don't Reginald Ferguson [00:05:05]: know. I'm putting coal in my own stocking. Tiff [00:05:07]: Oh. Reginald Ferguson [00:05:09]: It's It's real. But I'm I'm really Tiff [00:05:11]: But guess what? Reginald Ferguson [00:05:12]: What? Tiff [00:05:13]: New Year is right around the corner. Reginald Ferguson [00:05:15]: Absolutely. And, no, I'm working on stuff. I mean, literally, Tiff, I came from My first appointment, my first one on one with a branding coach. Tiff [00:05:25]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:05:26]: So, yeah, really trying to improve the NYFG. As everybody knows, I am the creator of New York Fashion Geek, AKA NYFG. New York Fashion Geek is a fashion consultancy, so we help the everyday man improve their look. Consider me a personal trainer for fashion. Tiff [00:05:46]: There it is. Reginald Ferguson [00:05:47]: But the branding coach, you know, keeping it real beyond my little cute line. Tiff [00:05:51]: But I love it. Reginald Ferguson [00:05:52]: No. I love it too. Tiff [00:05:53]: But It's it's even better than an elevator pitch. It's like 1 floor. You're done. One floor. Reginald Ferguson [00:05:59]: Get in. Get out. There's no question. Don't belabor the point. But I I really learned a lot from her. Big shout out to, Mary Tan, and I've gotta I've gotta dig deeper. I've gotta do better. And I'm up for the challenge, whether it's the end of this quarter or the beginning of next. Reginald Ferguson [00:06:16]: And I got Tiff [00:06:18]: a lot Reginald Ferguson [00:06:18]: of I got The Tiff [00:06:19]: year 2020. Two numbers repeated. 2020. That's gotta mean something. Reginald Ferguson [00:06:24]: I see it. Tiff [00:06:25]: That's gonna be big. It's the end of a decade. Reginald Ferguson [00:06:28]: It is. Tiff [00:06:29]: 2019. End of a decade. When you say it like that, it means, like, It's me. Reginald Ferguson [00:06:34]: Has passed. Tiff [00:06:35]: Yeah. It's like, wow. End of a decade. What did I do? Reginald Ferguson [00:06:38]: We've come a long way for y two k. Tiff [00:06:40]: Right? I was just reading something about That the other day about, y two k and all the nerves about Reginald Ferguson [00:06:47]: Yeah. You Tiff [00:06:47]: know, moving from 1999 to 2000 and Reginald Ferguson [00:06:50]: That was real. Tiff [00:06:51]: And how the end of the decade brings some nerves because we're going from 2019 to 2020. And I'm like, it's just another Another circle around the sun. Reginald Ferguson [00:07:02]: I'm just happy to be here. It's extremely important. Also, I wanna give a big shout out to my my marketing coach too. I have my 2nd round with her, miss Elaine Buss. Tiff [00:07:11]: You are getting it done. Reginald Ferguson [00:07:13]: I'm trying. I gotta Tiff [00:07:14]: Branding and marketing. Two major things you need. Yeah. New York Fashion Geek, y'all. Check it out online. Go to Insta. You can find it at Reginald Ferguson [00:07:23]: New York Fashion Geek. That's my Insta. Tiff [00:07:25]: That's your Insta. And your website? You got a website? Reginald Ferguson [00:07:28]: Ny fashiongeekdot Oh. Tiff [00:07:29]: There you go. So it's the same. You just add a .com to find you on the web. Reginald Ferguson [00:07:32]: Well, it's n y versus New York. Oh. Which is spelled out versus abbreviation. Yes. Yes. Tiff [00:07:39]: Alright. Alright. Well, moving on. So, kind of like catching up from where we left off. You're done with your Christmas shopping. So what are you gonna do with the the rest of your time between now and the big day? I mean Reginald Ferguson [00:07:55]: Relax. Work on NYFG. I mean, like I said, I have to wrap, so I'm gonna do the wrapping. I finished essentially all my cards. I mean, I'm I'm fancy free. I'm chilling. You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna try to Tiff [00:08:09]: yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:08:09]: I'm just gonna try to relax and really just build build the business. Tiff [00:08:12]: Are you gonna do Big old post on your Instagram, like a year end. This is this is the year of 2019 for New York Fashion Geek. Reginald Ferguson [00:08:21]: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm gonna make my confession to y'all, particularly to Tiff, my my Insta has just been wah wah. I've just been really inconsistent. And the irony is I have a tool to prevent me from doing that, but I don't I don't know what's going on. I just don't I just don't know. But I'm gonna I'm gonna get back on the stick. There's no question about it. Tiff [00:08:44]: Well, do a earring thing. Get as many likes as you can before they start hiding those, you know. Reginald Ferguson [00:08:49]: Okay. Let's talk about that. That sounds like a wonderful segue. Tiff [00:08:54]: Because it is it's a real thing. I mean, they've tested it in in In the European countries, and it's if it hasn't already started here in the United States, it's coming very, very soon. Reginald Ferguson [00:09:05]: That's my response. That's whack. Tiff [00:09:09]: So let's be clear. They're hiding likes from like, if I'm looking at your Instagram, I can't Reginald Ferguson [00:09:14]: You can't tell how many likes. Tiff [00:09:15]: But you can still see how many likes No. Reginald Ferguson [00:09:17]: I want you to be able to see it too. Why? Well, I'm gonna explain. Tiff [00:09:21]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:09:22]: I've been hearing about this rumor. Tiff [00:09:25]: It's more than a rumor. It's a thing. And Facebook is following suit, you know. Reginald Ferguson [00:09:29]: Well, they you know, one owns the other. So I think it's wack, and I'll explain why. I'm a competitive person. And to me, Probably to my to my discredit. I I view social media, I think. I'm not saying differently than everyone else. I'm not trying to say that. But it doesn't make a big deal to me if I have 2 likes versus someone having 2,000. Reginald Ferguson [00:09:57]: When I see that, I go, what can I do to improve my marketing message, my images? Tiff [00:10:04]: Because you wanna get to 1,000. Right? Reginald Ferguson [00:10:06]: Absolutely. You Tiff [00:10:07]: wanna get up there Absolutely. Brand is out there. Reginald Ferguson [00:10:10]: Absolutely. I do. I wanna get more followers. I wanna get more likes. Tiff [00:10:13]: It's let's be clear. It's one way to know your brand is out there. Instagram is only one way. Reginald Ferguson [00:10:18]: Right. But you bring up an excellent point, Tiff, because this really has been an important metric for the influencer posse, which obviously Tiff [00:10:26]: What's gonna happen with that? Because you wanna be an influencer. Right? Reginald Ferguson [00:10:30]: Yes. I mean, technically, I'm a micro, and I'd like to just Be a bigger micro. Tiff [00:10:34]: Would that be macro? No. What's bigger than micro? Macro. Reginald Ferguson [00:10:38]: Yes. Right. Tiff [00:10:39]: You would be macro. Reginald Ferguson [00:10:41]: Yeah. But I need to Be bigger even in the micro space, candidly. So I like oh, god. That sounds Tiff [00:10:50]: Go ahead. Say what I like lights. I Reginald Ferguson [00:10:58]: I wanna see what my competition is doing. I wanna see what other people doing in the space successfully. But the interesting thing about using this as a metric, which I'm sure you're probably gonna speak in greater detail than I, is that this is gonna turn the influencer game Upside down. Tiff [00:11:18]: Well, you know, funny, I've been reading about this because certainly this is on everybody's mind who's on social media. The the influencers don't seem to be, nervous about this. They are welcoming it. Yes. Reginald Ferguson [00:11:31]: Why? Because they were using they were using as leverage to get paid. Tiff [00:11:37]: Well, they can still do that because big fashion brands who pay these influencers Still, they they see the the metrics behind the scenes through Something called social listening platforms. So they hire these companies that basically go out into the Internet universe and grab every time your brand is mentioned, Turn that into numbers and metrics and then report that back to investors or the company itself. So that's still happening out there. It's just Like, that can't be seen by the casual users such as myself. So the comp you can still see what your competition is doing Through these social listening platforms. Reginald Ferguson [00:12:21]: Yeah. But that sounds that sounds like an analytic. So Tiff [00:12:24]: Yes. It is. It's definitely that. And that's It's basically keeping that side, the business side of Instagram In a business, I can't think of the word. In a business Room, forum, or whatever. Leaving alone the social aspect that Instagram was first meant to be, and that is just Showing pictures about awesome things or odd things. Reginald Ferguson [00:12:55]: Right. With people liking Tiff [00:12:59]: But it's turned Reginald Ferguson [00:12:59]: whatever they saw. Tiff [00:13:00]: But yes. But it's turned into A certain competition that makes some users of social media feel like their life is less than. Reginald Ferguson [00:13:11]: Well, 2 things on that. First of all, I think this is the equivalent to everyone gets a medal when they play sports nowadays, which is ridiculous. Tiff [00:13:21]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:13:22]: I don't like medals for participation. You get medals for achievement. And since to your point, When when the 2 guys created Instagram god bless them. They bailed out with amazing money. Did they? Tiff [00:13:38]: Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:13:39]: So, Tiff [00:13:41]: Let's make something fabulous and sell, sell, sell. Reginald Ferguson [00:13:44]: So, you know, certainly, It everything is supposed to change and transform. So it went from literally photo editing, photo sharing to to a business Yeah. Tiff [00:13:58]: Undeniably. To a alter alter alternate reality. You know? Reginald Ferguson [00:14:04]: Yes. But you you but and that that's leads to the second thing. I mean, I I've heard this, and you even shared this with me. You shared a quote Really, from the thing I sent you the article I sent you, it probably ties into this new credo about living your best life. And people certain people, because I'm not one of those individuals, they look at those images and they feel less than, which to me is ridiculous. And I guess just because of how I'm wired, how I grew up. Like I said, I may get 2 likes on something. Tiff [00:14:38]: You're also older and from a different generation. We're talking about the young folks who've come up With Instagram and these social media, and it's all of it's all their life is about. Reginald Ferguson [00:14:49]: I understand that. They appear. But I don't think it's unique to to teenagers, to millennials. I don't think it is. I think they're grown ass folk Yeah. That feel that say that feel that same way. Tiff [00:15:02]: There are those out there. Reginald Ferguson [00:15:04]: Oh. May we have 1 in our midst? Tiff [00:15:09]: Let's just say I'm taking a break from social media. I haven't you haven't seen me there for a long while. I just, I mean, I also am still on the fence about this whole influencer thing. I know you wanna be 1. I'm sorry. I listen. I'm totally supportive of you. I am here. Tiff [00:15:29]: And, and I also know you won't abuse The, the media and the power of the media. That you want to influence things In a better way. Reginald Ferguson [00:15:41]: Yeah. In a positive way. Tiff [00:15:42]: I mean Positive and you Reginald Ferguson [00:15:44]: I just wanna create awareness Tiff [00:15:45]: And what you present is real. Reginald Ferguson [00:15:47]: To help individuals, to help customers, to help men. You know, to help men initially and then but also optimally, you know, they have them as clients. Tiff [00:15:55]: You use it as an advertisement. You use the platform as a as a form of Advertisement for your business. Reginald Ferguson [00:16:00]: Certainly. But, also, I want it to be a marketing platform for my business. Tiff [00:16:06]: I mean, you hook up you hook up different, other users. You bring together you know, when we mention, you bring them all together in your post so that they can each See, oh, we're being mentioned in the same breath as so and so. Maybe we you know, wouldn't it be nice if you could you know, you were the originator of collaborations Of some sort? Reginald Ferguson [00:16:26]: I certainly am not, but I I definitely believe that this is a community, and I've always viewed it as such. So I know there've been some people when I make comments that I deem to be innocuous or certainly because I like to joke around maybe tongue in cheek. Tiff [00:16:40]: Like to stir the pot a little bit maybe? Reginald Ferguson [00:16:42]: It's not about stirring the pot at all times. It's not that It's not that I don't do that, but it's also just being irreverent. Tiff [00:16:51]: And That you are in a very, very, very humorous way. Reginald Ferguson [00:16:53]: I tried, but sometimes there's a reverence is viewed every once in a while as trolling. I'm just here to tell you by I don't do that. Tiff [00:17:00]: You don't troll. Reginald Ferguson [00:17:01]: No. Tiff [00:17:01]: You speak the truth. Reginald Ferguson [00:17:02]: I'm a grown ass Tiff [00:17:05]: So we'll have to just wait and see how this likes thing plays out. Reginald Ferguson [00:17:09]: Bah. Tiff [00:17:10]: I think you'll be just fine. Reginald Ferguson [00:17:12]: I don't. I don't. Tiff [00:17:14]: You know, you can always comment. I'm up to 1,000 users. You can always put that in your comments. A workaround right there. Reginald Ferguson [00:17:21]: Yeah. That's a good that's a excellent point. It'll be curious to see how what people do and how they do it. Tiff [00:17:27]: But So everybody get out there and like like like like like. Reginald Ferguson [00:17:30]: I want numbers. Tiff [00:17:31]: We need numbers. Reg needs big numbers. Reginald Ferguson [00:17:33]: Even though even if it's small, I just wanna be able to see numbers. Tiff [00:17:37]: Give him numbers, John. Reginald Ferguson [00:17:38]: How many likes? Tiff [00:17:39]: Alright. Moving on. We could go on and on about this. I'm sure. Reginald Ferguson [00:17:44]: Yeah. So It continue it continues as a topic. Tiff [00:17:47]: Oh, absolutely. We'll be talking about this again. Sure. Like, 6 months down the way, I'm gonna say Reginald Ferguson [00:17:52]: Oh, less than that. Tiff [00:17:53]: How your how your users going? How your lights going? Anyway, let's move on to our next segment, which is always a fun segment. I this is, I have to say, one of my favorites. Oh. Because you just go off, and I just sit here and listen. Reginald Ferguson [00:18:11]: I like to go off. Tiff [00:18:12]: So our next segment It's Fashion Fools. Reginald Ferguson [00:18:16]: Yes. Fashion Fools. Fashion Fools. All caps instead of fedoras with their suits or sport jackets. Tiff [00:18:36]: What? Reginald Ferguson [00:18:37]: Yeah. Tiff [00:18:38]: Everybody does that. I mean, literally everybody. Reginald Ferguson [00:18:43]: Yuck. Tiff [00:18:44]: I mean, celebrities, stars. I don't care. The man, the president. Reginald Ferguson [00:18:51]: Tiff? Tiff [00:18:51]: Yep. Reginald Ferguson [00:18:52]: I don't rock hats or caps too much anymore. Tiff [00:18:55]: Oh, anymore? Reginald Ferguson [00:18:55]: I no. I used to. I used to. I used to rock them hard. Ski caps, AKA wool caps, baseball caps, newsboys, cowboy hat, Tiff [00:19:07]: Fedora Wait. Wait. Did you say cowboy hat? Reginald Ferguson [00:19:10]: I have a Stetson 10 gallon in my house. Yeah. Tiff [00:19:14]: And you rock that on the streets of New York? Reginald Ferguson [00:19:17]: I rocked it on the streets of Laredo. Tiff [00:19:21]: I have to see that. That's a good song. Post that on Instagram. Reginald Ferguson [00:19:24]: Yeah. It it could be a TBT. I bought it in Montana when I was out there. Tiff [00:19:30]: Big sky. Reginald Ferguson [00:19:31]: Yeah. Big Literally. So it is Beautiful. Tiff [00:19:35]: I have to see you in that. I really I'm trying to picture it. Reginald Ferguson [00:19:37]: I think Tiff [00:19:38]: you would look good. Reginald Ferguson [00:19:39]: Oh, I look good in it. Tiff [00:19:40]: Yeah. You got a horse. With that hat? Reginald Ferguson [00:19:43]: No. Oh. No. Tiff [00:19:44]: You gotta do that next. Reginald Ferguson [00:19:45]: I don't know. No. What I need to do next is I need to get a belt buckle Tiff [00:19:50]: Oh my god. No. Reginald Ferguson [00:19:51]: To go. Yeah. Oh my god. No. Absolute and boots. Tiff [00:19:55]: So the next time I'm in Nashville, I'll grab you a nice little sweet And Bell Buck. Oh, yeah. You want rhinestones on it? Reginald Ferguson [00:20:03]: I don't know. Well, just show me photos on FaceTime me. But I was told they're like, man, that hat is nice, but where where's the book? I will. Tiff [00:20:11]: Oh. Oh. You didn't know that they Yeah. They go Oh, in tandem. Uh-huh. Reginald Ferguson [00:20:16]: I didn't realize it was a whole kit. Tiff [00:20:17]: Yeah. And you too. Reginald Ferguson [00:20:19]: Yeah. Yeah. Tiff [00:20:19]: Your top, your middle, and your bottom. Reginald Ferguson [00:20:21]: Oh, there you go. So you spell my Tiff [00:20:23]: line in there. Reginald Ferguson [00:20:24]: Oh, you must be from the southern region. I'm a northern hayseed. Tiff [00:20:30]: Don't don't worry. I'll I'll get you all kitted up. Reginald Ferguson [00:20:32]: Oh, my hat is my hat is drip. Tiff [00:20:37]: Alright. Can you wear that with a suit? Reginald Ferguson [00:20:39]: Heck, yeah. Alright. If you're if you're out there in the big sky country or you're down in Texas Tiff [00:20:46]: Just not not just a fedora, a A cowboy hat of work. Reginald Ferguson [00:20:49]: I'm just saying these these are things that I have in my closet, and I have rocked. Tiff [00:20:53]: Keep going. I I interrupted you. Reginald Ferguson [00:20:55]: No. No. No. No. No worries. My grandpa speaking of a fedora. My grandpa wore a fedora. Tiff [00:21:00]: Yeah. A lot of men in that day. Reginald Ferguson [00:21:01]: Absolutely. Another brim hats. And because I wanna be like my grandpa, I started rocking a fedora when I was in junior high school Tiff [00:21:10]: No way. Reginald Ferguson [00:21:10]: In high school. Absolutely. Tiff [00:21:11]: How cute. Reginald Ferguson [00:21:12]: I have photos of it. Shoot. I used to rock a fedora with a with a ski jacket. Tiff [00:21:17]: Oh, can you do that? Reginald Ferguson [00:21:19]: I did it. Okay. Tiff [00:21:20]: But you were in the 7th grade. So Reginald Ferguson [00:21:22]: This no. I started rocking the fedora, yeah, like, from 8th grade to high school. Tiff [00:21:27]: Alright. That's the beginning of your fashion sense. Reginald Ferguson [00:21:31]: Yeah. Yeah. I was I Tiff [00:21:33]: Doing it doing it reg style. Reginald Ferguson [00:21:34]: Right. Absolutely. It was Coincidentally, the fedora, Stetson, bought it with my allowance money. I still have it Fresh. Tiff [00:21:44]: Cute. Reginald Ferguson [00:21:45]: Thank you. So, yeah, I used to rock it in the fall and winter during high school. As I get older, I wore it less often, and then I just stopped wearing it altogether. Tiff [00:21:54]: I bet you wanted it today now, didn't you? And that's Reginald Ferguson [00:21:56]: No. You know, I don't really rock Any headwear. I just don't. It's vanity. Tiff [00:22:04]: You don't wanna mess up your hair. Yes. Because because you do you end up with a little rim around the head. Reginald Ferguson [00:22:10]: Right? Brothers know. Tiff [00:22:13]: Hat head Gets pressed That Reginald Ferguson [00:22:15]: Hat hit. Hat hit. If you have a fro if you have a fro, hat hit is a problem. Tiff [00:22:21]: Oh, wait. We're it it's the same with mine. I don't have a fro, but I get that. It's Press down to my head all all the way around. Reginald Ferguson [00:22:27]: It's yucky. Tiff [00:22:28]: Nice sweaty ring around my head. Reginald Ferguson [00:22:30]: It's not a good look. Tiff [00:22:31]: No. Reginald Ferguson [00:22:32]: So I still I still have that fedora in the hatbox in the crib. Here's my point. Tiff [00:22:36]: Never give it up. No. Reginald Ferguson [00:22:37]: I'm not giving up any of that stuff. Tiff [00:22:40]: I'm sorry. Reginald Ferguson [00:22:40]: No. Tiff [00:22:40]: No. It's okay. Your point. Reginald Ferguson [00:22:42]: Grown ass men out there who know better or don't know better, stop wearing a freaking baseball cap with your suit, top coat, or trench Oh, you look ridiculous. As always, some beat up snapback that you just sat on. You look like Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios. Oh. Yeah. I'm sorry. Yeah. Because he wears a base a baseball cap with every suit. Tiff [00:23:07]: Calling out names. Reginald Ferguson [00:23:08]: I didn't no. No. And I'm not trying to play him. I'm just saying, I know he has some hair issues, and I would never tease about that. I don't tease about that with men at all. That's a no no. But my point is you look ridiculous. Unless you participate in the NBA or NFL draft, There was no reason whatsoever for you to rock that combination. Reginald Ferguson [00:23:29]: There are all types of brands to choose from. Stingy, Trilby, pork pie. Doesn't have to be a fedora. You can do a cap, a newsboy, a driving cap. Tiff [00:23:42]: So a newsboy is different. It's not a baseball cap. It's a Reginald Ferguson [00:23:46]: No. It's a Tiff [00:23:47]: I used to wear that all Reginald Ferguson [00:23:48]: the time. Hat. Tiff [00:23:50]: In my previous life as a dog walker, that's the hat I wore. Reginald Ferguson [00:23:53]: There you go. I saw 2 I saw 2 guys today driving caps, Wool plaid. They were dope. And then they were casual, like boots and jeans and No suit? Tiff [00:24:06]: No. No. No. Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:24:09]: You know what I saw on the train last week? Tiff [00:24:12]: No. What? Reginald Ferguson [00:24:12]: A young guy with a fedora Oh. And 2 older gentlemen with baseball caps. Tiff [00:24:20]: You I I rest my case. To you, Regine. Reginald Ferguson [00:24:22]: I rest my case. Tiff [00:24:23]: Listening to you. Reginald Ferguson [00:24:24]: Do better, gents. Tiff [00:24:26]: Okay. I have a rebuttal. What? Yes. Reginald Ferguson [00:24:30]: There is no rebuttal unless you get paid by Marvel Studios. Tiff [00:24:33]: Well, listen. I had to do a little research on this because so many I mean, you you look at media today. You read the newspaper. You any pictures. There's always guys in suits wearing baseball hats. Reginald Ferguson [00:24:45]: Blah. Tiff [00:24:45]: It's a thing. It's a thing. Reginald Ferguson [00:24:46]: It's a terrible thing. Tiff [00:24:48]: Here, I brought some pictures for you, some nice hats to look at That could go well with Suits, as per GQ, just so you know. So I did. I looked at GQ and mistermagdot Come, and they they they each had their their recommendations of wearing hats with suits saying that it was okay. I mean, GQ went so far as to say, yes. A cap can look cool with a suit in the right moment Now. When being dressed up isn't expected. Now. And then at, you know, my favorite place to go Oh, yes. Tiff [00:25:22]: For the fashion word of the day. I love what they said. Reginald Ferguson [00:25:26]: What they say? Tiff [00:25:27]: They say this look is as contemporary as they come and the perfect way to wear a cap without looking like an angsty teenager. Simply pair a pair a plain premium looking cap, kinda like what I I gave you, like Gucci, New York Yankees tweed baseball Ball cap? No. That's gonna look nice with the suit. Reginald Ferguson [00:25:44]: If you chance the rapper. Tiff [00:25:46]: As one as one of them. And it said, Pair that, the cap and the, with an unstructured blazer worn over a T shirt And pair it with a pair of crisp sneakers. Reginald Ferguson [00:26:00]: Hold on. Hold on. Time out. Tiff [00:26:01]: Yeah. Very nineties as they say. Reginald Ferguson [00:26:03]: That's a little that's a little okey doke because you just created some casual look, and you had the baseball cap on top. Tiff [00:26:11]: Listen. You're saying suits and jacket. You said suits and Jackie. Reginald Ferguson [00:26:15]: But when you do that when you do that jacket combo right there, that's cash. Tiff [00:26:18]: That's Reginald Ferguson [00:26:18]: I'm talking about what if you have a sport jacket on, Shirt and tie, slacks, loafers. Tiff [00:26:26]: Well, that's when GQ says when being dressed up isn't expected otherwise for a guy who suits up Out of office decorum necessity. Avoid the look of the baseball cap with the suit. Reginald Ferguson [00:26:37]: That's what I'm saying. So. Eliminate the cap. It just looks ridiculous. Tiff [00:26:42]: I I Reginald Ferguson [00:26:42]: have my baseball caps got baseball caps. Have Snapbacks, I have Fitteds. Tiff [00:26:48]: You Reginald Ferguson [00:26:49]: I don't wear them anymore. I probably have a good 10 to 15, maybe even 20. Because back in the day, I rocked them. Now particularly having a fro for the fitteds. The fitteds, they may not fit anymore. The snapbacks, obviously, you adjust. I would never, on the memory of my late grandfather, my fashion hero, This is no damn way I'm doing that, and it looks stupid. Tiff [00:27:17]: K. Alright. Alright. For those of you out there Who would like to reserve the right to wear a cap with your suit? Reginald Ferguson [00:27:25]: Because as you see, a cap's at a sporting event. Tiff [00:27:27]: I I suggest that you go to 12 see baseball caps you can wear with this suit. Reginald Ferguson [00:27:32]: I suggest you don't. Tiff [00:27:33]: On Reginald Ferguson [00:27:35]: I love Jeek, but there's a swing and a miss. Tiff [00:27:37]: And Check out Reginald Ferguson [00:27:38]: Baseball, imagery. Tiff [00:27:40]: One of my favorites, Stussy small check strap Reginald Ferguson [00:27:43]: bag. Stussy. Stussy. Look at that. Tiff [00:27:47]: It's very nice. It looks like Reginald Ferguson [00:27:49]: pussy cap. Tiff [00:27:50]: It looks like suiting fabric if you look at it. So it looks nice with the check Sued. Oh. My other favorite I have to call and and Reg is gonna agree with me here. The Burberry vintage check wool cap. That's nice. You gotta admit. Reginald Ferguson [00:28:06]: It is. Just not with a suit. Tiff [00:28:11]: I acquiesce. Reginald Ferguson [00:28:13]: As well you should. Tiff [00:28:15]: Well, you are the fashion geek. You are the fashion geek. So, we will take all of that on under advisement and, and move on because, clearly, you will not be swayed. No. Except when it comes to, your cowboy hat. Reginald Ferguson [00:28:32]: The cowboy hat is dope. Yes. Tiff [00:28:35]: It is flawless. Wait to see it. Anyway, alright, fashion fools. Put those caps away. Reginald Ferguson [00:28:41]: Yeah. Please. Tiff [00:28:41]: Dress your suits up with nice brimmed hat. Reginald Ferguson [00:28:43]: Step up. Tiff [00:28:44]: Especially in the winter months to come. Reginald Ferguson [00:28:46]: Step up. Tiff [00:28:47]: Nice. Reginald Ferguson [00:28:47]: Snapback. Tiff [00:28:48]: Alright. Moving on. Reginald Ferguson [00:28:50]: Yep. Tiff [00:28:50]: You know what's next? Reginald Ferguson [00:28:51]: Yep. Tiff [00:28:52]: Your favorite. Reginald Ferguson [00:28:53]: I must have it. Tiff [00:29:07]: Here we talk about Reg's choice of an I must have it item. So before we start, do you have this item, or you must still must have? Reginald Ferguson [00:29:17]: Going to talk about what I must have. Tiff [00:29:20]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:29:21]: Are you ready? Tiff [00:29:22]: I am. Reginald Ferguson [00:29:23]: It's the OG Nike Cortez red stripe white body. Tiff [00:29:29]: Nice. Reginald Ferguson [00:29:30]: Yeah. Tiff [00:29:32]: I saw it, and I was like, wow. I remember seeing that. Reginald Ferguson [00:29:35]: Ah, you remember it? Tiff [00:29:36]: Years years years ago. Reginald Ferguson [00:29:40]: Back in the day, Tiff. Tiff [00:29:42]: 1972. Reginald Ferguson [00:29:44]: No. That's not when I rocked it. Yeah. That was, Tiff [00:29:49]: That was a little bit before your time? Reginald Ferguson [00:29:51]: Yeah. Yeah. Tiff [00:29:51]: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You're a little young you're you're a little younger than that. Reginald Ferguson [00:29:54]: Well, the point is back in the day in the golden age of rap in hip hop, I wore sneakers. Yep. I was, was I a sneakerhead? No. I got I got I got Cap 2, Oxfords on it. Tiff [00:30:10]: Yeah. You really wear some nice shoes. Reginald Ferguson [00:30:12]: Thank you. Tiff [00:30:12]: So you used to wear some sneakers. Reginald Ferguson [00:30:14]: Yes. Tiff [00:30:15]: We've talked about this. You used to have a couple of pairs. Reginald Ferguson [00:30:17]: I have more than a couple of pairs. Was I a sneakerhead? Not officially. Tiff [00:30:21]: What Constitutes. How many pairs constitute a sneakerhead? Reginald Ferguson [00:30:24]: I don't know. I'm gonna put a number out, and then I'm gonna see if our producer search is gonna agree or disagree. Tiff [00:30:29]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:30:29]: I think to be a sneakerhead, I think the the minimum 20 pair. Tiff [00:30:36]: Is it arbitrary? Alright. Reginald Ferguson [00:30:40]: I'm just saying if you if you want that moniker, I don't think you have 5 pairs. Tiff [00:30:45]: Oh, no. Reginald Ferguson [00:30:46]: That's my point. Tiff [00:30:47]: I have 1 pair of sneakers. Reginald Ferguson [00:30:48]: I have 13 pairs. Tiff [00:30:51]: What? You don't even wear them. Reginald Ferguson [00:30:53]: I don't know how it happened. They snuck up on me. Do you display them? No. I don't see I Tiff [00:30:58]: don't see in a magazine. Reginald Ferguson [00:30:59]: The cases and everything. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, no. Tiff [00:31:02]: Know where the Reginald Ferguson [00:31:03]: Right. But that's a museum. Tiff [00:31:04]: I look at them. Reginald Ferguson [00:31:05]: That's a museum. I know my closets are a museum According to someone cackling over there. Tiff [00:31:12]: Your closets are an apartment. Reginald Ferguson [00:31:14]: Oh, wow. Well, they are in an apartment. Tiff [00:31:17]: I say that out of envy. Reginald Ferguson [00:31:18]: Yes. Oh, Tiff [00:31:20]: yeah. I'm not disparaging. I just wish I had that space. Reginald Ferguson [00:31:23]: I'm flattered. I I was certainly A sneaker enthusiast. I could know growing up, I can only wear sneakers at the gym or after school if I was on a team Yeah. Tiff [00:31:35]: That's when you wore them. Reginald Ferguson [00:31:36]: On a Saturday a or maybe Sunday after church. I did not wear them during school time. Tiff [00:31:41]: Oh, really? Reginald Ferguson [00:31:42]: Shoes. No. I I wore shoes. Tiff [00:31:44]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:31:44]: So summer was a different matter. I had a summer job. I was stacking chips Tiff [00:31:50]: Nice. Reginald Ferguson [00:31:51]: To buy what I wanted. When I was in junior high school, I had a best friend who I've lost in contact with. I really wish someone knows his name and can reconnect us. I would I would be overjoyed. I had a best friend in junior high school named Julian. Tiff [00:32:07]: What's the last name? Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:32:10]: He was the coolest Tiff [00:32:11]: Julian, if you're out there, reach out. Reginald Ferguson [00:32:12]: Yep. Castle Hill. He was the coolest dude. I was not. I remember when we had a school party, he brought rap 12 inches. I brought a earth, wind, and fire album. Tiff [00:32:28]: Oh, that's so good, though. Reginald Ferguson [00:32:29]: No. It was, but still you see Tiff [00:32:31]: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Did you show up in a suit? That might have been the that might have been the problem. Reginald Ferguson [00:32:37]: I wasn't allowed to wear I we in my family, young men don't wear suits really until you're entering college. Tiff [00:32:44]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:32:45]: So pragmatically, you wear a sport jacket and pants because you're growing. Tiff [00:32:48]: Alright. Reginald Ferguson [00:32:49]: So yeah. So young men in the family, no. I think my 1st suit was in high school. Tiff [00:32:53]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:32:54]: So they let me slide a little bit. So he wore sneakers every day. I wore shoes. He wore Nikes. The ones I remember distinctly with a nylon and suede, maybe with the white stripe, Cortez. He was a breaker. I was just learning to dance. He was a b boy. Reginald Ferguson [00:33:20]: I was a preppy. He lived in Castle Hill as I aforementioned. Castle Hill projects to be precise, a few blocks away from Jenny on the Block. Oh. Yeah. For real. She lived in a house. Tiff [00:33:32]: Oh, nice. Reginald Ferguson [00:33:33]: He is the person who made me start wearing Nikes. Tiff [00:33:36]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:33:37]: He told me I should get the Nikes that he had, so I went out to get them. Can't remember exactly where I went. I think I was taking the Modell's. Tiff [00:33:47]: That makes sense. That's a shoe store thing. Reginald Ferguson [00:33:51]: In my family. Yeah. They're like, oh, you're getting the deal. But taking Modell's. Tiff [00:33:55]: Modell's. Reginald Ferguson [00:33:56]: Not all the hip ass sneaker stores in the neighborhood next to my grandparents on Southern Boulevard and on Westchester Avenue off of Simpson Street. And if we talk about referencing the documentary Fresh Dress, which I'm sure our producer search has seen. Tiff [00:34:14]: And you gave it to me. I watched I started to watch a little bit, and I got interrupted. Reginald Ferguson [00:34:17]: Kid and play talk about the famous Jew man. I didn't get to go to any of those places at that time. Tiff [00:34:24]: Modell's was the 1st place I shopped for. Reginald Ferguson [00:34:26]: Modell's. Modell's. Modell's where I went. Tiff [00:34:30]: K. Reginald Ferguson [00:34:30]: I bought the navy with the gray stripe. Tiff [00:34:33]: Oh, you went you went rogue. Reginald Ferguson [00:34:35]: It was no. I I thought I was doing the right thing. I bought the runner shoe. Those are actually, Nike, Oceana's. I thought I was doing something until, until I debut them at the school party. Julian went, no. I didn't have his. I didn't have the Cortez. Reginald Ferguson [00:34:59]: I remember saying to him, but they're similar. It didn't matter. I had failed. Mhmm. Oceana's. Nike Oceanas. Tiff [00:35:08]: But I bet they're a nice shoe, though, weren't they? Reginald Ferguson [00:35:10]: It it was it was like bringing it was like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Tiff [00:35:13]: Oh. Reginald Ferguson [00:35:13]: The look of disdain on his face. It was, you know, a friend to a friend, a mentor to someone being mentored. I, I failed. Tiff [00:35:22]: You disappointed him. Reginald Ferguson [00:35:23]: I disappointed myself. It was a combo. Tiff [00:35:27]: Well, they're back. Now you can Wow. Reginald Ferguson [00:35:28]: Wow. Holy. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Well, you well, actually, it's like you're, it's like you're a mind reader. Because, Tiff, one of the things in life that life is about, I didn't mean to be so redundant, is redemption. I swore that I would make things right, and I did. I didn't go to, to Modell's or my grandparents for this one. Reginald Ferguson [00:35:50]: This is when I was getting my allowance or I had a job or whatever, stacking chips. I went to the cool sneaker store with my own money, and I bought a sneaker that would change my life. The leather the white leather body with the red stripe, Nike Cortez. Tiff [00:36:07]: Alright. So you Reginald Ferguson [00:36:08]: can get it. Blue. Yes. First of all, they were the whitest sneakers I had ever seen. Pearly White. Tiff [00:36:15]: Until you walk the streets of New York. Reginald Ferguson [00:36:17]: Nope. Nope. There's there's ways to, work that out. Tiff [00:36:20]: You gotta tell me about it. Reginald Ferguson [00:36:22]: And the red stripe? Pow. They were red, white, and blue, so they were patriotic. USA, USA. To your point, Tiff, in order to make sure they remain pristine, some accessories and products were required. Toothbrush, some comet Oh. Sponge, and white kiwi liquid polish. Tiff [00:36:49]: Oh, is that the secret? Reginald Ferguson [00:36:51]: Do you live in New York? Yes. Tiff [00:36:54]: Oh, okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:36:55]: These sneakers were to have no marks. No marks. None. They were to be perfect forever because I spent my own money on them. Tiff [00:37:06]: Right? Gotta make them last. Reginald Ferguson [00:37:07]: When I showed them to Julian, he was surprised and coolly gave his nodding consent. Tiff [00:37:13]: You had done well. Reginald Ferguson [00:37:15]: I was in the game. The cool game. My best friend, Daryl Walker, thought they were cool as well, so I was in. That's my lifelong, best best friend who I've lost contact with. I rocked them for at least a year. You couldn't tell me nothing. I was in love. I don't really think about the sneakers I've worn in my past. Reginald Ferguson [00:37:37]: I had a lot of fly kicks, but today, like, back then, I mostly wear shoes. Tiff [00:37:42]: Right. Reginald Ferguson [00:37:44]: Around a month or so ago, I had a flashback. I was in Park Slope handling some business. That means you food co op. Tiff [00:37:53]: Oh. Reginald Ferguson [00:37:54]: When my friend Rob, big shout out to Robin Brown and the Brown family, she rolled up and a pair of white leather Nike Cortez with the rest of it. What? I physically reacted. Tiff [00:38:06]: Kismet. Reginald Ferguson [00:38:07]: I jumped. My eyes grew so wide. They were so fly. I went back in time. My grandparents were still alive. Me and my best friend, Daryl, were as thick as thieves. I realized that sneaker is the only one I would rock again. Tiff [00:38:27]: Really? Reginald Ferguson [00:38:28]: Well, I mean, think about it, Tiff. You know the 9 dudes are back. Yeah. So I see a lot of the kicks I grew Tiff [00:38:33]: up with Thus the hat with the suits, just so you know. Reginald Ferguson [00:38:36]: If you're if you're if you're in the league getting drafted. So I see a lot of the kicks I grew up with and some of the gear, and I'm happy for the subsequent generation rocking them. And though I'm somewhat no styles, nostalgic, I think I I'm deaf I'm I'm decently forward thinking. Tiff [00:38:53]: Well, yeah. But like you said, old is new again. Reginald Ferguson [00:38:56]: Yes. Words from my late mom. That sneaker, though Tiff [00:39:00]: Classic. Reginald Ferguson [00:39:00]: It does something to me. Tiff [00:39:02]: Yeah? Yeah. Does it do something to everyone, or is this Reginald Ferguson [00:39:05]: I'm saying for me. We're talking about Hey. It's not what happened. Tiff [00:39:08]: The nostalgia factor. Reginald Ferguson [00:39:09]: It's crazy. I see AF ones. Yeah. I see Jordans. Nothing. That Cortez, man, it hit me. Tiff [00:39:16]: Well, because that's when you were the man. When you got those shoes, you became the man. Reginald Ferguson [00:39:22]: I was cool as beep. Tiff [00:39:24]: Yeah. I think you can cuss on this show. Reginald Ferguson [00:39:26]: Well, you can. I was in Philly a few weeks ago, and I went to hang out friend of mine, Frank Genzano. Big shout out to to Frank. Tiff [00:39:34]: Hi, Frank. Reginald Ferguson [00:39:35]: We hadn't seen each other in 10 years, which I hadn't realized. I was staying in Center City, and he works at Old City, so I walked to him. We were meeting for lunch. 35 minute walk down Market Street. As I was walking, Tiff, you know what I saw? A Century 21 store Oh. From New York. In In Philly. Wow. Reginald Ferguson [00:39:56]: I didn't even know they made it to Philly. Tiff [00:39:58]: I didn't either. Reginald Ferguson [00:39:59]: I mean and they were in a old retail store, Straw Bridges. Tiff [00:40:02]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:40:02]: I needed some socks, so I figured I'd return after hanging out with my buddy. And I mentioned it to him as I was going to Century, and he said, oh, after you get Get your socks. Go behind the store. That's the fashion district. Tiff [00:40:14]: Oh. Reginald Ferguson [00:40:15]: So I did. And? And that's where I saw it. Tiff [00:40:19]: Drum roll, please. Reginald Ferguson [00:40:21]: The Nike store. I went in just to browse. Wanted to see what the kids are rocking. Looked at some gear, lot of nineties flashbacks items. Looked at sneakers, some cool, Some not me, and then I saw them. The Nikes. My Nikes On sale. What? Nope. Reginald Ferguson [00:40:49]: Tried a few pairs on. Just browsing. Yeah. I don't think so. Appear that fit What? And coolly sauntered to the counter. Between the sale and 10% off, I had through my Nike app, I made out like a bandit. I don't where you are, Julian, but I got the right sneakers again. Tiff [00:41:09]: Nice. Reginald Ferguson [00:41:10]: I'm cool. Tiff [00:41:11]: Yeah. You are. Reginald Ferguson [00:41:11]: I'm cool again. Tiff [00:41:12]: And you can rock them wearing that shirt you're wearing right now. Reginald Ferguson [00:41:15]: Oh, yeah. Tiff [00:41:16]: If you're gonna do sneakers with suits. Reginald Ferguson [00:41:17]: Red and white gingham. No. Sneakers with this shirt. That's what you said. Tiff [00:41:20]: Yeah. Well, I like sneakers and suits sometimes. So Reginald Ferguson [00:41:24]: Yeah. No. No. That could work. Tiff [00:41:26]: That can work. Right? Reginald Ferguson [00:41:26]: No. That could work. I'm sorry. I'm still focused on the hats. Yeah. Tiff [00:41:29]: Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:41:29]: I thought you were saying hats. Tiff [00:41:30]: No. I've changed things up, but we're talking about the sneakers. Reginald Ferguson [00:41:33]: Yes. Tiff [00:41:33]: The Nike Cortez basic, Which is inspired by the 1972 original. That's where I got that date from. Reginald Ferguson [00:41:41]: I did not know that. Tiff [00:41:42]: Because I did a little, you know I know. Research. You Reginald Ferguson [00:41:44]: did your thing. Tiff [00:41:44]: Because I I You know, you you tell me you wanna talk about these things, so I'm like, oh, well, I'm not familiar with this. Let me go check it out. And, one thing I wanna mention, we've talked about Nike before. Reginald Ferguson [00:41:57]: Yes. Tiff [00:41:57]: We saw many great things about the company. Reginald Ferguson [00:42:00]: Yes. Tiff [00:42:01]: And one thing I found First of all, I wanna tell everybody go to to the website, to Nike's website. Reginald Ferguson [00:42:07]: Okay. It Tiff [00:42:08]: it's not just about shoes. It's It's about their philosophy, their ethics. There's all kinds of cute little not cute, but, Different places that you can go on the website and just learn so much about this company and and what its mission is. Reginald Ferguson [00:42:25]: Be what's in Oregon. Tiff [00:42:26]: What its Philosophy is. And one thing that really you know, the one line that got me was our purpose is to unite the world through sport, To create a healthy planet, active communities, and an equal playing field for all. And I love that. And the other thing that really got me is how we make our products is as important as what we make. They're quality. They're about quality. And it struck me, this this sounds exactly like what we were talking about Timex, couple episodes ago, the watch, the collaboration. And one thing I read on the Timex, website was the same thing. Tiff [00:43:05]: You know? What How we make our products, you know, what we make it from, how we make them are just as important as what we make. Meaning quality is important. Reginald Ferguson [00:43:17]: Well, Nike's come a long way. I mean, let's keep it real because they had some issues. Tiff [00:43:22]: Way back in the day. Exactly. Sweatshops. Yeah. And even Every brand. Reginald Ferguson [00:43:26]: Constantly keeping it real. They've had some issues in light of sexual harassment in Me Too? Tiff [00:43:32]: I I yeah. And I can once again say every brand. There's been issues with every brand. Reginald Ferguson [00:43:38]: Sure. Tiff [00:43:39]: I mean, big brands, I think they're in a time of learning lessons And growing up, shall we say. And I like what Nike is doing, all across the board. And bringing back Old classics? Making them new again? I I think we're gonna go back to a, you know, a good gentler Day and time. Or we're gonna repeat all of our mistakes all over again. That sounds Reginald Ferguson [00:44:09]: a little too romantic. That sounds like something else. I think we should move on. That that you got me a little scared there, you know, in light of politics. Yeah. So, yeah. Yeah. Tiff [00:44:21]: Yeah. Alright. Reginald Ferguson [00:44:22]: Get you some Cortez, y'all. Tiff [00:44:24]: I'm gonna go get me a pair now. Oh, yeah. I love my I have a pair of Nike sneakers. The only pair of sneakers I have are Nikes, but, I'm I'm good. But I wanna see those on you. Reginald Ferguson [00:44:36]: I wear Nike, but wait a minute. Tiff [00:44:38]: I wanna I wanna see your your cowboy hat, and I wanna see your Cortezes. Reginald Ferguson [00:44:42]: So Not together. Tiff [00:44:44]: Oh, well, you know, it's up to each his Reginald Ferguson [00:44:46]: own. Yeah. Tiff [00:44:47]: Fashion word of the day, Reg. Reginald Ferguson [00:44:50]: Yes. Fashion Word of the Day of the Day. Tiff [00:45:02]: I think I'm gonna do better this time. Reginald Ferguson [00:45:04]: I hope so. Tiff [00:45:05]: Hoping I haven't picked a word that, I've already picked. Alright. So fashion word of the day for those new listeners That don't know. We each bring a word, a fashion word to challenge each other with. We we ask each other to spell it and define it And to use it in a sentence. Reginald Ferguson [00:45:22]: Yes, ma'am. Tiff [00:45:23]: Just because he's so competitive. He's gotta try to beat me. As I said before, I go Looking on for all the I Reginald Ferguson [00:45:31]: don't know why you reveal your source. It's ridiculous. Tiff [00:45:33]: Because I want everyone else to check it out. Reginald Ferguson [00:45:35]: Alright. Fine. Tiff [00:45:36]: I can't take Take all all credit. Reginald Ferguson [00:45:39]: Alright. What do you have? Tiff [00:45:40]: Do you wanna go first? Reginald Ferguson [00:45:41]: No. Ladies first. Tiff [00:45:43]: Alright. Nested Suit. It's a compound word. Reginald Ferguson [00:45:48]: Nested suit. Tiff [00:45:49]: Nested suit. Reginald Ferguson [00:45:50]: N e s t e d s u I t. Correct. Tiff [00:45:54]: You spell it correctly. Reginald Ferguson [00:45:55]: I have no idea the definition, so buzz me. Well, Search will do that as well. Tiff [00:46:01]: But Well, I kinda I wasn't certain if you would know this or not. Reginald Ferguson [00:46:04]: No. I don't. Tiff [00:46:05]: But you you know it. You just don't know it's called this. Reginald Ferguson [00:46:09]: Alright. Tiff [00:46:10]: So a nested suit is a suit in which jacket and trousers are sold together. The nested suit also sometimes includes a vest Compared to suit separates in which jacket and trousers are sold separately. Reginald Ferguson [00:46:25]: I really didn't know that. Tiff [00:46:26]: It might be because is from across the pond. It might be across the pond, but, hey, we didn't We didn't Reginald Ferguson [00:46:34]: I know. I'm fine with it, miss International. It's cool. Tiff [00:46:36]: But now you know when you go shopping, we're gonna we're gonna are we gonna shop Separates, or are we gonna shop nest? Reginald Ferguson [00:46:45]: Yeah. We're going nested. We're not doing that separate thing. Tiff [00:46:48]: Right? Reginald Ferguson [00:46:48]: Just saying. Tiff [00:46:49]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:46:50]: Alright, Tiff. Yay. You redeemed yourself. Tiff [00:46:54]: I did. I did. Reginald Ferguson [00:46:56]: Alright. Let's see how you do here. Tiff [00:46:57]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:46:58]: Cable knit. Tiff [00:46:59]: Cable knit. Reginald Ferguson [00:47:00]: Yes. Tiff [00:47:01]: C a b l e, another compound word, k n I t. Cable knit. It's a stitch. It's a type of, knitting stitch. Mostly seen in sweaters, and, hats and scarves, And sometimes on mittens. Cable knit. Reginald Ferguson [00:47:19]: Yep. Tiff [00:47:19]: Did I get it? Reginald Ferguson [00:47:20]: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Tiff [00:47:20]: What did I miss? Tell me No. Reginald Ferguson [00:47:22]: No. You you got it, but it's a pattern in which it's raised and appears to twist around each other. Tiff [00:47:28]: Yeah. Yeah. That's yeah. Yeah. You got a little you got a three-dimensional thing going. Everyone should have a cable knit sweater in their wardrobe. Wouldn't you agree? Reginald Ferguson [00:47:37]: Oh, man. That was a smooth ass sentence, Tiff. Tiff [00:47:42]: Woo. Bingo. Ding drow. Reginald Ferguson [00:47:45]: Well, that's a wrap. Thank you so much Tiff [00:47:46]: for your time. Reginald Ferguson [00:47:47]: We hope you had fun and are down for another one. Please tell your friends about us. Special shout out goes to our producer, Search. Tiff [00:47:53]: Search the man. And thank you all, new listeners who might be joining us for the first time. Go back and listen to our other episodes. There's much fun to be had. And in the crazy holiday times, you can gift us, to your friends. Send them a link to, fashion geeks, and, give them the gift of, wholesome, fun, menswear discussion. Reginald Ferguson [00:48:17]: Learning. Tiff [00:48:17]: Learning. Reginald Ferguson [00:48:18]: Dropping dropping knowledge. Tiff [00:48:20]: Right. Left and right. Reginald Ferguson [00:48:21]: Plants and seeds. Tiff [00:48:22]: That's right. Making a tree. Growing bushes. Reginald Ferguson [00:48:28]: Yikes. Tiff [00:48:30]: Alright, Reg. Where can we where can they find you? Reginald Ferguson [00:48:32]: Insta, New York fashion geek. Tiff [00:48:35]: And email. If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, things that you want us to discuss, Please send them all along to us Reginald Ferguson [00:48:42]: at Tiff [00:48:46]: Nice. Reginald Ferguson [00:48:46]: We try. I'm Reg. Tiff [00:48:48]: And I'm Tiff. Reginald Ferguson [00:48:49]: See you next time. And remember Always be
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