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27 | The Fashion Didn’t Get Better

Reg and Tiff talk about the role of the Influencer in fashion. Reg accuses Merril Hoge as his main Fashion Fool (guys who wear their Windsor knots WAY too big) and the crew go back in time to talk about the new Keith Haring/Adidas collabo (“I Must Have It”).

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Reginald Ferguson [00:00:01]: Hello. I'm Reg. Tiff [00:00:02]: And I'm Tiff. And we're the fashion geeks. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:04]: Trying to make New York. Tiff [00:00:06]: And the world. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:06]: Well, New York is the world. Tiff [00:00:07]: A little flyer, one outfit Reginald Ferguson [00:00:09]: And podcast. Tiff [00:00:10]: At a time. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:15]: Yes. Yes. Oh my gosh. That was very strong, Tiff. Tiff [00:00:18]: Sorry. I didn't mean to blow anybody's ears out. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:20]: I'm excited. Really? Tiff [00:00:22]: Cold brew coffee. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:23]: Oh, is that is that what's speaking right now? Tiff [00:00:26]: Yeah. I had cold fries. Stopped in the cafe and got me a little cold brew while I was waiting for you. I beat you. I beat you. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:32]: You did, but I was still on time. Tiff [00:00:34]: Yes. You were. I Reginald Ferguson [00:00:35]: was I Tiff [00:00:35]: was actually still early. Yes. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:38]: Yes. You were earlier. I was early. Tiff [00:00:40]: Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:40]: I'm reg, fashion geek number 1 in the house with my partner, ride or die. Tiff [00:00:45]: Tiffany Minotel Schreiber, fashion geek number 2. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:49]: Caffeined up. Tiff [00:00:50]: Yeah. And we're here to, to, talk about, everyday menswear fashion Reginald Ferguson [00:00:55]: Absolutely. And Tiff [00:00:56]: help the everyday man with his choices. Reginald Ferguson [00:00:58]: Make Him a better man. Tiff [00:01:01]: Oh, I like that. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:02]: Why not? Tiff [00:01:03]: I mean, what else have we got to do? Reginald Ferguson [00:01:04]: I can do that. Well, there's a lot of things, but That's what we do. Tiff [00:01:08]: That's the most important thing for us. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:10]: Yes. Absolutely. So Yes. So, Tiff, You know, as usual, it's been a minute, but we're glad to have you back. Tiff [00:01:19]: Well, it's good to be back. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:21]: And where are you back from, Tiff? Tiff [00:01:23]: Well, let me take that back. It's almost good to be back. I was at an island of Saint John, and I'd like to go back there. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:33]: Was that your first time? Tiff [00:01:34]: No. That was my 3rd time. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:36]: Oh, so was it a charm? Tiff [00:01:38]: Yeah. It actually Impop. Actually, it was. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:41]: I saw some of your photos on your Insta. What's your Insta Tiff? Tiff [00:01:44]: My, Tiff's Insta. Tiffany's underscore Insta, to be exact. Reginald Ferguson [00:01:50]: There you go. Tiff [00:01:51]: And it's Tiffany with all i's. No a and y. No a and I. It's I n I. And pop. Tiffany's_insta. Yes. That's Reginald Ferguson [00:01:59]: a that's a southern spelling. Right. I don't Tiff [00:02:02]: know if it's southern, but it was And pop. But, yes, it was beautiful. It was our 1st time back since the, hurricane Irma and Maria, wiped out our resort. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:12]: Wow. So Did they build it back? Tiff [00:02:14]: Yeah. Yep. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:14]: Brick by brick. Tiff [00:02:15]: Well, they didn't flatten it. Took all the roofs off and ruined all the interiors, of course. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:20]: So they Tiff [00:02:20]: had to redo all the interiors. I mean, the bones, the skeleton was still there. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:24]: Nice. Tiff [00:02:25]: And I rebuilt, and it was very nice. And pop. And we've we took a boat trip to the British Virgin Islands, which we've never done before. So we got to see some of the other Virgin Islands, and we had to take our passport because we crossed over into Reginald Ferguson [00:02:39]: Oh, into the national waters. Tiff [00:02:41]: Yes. The fashion didn't get better. It's still, Reg. The islands need help. I gotta tell you. Reginald Ferguson [00:02:51]: I don't think the islands really care. Tiff [00:02:53]: I don't think so. You know what I was gonna say? Reginald Ferguson [00:02:56]: Yeah. Tiff [00:02:57]: They don't really care. I mean, that's not our market, I guess. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:00]: Right. Now I still I'm still tied about that Hawaii opportunity that really wasn't. Tiff [00:03:07]: Right? Womp womp. Because the island people, they just wanna wear what they wanna wear. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:13]: Right. And then I'll pair shorts or bare feet and shorts. Tiff [00:03:16]: And T shirts that come off Reginald Ferguson [00:03:17]: no T shirts. Tiff [00:03:18]: Or no T shirts or socks with the slide sandals. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:23]: Oh. I Tiff [00:03:24]: saw that Reginald Ferguson [00:03:25]: a couple of times. Tiff [00:03:28]: Oh. Grandpa in full form. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:30]: Yeah. I was a, Tiff [00:03:31]: Some people's grandpas, not yours. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:32]: Senior vacate no. Not my grandpa. Mhmm. My grandpa was slick to the end. Tiff [00:03:36]: And pop. It did make me wonder. I wonder if Reg wears a tie with his swimsuit. Do you? Reginald Ferguson [00:03:44]: Well, you'll never know unless you see me vacationing, which generally never happens to me. So Tiff [00:03:50]: I'm a have to take you to beach to see what I to see what you rock. Reginald Ferguson [00:03:53]: I'm I'm on the island of Manhattan, if not so generally. So, obviously, we're broadcasting from the planet of Brooklyn. But, Yeah. Vacation? Me? That's a fantasy. Tiff [00:04:07]: Maybe one day. Reginald Ferguson [00:04:09]: I hope so. Tiff [00:04:10]: It's in your cards. I swear it is. Yeah. We'll just get you some new clients. Reginald Ferguson [00:04:15]: Yeah. That sounds Sounds good. Always looking for clients rolling. Always looking for clients. Tiff [00:04:20]: Now speaking of client, what do you do, Reg? Let's Let them know what clients you are looking for. Reginald Ferguson [00:04:25]: Certainly. I am looking for clients that are men generally, though we can take care of women, who like to upgrade their look whether it's from casual to suit and tie. We go from Closet inventory to personal shopping and everything in between. I'm a fashion consultant. Consider me Personal trainer for fashion. Tiff [00:04:46]: There we go. That's the line. Personal trainer for fashion. Excellent. And how can they find you? You know, people listen to our podcast and, like, yo, he is on it. I I wanna I want some of his advice. How do they how do they reach you? Reginald Ferguson [00:04:57]: Hit me up on Insta, New York Fashion Geek, slide in a DM. It's Just that easy. Tiff [00:05:05]: Communication is so easy these days. Reginald Ferguson [00:05:07]: Absolutely. Tiff [00:05:08]: They can also find you on Facebook. Reginald Ferguson [00:05:10]: Yes. I do have a, a Facebook page for the biz. I I also have a Google business page as well. And then Tiff [00:05:17]: Just Google the fashion geek? Reginald Ferguson [00:05:19]: If you Google New York fashion geek Tiff [00:05:21]: New York Impop. Fashion key. Reginald Ferguson [00:05:22]: Boom. There it is. Yeah. It comes Tiff [00:05:24]: from older, old fashioned people who aren't on Facebook or Instagram, you can always email him. Reginald Ferguson [00:05:30]: Podcast. I mean, since we're on the podcast. Tiff [00:05:37]: You can also email us with any questions you might have about anything we might say. Reginald Ferguson [00:05:41]: And to make it even more complex, you could just go reg@ny Tiff [00:05:48]: You are so gettable. I made that up. Reginald Ferguson [00:05:52]: That's cute. I like that. I'm gettable. Hey. I'm Gettable. I'm gettable. Tiff [00:05:55]: We can get you. Reginald Ferguson [00:05:57]: I am assessable. Tiff [00:05:58]: Yes. You are. So what have you been up to while I was away from my vacation week? Reginald Ferguson [00:06:03]: Well, Just, just looking for clients as usual and, try and improve the business. You know, I was taking a whole bunch of classes. Tiff [00:06:15]: I know. And you had a presentation. Reginald Ferguson [00:06:17]: I did. Yes. I had a pitch deck presentation Tiff [00:06:20]: Alright. Reginald Ferguson [00:06:21]: From my class, for my cohort. And? I did it in 4 minutes, 12 slides. Bam. Tiff [00:06:28]: Oh, that's impressive. Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:06:30]: I don't mess around. No one even came close to that time. No offense y'all, but you didn't. We had up to 7 minutes, and then I think you got beeped. Tiff [00:06:42]: So if you the the quicker you make your presentation, the better you are. Is that what you're trying to say? I guess when you're pitching something, yeah, you want it to be an elevator speech kind of sort of thing. Reginald Ferguson [00:06:53]: Yes. So literally one of the one of the slides was the true elevator pitch. Tiff [00:06:58]: Oh, okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:06:59]: But yeah. The, The goal of the class was to have a pitch deck at the end and to present and to receive feedback. I received good feedback. I didn't receive a lot of feedback because my stuff was together. Tiff [00:07:14]: Don't be shy, Rich. Reginald Ferguson [00:07:15]: No. I'm just saying. It just it just is what it is. Hey. But listen. That's great news, but here's the other news. Always looking for clients. Tiff [00:07:25]: Always looking for clients. Reginald Ferguson [00:07:27]: Exactly. Which kinda leads to another segue. I took a seminar sponsored by the SBA, the Small Business administration. Yes. Meaning the government. Tiff [00:07:38]: We like those classes. Reginald Ferguson [00:07:40]: Yes. And it was really cool. And as a result, the individual who taught it Has been working for SBA for decades. Old school cat, George Telomey, big shout out. And he is now, I believe, officially my business coach. Well, you like that. Tiff [00:07:59]: I just Totally high five. That's so cool. Reginald Ferguson [00:08:02]: It is pretty cool. Tiff [00:08:04]: Everyone needs one of those. Reginald Ferguson [00:08:05]: Yes. Absolutely. There's there's no question about that. And he sees things that I don't. Mhmm. Tiff [00:08:10]: And I Reginald Ferguson [00:08:10]: think it's gonna be a wonderful collaboration. He's very attentive, and I like that. Tiff [00:08:15]: Well, so are you, you know, in everything you do. Reginald Ferguson [00:08:18]: Right. That's what I did tell. That's why I like him. Right? Tiff [00:08:21]: And that's what makes you good as a style consultant too because attention to detail is very, very important when it comes to, you know, helping men update or better their wardrobe changes. Reginald Ferguson [00:08:35]: Absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, let's let's be clear, ladies and gentlemen. When you become a client, It's not necessarily that you're dressed slovenly. It's just about let's see how we can tighten up your game. Tiff [00:08:47]: Because everybody can be better Absolutely. And anything and everything. Reginald Ferguson [00:08:50]: Absolutely. I I as well. I as well. Tiff [00:08:53]: I admit me too. Reginald Ferguson [00:08:55]: Well, there there you go, Particularly based on your choice of footwear coming into the studio. Tiff [00:09:02]: Oh, boy. I wore flip flops today, and it rained. Reginald Ferguson [00:09:07]: Doesn't matter if it rained or not. Flip flops. Yuck. Tiff [00:09:13]: I love them. They're comfortable. Reginald Ferguson [00:09:14]: You're not are you at Are we at the beach right now? Are we broadcasting from the beach? Tiff [00:09:17]: As far as I'm concerned, I'm still on island time. Reginald Ferguson [00:09:20]: Oh, wow. Tiff [00:09:21]: I love island time. Love it. Reginald Ferguson [00:09:23]: Here we go. Soon Tiff [00:09:25]: come. Along with the painkillers. Reginald Ferguson [00:09:28]: Woah. Tiff [00:09:29]: That's a drink, y'all. That's a drink. Oh. Not pills. It's a drink. Reginald Ferguson [00:09:34]: Okay. Alright. Just, just checking. So I Tiff [00:09:39]: was talking about earlier people reaching you Reginald Ferguson [00:09:41]: Yes. Tiff [00:09:42]: And pop. Social media weighs. And, you recently sent me this article about social media. Reginald Ferguson [00:09:48]: I did. Tiff [00:09:49]: And, you know, you have a big social media present Presents because Reginald Ferguson [00:09:52]: I have a decent I have a I I have a decent presence. Tiff [00:09:57]: Well, you can be found. Reginald Ferguson [00:09:58]: Oh, I can be found. Tiff [00:09:59]: And you can be gotten. Reginald Ferguson [00:10:00]: I can yes. I can be gotten. Tiff [00:10:02]: And sometimes you, you know, you you post some pretty informative stuff. Reginald Ferguson [00:10:06]: Oh, thank you. Yeah. So I've been really bad this week, guys. Tiff [00:10:09]: I'm really sorry. Are you on your way Reginald Ferguson [00:10:12]: to being an influencer? Well, let's talk about that. I certainly would like to be. It's very interesting. We have me and my buddy, Jay Good. That's Jared Gooding on the Insta, Creator of Please Space. Find him up on Insta. It's a wonderful performance studio space. You gotta shoot, Come down to BK, Red Hook. Reginald Ferguson [00:10:33]: That's all I'm saying. So Tiff [00:10:34]: It's a nice space. Reginald Ferguson [00:10:35]: It is. It's a great space, and he he does great work. He has great clients, blah blah blah blah blah. So he and I, we talk about the influencer thing all the time, often in the tone of derision. And pop. Tiff [00:10:49]: I have to say, that's normally first of all, the influencer term, I was like, what the hell is that? And then, you know, I read a little bit here and a little bit there, and I'm like, oh, it's a bunch of Impop. Lazy millennials just trying to make money doing nothing. No respect. I have no respect I gave no respect to them. Reginald Ferguson [00:11:06]: Not necessarily. I mean And then I read your article. Oh. Oh, good. Good. So hopefully, this means you got turned around and saw the light a little bit. I think that's a easy characterization, but I think it's a false one. Like, for example, I bumped into a major influencer. Reginald Ferguson [00:11:25]: I'm not gonna shout him out because I don't wanna put him on blast, particularly because I want him to come on the podcast. You know who you are, though. Hope you're listening. And I literally recognized him because of Insta. I stepped up to him. Oh, heck. I'm just gonna say it's Dandy in the Bronx. So so, You know, stepped up to him. Reginald Ferguson [00:11:49]: We had a nice little exchange. This is his Hustle. And I really respect that, and that's why I want him to come on the podcast. But also, I told him, I'd love just to have a moment to pick his brain. Now I am hoping that he doesn't think I'm encroaching in his lane, because here's the difference. I actually have a business. Yes. I'm a fashion consultant. Tiff [00:12:14]: And you use your social media presence to bring people into And pop. Your business to gain clients. Reginald Ferguson [00:12:21]: Absolutely. Tiff [00:12:22]: Where's an influencer? Reginald Ferguson [00:12:24]: That is their business. And I and, again, that's that's totally cool. So it's weird. It's interesting. It's new. Well, it's not even so new anymore. So Tiff [00:12:33]: Why don't you define influencer? I mean, that was The hardest thing for me to wrap my brain around until I read this article. But just for the listeners out there that some of them that may be in my mindset that was like, what the hell is an influencer? I mean, you can think of to influence. Influencer means to influence. Okay. That makes sense. But in terms of social media, What does that mean? Reginald Ferguson [00:12:54]: The definition for me is it's an individual who has gained a significant following. We're talking about anywheres from, You know, high five figures to 7 figures of individuals who follow their presence. Tiff [00:13:12]: Follow their social media presence. Yes. Their their posts. Reginald Ferguson [00:13:15]: Yes. Particularly on Insta, but, obviously, it could be on Twitter as well. And when you get Facebook. Tiff [00:13:20]: When you get over a certain number of followers. You start getting people who pay you to either wear their stuff or or hype their stuff Reginald Ferguson [00:13:30]: Sure. Tiff [00:13:31]: Or, sell their influencers don't sell. Reginald Ferguson [00:13:35]: No. But, I mean, they promote. Tiff [00:13:36]: They promote. Reginald Ferguson [00:13:37]: They promote. And let's say, like, for example Like, I've seen it with DND. I've seen it with other people. In a post, they'll have a special code, and really that really is a tale of the tape. Right? Because then Tiff [00:13:48]: You click on that code, and they know where that code came from, whoever you're promoting. Sure. Then it goes back to you getting paid for each click. Reginald Ferguson [00:13:57]: Potentially. I mean, I don't know the details. I would assume that. But again, I'm not I'm not at that level. Tiff [00:14:01]: Right. Reginald Ferguson [00:14:02]: I am really I am the subset of the micro influencer. Tiff [00:14:07]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:14:08]: So I definitely have interest and plans of trying to get it higher in terms of my number. But like like you said, and like I also believe, I feel I'm using it somewhat differently. Tiff [00:14:19]: Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:14:20]: I'm using it to make people aware of my business, To increase my clientele. Like, my my my SBA business coach, he's like, what's the most important thing that you need in a business? And we were all like, customers. Tiff [00:14:36]: True. Right. That's one of those Impromptu. Moments that make you wanna go, am I in the right business? Right. Because I didn't get that answer, and I should have. Right. Reginald Ferguson [00:14:44]: I think my answer was commitment. Tiff [00:14:47]: You you had the c. Right? Reginald Ferguson [00:14:48]: Right. Right. That's exactly what he said. He said it's another c. So Tiff [00:14:51]: So you do wanna be an influencer, but more importantly, you want to have a successful business. Reginald Ferguson [00:14:57]: Yes. Tiff [00:14:58]: So you brought up the word hustle, and that's the thing that that hit me in this article is that's And pop. That's what this is. It's a hustle. It's a hustle game, and a lot of people do this influencer as a side hustle kinda thing. Reginald Ferguson [00:15:11]: Or it's really their main. Or And Tiff [00:15:13]: And pop. And then they do it long enough. You Reginald Ferguson [00:15:14]: know, Dandy in the Bronx. I mean, this is his this is his job. Tiff [00:15:17]: And this is what you want when you say you want sponsors for a podcast. This is what you mean by that. Reginald Ferguson [00:15:22]: That's part of it. Yeah. Certainly, sponsors, for the podcast. Certainly, I would love to do collabs, Whether it's with other influencers, brands, you know, blah blah blah blah. Like, let's let's speak about brands because you had mentioned that. Right? So I truly don't need any new pieces of clothing. Tiff [00:15:45]: Very few people can Impop. Actually, say that. Reginald Ferguson [00:15:48]: I often think about that now as I'm entering the middle of my life, that I have everything I want. That's why sometimes I must have it segment can be can be challenging. Tiff [00:16:02]: And pop. Yes. And sometimes you pick some things that make me go, really? Yeah. Really. Funny. The Reginald Ferguson [00:16:09]: everyday makeup? Absolutely. So but So I think also I like that, because if someone does eventually come to me you You know, that'll be interesting conversation to have. 1st of all, I'll just be flattered, but it's like, well, if I do rep your clothing line, you know, what does that entail? Because I think I always just wanna be New York fashion geek. I just always wanna be my business. Tiff [00:16:36]: Your brand is the big is the biggest Impromptu. Reginald Ferguson [00:16:39]: To me, yes. But, obviously, there are other brands that are significantly much larger in, in the solar system. So I'm happy and hopeful to cross that bridge when I come to it. But again, I have no problem see, when I do a post, Whatever gear I have on, I tag, but it's not I'm repping the brand. Right. This is what I have. Tiff [00:17:05]: And pop. And it's also a way to draw attention from that brand brand to the podcast, to your business. Sure. You to a possible collaboration. Reginald Ferguson [00:17:12]: Sure. Sure. Absolutely. So endgame. Yeah. But, really, everyone is talking about the micro influencer level now, which really is, And, 2,000 to 50,000. So I'm at 1600. Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:17:26]: That's that's really not that Tiff [00:17:27]: 400 more to Reginald Ferguson [00:17:29]: I'm really I'm really Tiff [00:17:30]: Come on, people. Come on. Help us out. Reginald Ferguson [00:17:33]: Yeah. But what's interesting for me at my level is the roll off. Like, every morning, I have an app. Big shout out to Carlos Ledesma. I have an app, and I check who unsubscribed from me. Oh. So and usually when that happens, I unsubscribe from them. That's right. Reginald Ferguson [00:17:54]: Tit for tat. Tiff [00:17:55]: Alright. I didn't know that there was an app like that. Reginald Ferguson [00:17:57]: Yeah. Absolutely. So so but, again, It's it's certainly ultimately, it is a marketing strategy that I don't have refined yet To get myself to the next level. We we have been talking about this consistently recently, and I think it begs it again. Big shout out To my boy, Tim Becker, I have to, from a from a photography standpoint, up my game. I think if I up that and really consistent, which really means marketing and a schedule. And I'm not doing that yet, so that's at my disadvantage. I mean, for example, I haven't posted in a few days. Reginald Ferguson [00:18:36]: Not because I'm a schmoe. It's just because I've just been swamped. Even after we do our recordings today, I've gotta hope to make the time because I have it in my head. And, of course, I have an app that if I was smart enough, I could, you know, I could set this up and set it, you know, set it up for a morning or a day or days or weeks, but I don't do that much to my detriment. Tiff [00:18:58]: Impop. You will. You're growing. Reginald Ferguson [00:19:00]: I should. Yes. I am growing, and that's that's the most important thing. Tiff [00:19:04]: And it is the most important. Reginald Ferguson [00:19:05]: My growth is slow. Tiff [00:19:06]: And one day, you will be an influencer in one way or another. Reginald Ferguson [00:19:11]: In one way or another because I think that brings up an excellent point about this article, And that article was from where? Oh. Oh. It was from Dazed. Tiff [00:19:20]: Okay. Yes. Reginald Ferguson [00:19:21]: So d Tiff [00:19:21]: a z e d. Yeah. Dazeddigital. Dotcom. Reginald Ferguson [00:19:24]: Yeah. Dazeddigital. So it's interesting that right now in that space, they're going to another generation, another iteration. Meaning, what does it really mean? Because it seems like the 1st generation of influencers was I'm living my best life. Tiff [00:19:39]: Which was all a lie. Reginald Ferguson [00:19:41]: From probably, yeah, probably for for everyone. Tiff [00:19:45]: I mean So Yeah. It's a pretend life in pictures to make everybody go, oh, I wish I had her life Reginald Ferguson [00:19:53]: Aspirational. Tiff [00:19:54]: His life. Reginald Ferguson [00:19:54]: Aspirational. Yeah. I think that's one of the challenges when I've talked with my buddy Tim Becker about the photography because I definitely have a sense of What the type of photos and, certainly, the quality level that's needed for fashion influencers. I think I understand that, at least As my boy, Ben would say, Ben Roosevelt, big shout out. I understand it intellectually. So but to actually apply it, That's a altogether different story. Tiff [00:20:24]: Right. Reginald Ferguson [00:20:24]: Am am I gonna hire a photographer? And and immediately, I cringe. I'm like, oh my god. I'm not that guy. And And that's what me and my boy, Jared, tease about all the time. Am I gonna have to do that? Probably, it's inevitable that I'll have to do that. Do I wanna do it? Not necessarily. I will tell you this, that when it comes time to do that and it's probably inevitable, I'm just gonna say right now, it's gonna come at a slightly different angle when I do it. K. Reginald Ferguson [00:20:53]: No pun intended. I'm Oh, I agree. I'm gonna have to do it somewhat differently than all these cats. And all these cats are ballers. I'm not I'm not tripping on their game at all. I respect all of them, but I've gotta do it just a little bit differently. Because if not, I won't be genuine to myself. And that's what I think, you know, you would Tiff [00:21:15]: You wanna have your integrity. Reginald Ferguson [00:21:17]: Yeah. Yeah. But I guess so. I mean, to me, I think it's just more about a ethos. So I love gear. I love fashion. I have an eye. I can help you out. Reginald Ferguson [00:21:28]: But I think also what this podcast proves, hopefully, to the listener, And I want it to be viewed that way when I upgrade to my level of photography. I also would like it to be fun. And I'm an Tiff [00:21:39]: Must be fun. Reginald Ferguson [00:21:40]: Absolutely. And I'm an irreverent cat. Tiff [00:21:43]: So Fashion is fun. Reginald Ferguson [00:21:44]: It should be. Tiff [00:21:45]: Knowing the rules and then breaking 1 every now and again. Reginald Ferguson [00:21:48]: Exactly. So I want I would want my photos when I level up to, to reflect that. Tiff [00:21:55]: Alright. A little humor, just like you. Reginald Ferguson [00:21:58]: Yeah. Exactly. Tiff [00:21:59]: I got it. Reginald Ferguson [00:21:59]: Yeah. Yeah. Tiff [00:22:00]: I got you. Alright. And there we have it about the influencer. Reginald Ferguson [00:22:07]: Well, yeah, that's what we have Tiff [00:22:08]: for now. Reginald Ferguson [00:22:08]: I mean, we could probably go deeper down the rabbit hole. Tiff [00:22:11]: But We absolutely could. That article took me I was clicking on every other link going down. You Impop. You know, what happened with this influencer and that influ check out the article. It's, I I can't remember what the title was, but it's just go to and something about, Reginald Ferguson [00:22:25]: Is the era of the influencer over or just evolving? Tiff [00:22:28]: There we go. Read the article. Okey. Sorry. I got a little frog in my throat today. So let's move on to the next segment of a favorite of mine because, yeah, it's always this is where your humor really comes out. Reginald Ferguson [00:22:43]: I think. Tiff [00:22:45]: The next segment is Fashion Fools. Reginald Ferguson [00:22:47]: Oh, man. There's some fashion fools out there. I can't wait to talk about this. Fashion Tiff [00:22:56]: fools. So So I came up with a, a little line, about fashion fools. I don't know if you you saw it when I gave you the breakdown of the segments, but, Impop. People doing foolish things in the wild world of fashion. Reginald Ferguson [00:23:12]: I did not catch that. Oh. I'm sorry. Tiff [00:23:14]: Yeah. I think it's kinda funny. Reginald Ferguson [00:23:16]: That's cute. Isn't it? Yes. Tiff [00:23:18]: So what what we got going on in the, wild world of fashion that's foolish, Reg? Reginald Ferguson [00:23:24]: I like your alliteration, Tiff. Guys wearing 2 bigger oh, wait. I'm sorry. Yeah. Guys who wear 2 big wins are not, especially sportscasters. I freaking hate it. Tiff [00:23:40]: Okay. So, alright. We got a lot to delve in here. So my first question would be Yeah. Too big. Reginald Ferguson [00:23:50]: Yes. Tiff [00:23:51]: So the Windsor knot is the biggest knot. Reginald Ferguson [00:23:54]: Yes. Tiff [00:23:54]: I did my research. Reginald Ferguson [00:23:56]: Yes. Tiff [00:23:57]: So, how can it be Too big. What constitutes it being too big? Reginald Ferguson [00:24:02]: Well, first of all, I need to take this back. Back to the essence. Alright. When I was a little kid, the 1st tie I had on was a clip on tie. Tiff [00:24:14]: Clip ons. Yes. Convenient. Reginald Ferguson [00:24:17]: Yes. Because you're a child. Tiff [00:24:19]: And you can rip that sucker off anytime you're done with it. Reginald Ferguson [00:24:22]: Yes. Yes. I do vaguely remember that as a kid, but I loved it. It made me feel like a grown up like my grandpa. Aw. They'd, Yeah. They put it on me, my grandma and grandpa, especially on Sundays. And once I got a little older, I put it on myself. Reginald Ferguson [00:24:40]: That one day, it happened. Tiff [00:24:43]: What? Reginald Ferguson [00:24:43]: It was an epic moment in my life, Tiff. Tiff [00:24:45]: What happened? Reginald Ferguson [00:24:46]: My grandpa taught me how to tie a tie. Tiff [00:24:49]: Oh. Do you know the knot? Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:24:52]: Well, yeah. Yeah. I still remember Tiff [00:24:54]: it. Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:24:55]: He taught me standing up in front of a mirror. He was very patient. I was very eager and frustrated. I want to learn it immediately. We did it over and over. Him doing it, me watching, then doing it, him watching. Only now do I realize this was the passing on of a tradition from fathers to sons and grandfathers to grandsons. Tiff [00:25:20]: That's nice. Yeah. So thank you very much. Very nice. Reginald Ferguson [00:25:23]: Thank you so much. Though I thoroughly enjoyed learning my new skill And the knot that came with it Tiff [00:25:31]: You still haven't told us the knot. Reginald Ferguson [00:25:34]: It was a 4 in hand. Tiff [00:25:35]: Okay. That's what I thought it was. Reginald Ferguson [00:25:37]: Fine. God, you all you all man, you all red now. Yes. It was a 4 in here. I immediately realized though I wasn't keen on the shape and the And the symmetry that came with that knot. Tiff [00:25:50]: Oh. Reginald Ferguson [00:25:51]: Even then, I was persnickety. Tiff [00:25:54]: That's pretty amazing because, most grown men, like, really grown men still use the foreign one. Reginald Ferguson [00:26:01]: Yeah. The foreign hand. I I I haven't used that, to be candid, in decades. Tiff [00:26:05]: That I that's the first one I learned. Reginald Ferguson [00:26:07]: Okay. Oh, look at that. I didn't know I didn't know you had a tie story. Tiff [00:26:11]: I can't wait for you to do that. I was a costume designer and, costume mistress, so I had to tie some ties. Reginald Ferguson [00:26:17]: Well, I wanna hear your sound Tiff [00:26:18]: how to do it backwards. Reginald Ferguson [00:26:20]: I don't know what that means is that. Tiff [00:26:21]: Meaning I'm facing you. Reginald Ferguson [00:26:22]: Oh, okay. I was like backwards. I wanna learn a different knot, So I went to the master. Grandpa, do you know any other knots? He did and he showed me. It was the full Windsor. Tiff [00:26:39]: The full Windsor. Reginald Ferguson [00:26:40]: That's right. The master was showing off his repertoire, and I sucked it up as a eager young student. I immediately took to it. I like the knot shape better. His knots would come out pretty big And broad. Right. But I quickly learned how to manipulate it to look like a half Windsor. Tiff [00:27:01]: Oh. Reginald Ferguson [00:27:02]: Tricks of the trade. Okay. It's all in the fingers. Tiff [00:27:06]: Why not just dial half Windsor? Reginald Ferguson [00:27:09]: Because that would be too easy. Okay. I like things complicated. Tiff [00:27:15]: And the Windsor knot is named after the Duke Windsor. Reginald Ferguson [00:27:18]: I figured. I've used my Wednesday night for decades. You can see it on my Insta. I love it. But what I see now from men, especially on is atrocious. Tiff [00:27:31]: Okay. And so Windsor, you're seeing a lot of Windsors. Right? Reginald Ferguson [00:27:36]: Their winds are knots that I see are disgusting. They're bulbous and obnoxious. They're big as a fist. My grandpa's turning in his grave. Tiff [00:27:48]: Maybe it's because their neck size is too big. No. Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:27:52]: The lovely knot is being disgraced on camera. It's not right. You know who I blame? Tiff [00:27:59]: Oh, boy. No. Who? Merrill Hodge. Oh, the very first one. Reginald Ferguson [00:28:05]: Merrill Hodge. Melon Hodge, ladies and gentlemen, was a sportscaster for ESPN, because everyone knows I'm a big sports guy. From 1996 to 2017, He single handedly made the stately windsor knot an object of humor and embarrassment. Feel free to Google him, ladies and gentlemen, and you'll see what I'm talking about. It's disgusting. Tiff [00:28:31]: That's I saw the picture. Reginald Ferguson [00:28:33]: Ah, see? Tiff [00:28:34]: I I don't know. I kinda liked it. Reginald Ferguson [00:28:35]: No. It's ridiculous. I don't know who his stylist is or was, but they should be forced to wear clothes from Kohl's. Oh. Yes. I believe during Shots fired. Yes. I believe during Haji's reign, he influenced sportscasters on ESPN and beyond. Tiff [00:28:55]: Well, I guess if you're gonna influence somebody. Reginald Ferguson [00:28:59]: But I can help these guys. Imposter. I wanna help them cure the evil ways. Game. Want to lay my hands on them. Take Let the church of high style say amen. Amen. Hallelujah. Tiff [00:29:26]: Hallelujah. Well, I'm just gonna throw out my content because I how do I beat that? Reginald Ferguson [00:29:35]: That's all I'm saying. Tiff [00:29:37]: I hope they're listening. I Reginald Ferguson [00:29:38]: gotta save some Windsor knot souls. Tiff [00:29:41]: Well, how do you get such a big Windsor knot? And pop. I mean, it's all based on fabric, and her tie is made in a specific width, and it's you Reginald Ferguson [00:29:51]: know? There are certain listen. Sometimes, like, that hard silk. I get that. Tiff [00:29:56]: Italian Reginald Ferguson [00:29:56]: piece. My grandpa my grandpa had ties like that. I mean, listen. I'm gonna keep it real. He was a product of his time and environment. When I was able to go to the house after my mom passed, I had already the good thing about my grandpa, and I was never too obnoxious or aggressive about it. And I really am thankful for that because I think it came it came back to me in an abundance. I never wanted to be that grandson who wanted to take over everything in terms of objects while my grandparents were alive. Reginald Ferguson [00:30:26]: I thought that would be rude. But there were certain things I just knew he wasn't using ever, and I go, hey, grandpa. Why don't you let me have that? So my point is when I was in junior high school, I was using some of his narrow ties. So, obviously, those are ties, like, Tiff [00:30:41]: probably from the sixties. That was the eighties. So that was they were back in South. Reginald Ferguson [00:30:45]: So I'm talking about, like, sixties ties. Fifty sixties tie, probably. But then I've seen ties of his that I am desperately trying to give away as you know. Tiff [00:30:56]: Probably from the seventies. Reginald Ferguson [00:30:57]: Yes. That are tablecloths. Yeah. Straight up. Straight up. And I have photos like that seeing him and seeing me, aka little Reggie. You know, bam. Just big so, again, you're a product of your time of environment. Tiff [00:31:11]: Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:31:11]: I will be The interesting thing about my late grandfather is seeing those ties when he was a younger man. Those ties were fly, and I took some of them. I actually broke down in tears a few years ago. It was one that I kept just I guess, was dry rot. And I had pulled it off the thing, and it just And pop disintegrated. Tiff [00:31:29]: Because silk does not last forever. Reginald Ferguson [00:31:31]: And I'd bust into tears, because, again, it's just fond memory. The interesting thing about my grandpa is, clearly, I think as he got older, he really didn't care so much about his neckwear game, and I teased him about that. I was like, your ties are whack. So I would give him my cast offs from high school on. It was crazy. And I'm really flattered that they used one of my ties because it was one of the cast offs when my grandpa passed. Imposter. It was a Boston Traders, turquoise. Tiff [00:32:05]: So the mentees started mentoring the mentor. Reginald Ferguson [00:32:07]: No. I didn't do that. I think my grandpa, you know, during Literally, maybe all the decades that I knew him, you know, he was past middle age, right, when I came around. You know, he was at middle age when I came around, let's say. So He just wasn't as interested. His suits, everything else was always flat, but I used to tease. I was like, grandpa, your ties are whack. And I would give him my ties, and And he would wear my ties. Reginald Ferguson [00:32:29]: He'd wear his ties too. So getting back to this whole Nastiness that's going on now. It's more listen. Anything about a knot, here's a pro tip, ladies and gentlemen. It's all on the fingers. I think about that because of my golly, I hope that I always just have the the, dexterity that I currently possess and have always had in my fingers. Because god forbid if I don't, I'm not gonna be able to pull off these dope knots. That's why I'm able to make a full Windsor look like a half. Reginald Ferguson [00:33:03]: It's all on the fingers. Tiff [00:33:04]: What you're wearing now? Reginald Ferguson [00:33:05]: A full Windsor. Alright. But it looks like a half. Tiff [00:33:08]: Yeah. It does, I have to admit. Reginald Ferguson [00:33:10]: All in the fingers. Tiff [00:33:11]: And I was reading how to make, you know, I gotta go do some research on knots. And my first Of course. My first question Reginald Ferguson [00:33:17]: There's around 75 knots out there. Tiff [00:33:19]: I saw 1 article that said 85 ways And pop. It's a tie a tie. And one of the article other articles Reginald Ferguson [00:33:26]: I read Tiff [00:33:26]: said, don't bother. Just do the 3. Yeah. I think 2 The Windsor, the half Windsor, Reginald Ferguson [00:33:30]: fur, and the 4 Tiff [00:33:31]: in one hand. Reginald Ferguson [00:33:31]: 1 hand. Yeah. Tiff [00:33:32]: If you can master those 3 knots Reginald Ferguson [00:33:34]: That's all you need. Tiff [00:33:34]: That's all you need. Reginald Ferguson [00:33:35]: That's all you need. And my grandpa Grandpa could. Tiff [00:33:38]: Now if you want to if you wear a tie every single day and that is your game, then, yes, go look for that those 85 different ways to wear a tie. Reginald Ferguson [00:33:46]: No. No. Tiff [00:33:47]: And pop. But the article, I was looking for guidelines or rules. I'm like, okay. So you're having a protestation against the big fat not that the horse cast is aware of. Reginald Ferguson [00:33:56]: Because it's disgusting. Tiff [00:33:57]: So what are the guidelines and rules? So what I found, the number one rule is Reginald Ferguson [00:34:03]: Don't do that. Tiff [00:34:06]: Actually, that the yeah. It said you need to match your tie knot with your shirt collar. Reginald Ferguson [00:34:13]: Collier. Yes. Absolutely. It's about proportion. Tiff [00:34:16]: And your neck size. Reginald Ferguson [00:34:17]: Yes. Tiff [00:34:18]: So this is why I made the comment about sportscasters have big necks. He's a big boy. Reginald Ferguson [00:34:22]: He's a big boy. Tiff [00:34:24]: But did Reginald Ferguson [00:34:25]: you Google Meryl Hodge? Tiff [00:34:26]: I saw his picture. Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:34:27]: Did you okay. Did you see how many posts and articles are in derision Tiff [00:34:32]: No. I did I just saw him in the article. I didn't Google him. Reginald Ferguson [00:34:36]: He's not a yeah. It's He's not exactly Tiff [00:34:39]: He's not a fashion icon. Reginald Ferguson [00:34:41]: No. That's the point. Tiff [00:34:44]: But I also looked at other sportscasters and they're not. And, you know, they're big and they're bulbous. And one of the articles I read had a funny thing. Let me see. I'm looking for what it said. It made me laugh outside. So the too big too big on the other hand, and it will look ill judged and even pompous like a slippery salesman. I guess that's a sportscaster, isn't it? Nailed it. Tiff [00:35:08]: Right? Reginald Ferguson [00:35:08]: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that's the that's the stereotypical, You know, vision, but that's like a seventies vision. There's some sportscasters that are super duper fly. Him rocking that knot? Mhmm. Tiff [00:35:20]: It's not one of them. Not one of them. So going back to your tie knot and your shirt collar matching, so, basically, It, you you okay. I'm trying to look for what I found. The the tie If you have a widespread collar, then you can use the bigger knot. If you have a collar spread that's not so much Reginald Ferguson [00:35:44]: And pop star. Points, let's say. Yes. Standard points in that big old knot, fail. Tiff [00:35:49]: And one of them part of the article even goes to this extent of going, whose points extend out an angle greater than 90 degrees and or an angle less than 60 degrees. I'm like, are we doing math here? I mean, this seems very I mean, just try to tie a tie tie here. I mean, really? I gotta measure my collar points and this and I Reginald Ferguson [00:36:10]: mean, I'm I'm sure for for certain men, that'd be helpful. I mean, I'm blessed with I can just cite it. But also, again, I'm not I'm not dealing with that type of width. It's ridiculous. Stop it, guys. Tiff [00:36:23]: I like the spread collar. And I like the I know. Reginald Ferguson [00:36:25]: I love a spread collar. I have spread collar shirts. That's that's not the issue. I'm talking about What stands now for a Windsor knot? Tiff [00:36:34]: And one of the other other things I read is if you're tall and skinny, you need to stick to a, a, you know, a 4 in 1 hand knot gives you the length because you're using less of the fabric of the tie. You want your tie tip to land right in the middle of your Buckle. Reginald Ferguson [00:36:49]: I'd say gray is the gray is the top of the buckle. Tiff [00:36:51]: Okay. And if you're a larger guy, then use an open space collar and a bigger knot, which will use a little bit more fabric, but you'll have a a better looking, more proportionate knot tie collar ratio. And pop. That's the guy I'd like. Reginald Ferguson [00:37:09]: It's all it's all about it's all about sizes, proportion. I'm I'm in total agreement. Tiff [00:37:14]: And if you're not as much stop. And pop. Not doing to doing the math. You Reginald Ferguson [00:37:19]: know? Call Reg. She'll help you out. I will gladly help you out because I have a moratorium on this nonsense. And pop. You call Tiff [00:37:26]: it, you're saying enough. Reginald Ferguson [00:37:27]: Yeah. I'm gonna track these people down. Tiff [00:37:29]: Hashtag ESPN. Reginald Ferguson [00:37:31]: Yeah. Really. I need to go up to Bristol Help these people out, man. It's like Tiff [00:37:38]: Alright now. Reginald Ferguson [00:37:39]: Well, now Tiff, Kenny, I didn't realize, took it for granted. Why don't you give me I know I was a hard act to follow, but still, your your tie store, you you can tie ties. Impossible. Yeah. Tiff [00:37:51]: I well, I had to learn how to do it when I, started doing costumes for, turn of the century. I did a show, a Dickens show, and And so ties, were definitely part of, some of the suits that we had to do, and I had to teach myself how to tie a tie. And pop. And so I had to teach myself how to tie 1 on me first. Reginald Ferguson [00:38:14]: Right. And then I Tiff [00:38:15]: had to learn how to do it on someone else. And pop. And it's tough. You think it's tough looking in the mirror and and doing it on on yourself. Then you gotta look at somebody and do it for them. Reginald Ferguson [00:38:27]: Right. Tiff [00:38:28]: So I was kind of teaching myself. It it's like a left brain, right brain thing. You know? One way I do it left brain. The other way I do it right brain, I guess. And pop. But I was like, yeah. I can tie a tie. And then I taught my Reginald Ferguson [00:38:42]: husband how to tie a tie. Tiff [00:38:44]: What? Yeah. Yep. I sure did. He wasn't Reginald Ferguson [00:38:48]: what? Oh, excuse me. Tiff [00:38:50]: He just you know, he did a basic tie. He rarely wore he was a he was a fireman. He's a fireman. Impop. They don't wear ties. You know, going out to fires, you don't wear ties. But now he he's in the UFA. He's in an office, so he's wearing suits, and he, you know, he had to learn how to Reginald Ferguson [00:39:04]: Still not my client. Tiff [00:39:05]: Tie a tie. Reginald Ferguson [00:39:06]: Don't understand this. Tiff [00:39:07]: Well, because he's got me. What is that face? What is that face? Oh my god. What is that face? Reginald Ferguson [00:39:18]: It's the face of I don't understand how my cohost has a husband who's not my client. After every episode, having it rubbed in Directly or indirectly. Tiff [00:39:28]: That's the rubbing it in. Reginald Ferguson [00:39:29]: That's the face. Tiff [00:39:30]: We're saving it. We're we're saving it. Oh, okay. Saving it for big time. Reginald Ferguson [00:39:35]: Oh, okay. Tiff [00:39:35]: When he goes into big time politics. Reginald Ferguson [00:39:37]: Oh, okay. Tiff [00:39:38]: Then we have to step his game up. Reginald Ferguson [00:39:40]: Oh, okay. Okay. Yeah. I'm not offended. Tiff [00:39:45]: We love you. Okay. It's nice. Alright. Moving on. Reginald Ferguson [00:39:50]: Yes. Tiff [00:39:52]: To the next set. Reginald Ferguson [00:39:53]: I know. I'm just still upset about this How? Prince attack. Okay. Well, I can't help it. Tiff [00:39:57]: Well, let's talk about the next Segment. That will cheer you up. Reginald Ferguson [00:40:00]: Yeah. It totally will. I must have it. I must have it. Tiff [00:40:14]: Yeah. What is it, Reg? Reginald Ferguson [00:40:17]: Oh, it is the Keith Haren adidas collabo. Tiff [00:40:21]: Awesome. Yeah. Just in time for the end of pride month. Reginald Ferguson [00:40:26]: Well, it they they launched the collabo for pride, to be honest. Tiff [00:40:30]: On June 30th? Reginald Ferguson [00:40:30]: Yes. I'm praying. Tiff [00:40:31]: Right? It launched on June 30th? Reginald Ferguson [00:40:33]: No. I think they launched these kicks, Imposs, May. That's what I thought. Tiff [00:40:37]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:40:37]: I'm not I mean, I'm not certain, but that's what I thought. Tiff [00:40:41]: So There's 3 different sneakers Reginald Ferguson [00:40:44]: Yes. Tiff [00:40:44]: An Adidas, pulled from the archives. Yes. And, they collaborated with Keith Haring's estate Reginald Ferguson [00:40:51]: Yes. Tiff [00:40:52]: Using his artwork on the 3 different kinds of sneakers. Reginald Ferguson [00:40:56]: Yes. Tiff [00:40:57]: And we have, let me see if I can remember them all. Well, I've got the rivalry high written here, which is the high top, which is the coolest, I think, because it's got a lot of his different artwork all over it. It's got his smiley faces on it, his dancing humans. Reginald Ferguson [00:41:12]: I will also explain why it's the flyers. Tiff [00:41:14]: And it's got the And pop. Half the soul is colored, orange. Right? It's, orange and blue. I normally print a picture so we can reference No. Reginald Ferguson [00:41:23]: No. I I I I got it I got it in my mind's eye. It's not a problem. So Is Tiff [00:41:27]: that the one you like? Reginald Ferguson [00:41:28]: Or Yes. Tiff [00:41:28]: Or you like the Stan? No. And pop. Or the Now. Oh, what's the It's Reginald Ferguson [00:41:34]: only, oh, well, yeah. It's Do you remember Tiff [00:41:37]: the 3rd? The nizzer. Okay. Now You like the rivalry high. Reginald Ferguson [00:41:41]: Yes. Let me explain. Tiff [00:41:42]: Okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:41:44]: The reason why I like the rivalry high Is because essentially, ladies and gentlemen, it's the Ewing. It's the Patrick Ewing. That's why I love it. It's amazing. Tiff [00:41:57]: Really? Reginald Ferguson [00:41:58]: Yes. That's essentially the Patrick Ewing. Tiff [00:42:00]: How? How? Why? How? Reginald Ferguson [00:42:01]: When Patrick Ewing Came out of Georgetown and landed in New York as the number 1 draft pick that Dave De Buscher picked from the ping pong balls, Changing the fate of our team forever. He was sponsored by Adidas. Tiff [00:42:18]: Okay. And That was the shoe. Reginald Ferguson [00:42:20]: They came out with the Ewing's. My best friend, Dow Walker, wherever you are, had Ewing's. I did not. I thought they were cool, but I didn't want them. I didn't get them, but I thought they were amazing. And that's exactly what this collab is. That's the Ewing. Tiff [00:42:33]: So why is Reginald Ferguson [00:42:33]: it not called the Ewing? Tiff [00:42:34]: Why is it called the robbery high? Reginald Ferguson [00:42:36]: I don't know, and I don't care. Well, that's also because Ewing, you know, much later on, got his own sneaker company. Oh. So that probably is the reason. Tiff [00:42:45]: So they get they couldn't call the robbery. Reginald Ferguson [00:42:47]: No. He was doing Adidas for a while, and then and then I think Adidas dropped him. And then he created his own company. Tiff [00:42:53]: Is that still in existence? Do you happen to know? Reginald Ferguson [00:42:56]: Yeah. Well, I still see people wearing Ewing's. Meaning, not Adidas Ewing's, but Tiff [00:42:59]: Just Ewing Ewing? Reginald Ferguson [00:43:00]: Yeah. Ewing Ewing. That's a tricky question. Yeah. So that's why I freaking love it. It's New York knit colors. It's the Ewing. And let me talk about Keith Haring. Reginald Ferguson [00:43:11]: I freaking love Keith Haring. I always have. If you grew up in New York in the eighties, you should feel the same way. Hip hop was growing as a culture, and he was firmly in the mix of it along with punk and new wave. His art was grassroots and guerrilla. The MTA was his canvas, specifically subway stations. I was enthralled. Tiff [00:43:30]: That's the first time I saw his artwork. It was on Subway in the subway. Yeah. I got it. Reginald Ferguson [00:43:34]: Oh, you had you were you were Tiff [00:43:35]: not visiting? City in 91, And pop. So that's before they started paying over all of this stuff. So I got to see some Reginald Ferguson [00:43:42]: of it. Right. Yep. So back in the day, for people who know, when we had all those Print ads on the subway stations when they would knock out a campaign that shred it down, they'd rip it down, and it would just be black. And then the lady's Tiff [00:43:58]: Keith Haring. Reginald Ferguson [00:43:58]: Yeah. He did his thing, and I I totally remember that. Tiff [00:44:01]: He was like the Banksy before Banksy. Reginald Ferguson [00:44:03]: Yes. In a way. Absolutely. Except that unlike Banksy, Keith Harron, he strung up a lot of tickets. Tiff [00:44:10]: What does that mean? Reginald Ferguson [00:44:11]: He got arrested a lot. Tiff [00:44:12]: Oh, okay. Reginald Ferguson [00:44:12]: Yeah. He got arrested a lot. So I I just I loved it. I mean, I'm gonna keep it real, y'all. I had a Keith Haren design cut into my hair on my high top. Tiff [00:44:23]: Did you really? Absolutely. I love that. Reginald Ferguson [00:44:26]: Absolutely. Tiff [00:44:26]: Well, the figures are so fun to look at. His artwork was always so fun, and it seemed full of life and active and joyful. His artwork always seemed, and it you know, at a time when there was so much pain happening in, you know, in the world with the advent of of of AIDS during the eighties. Reginald Ferguson [00:44:44]: Which he was stricken by. Tiff [00:44:46]: Yeah. And it was Too soon. It was just, his artwork was just so different than And the the the sadness of that disease. And Reginald Ferguson [00:44:54]: Well, I just loved it because, again, it he he was right in the slipstream of hip hop. So, you know, still remember the famous, which is still there, crackers wack, you know, off the FDR. Yep. Tiff [00:45:08]: I see it all the time. Reginald Ferguson [00:45:09]: Off the FDR. Tiff [00:45:10]: When you drive you can drive by and see it. Right. Left they've left out, and that's on a handball court. Reginald Ferguson [00:45:14]: Yes. That is correct. Yep. So, Yeah. I I was in. I used to go to the pop shop all the time, which is which is on Lafayette. I don't even know what that is now. I was just in. Reginald Ferguson [00:45:29]: And like I said, I had a Keith Aaron print, y'all, in my head, so I was totally ride or die. So to see this, to me, no offense. To me, it wasn't about pride. It was just about, wow. This is just so cool Right. That the estate decided to do this. I'm I follow The estate, and I followed the, like, I think the foundation shop or whatever in Japan. So In Japan? Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:45:56]: Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. So Tiff [00:45:58]: They don't have 1 here? Reginald Ferguson [00:46:00]: No. I'm not saying it's I'm getting, like, the the names mixed up, but, like, he's got a he's got a a thing in Japan, and then, obviously, he does have something local. But I I follow both on Insta, and one in Japan does a lot of a lot of posts. So I I get them on my feed. So, Yeah. I just love that. And then a few years ago, if I recall correctly, they had a Keith Haring retrospective at Brooklyn Museum. I can say that I went to future primeval at the Queens Museum, and I happen to casually do a search. Reginald Ferguson [00:46:32]: And any of that paraphernalia Seems to be going, like, for 1,000 of dollars. I actually have that book, the original book. Tiff [00:46:39]: What book? Reginald Ferguson [00:46:40]: It was an exhibit book. Tiff [00:46:41]: Of all Reginald Ferguson [00:46:42]: of his A future primeval at the Queens Museum. I bought that book. I still have it. So I can't imagine. I mean, I would never give it up or sell it. But, Tiff [00:46:50]: But you had to cut your hair. Reginald Ferguson [00:46:53]: Well, you know, things were inevitable. That was the summer of the patterns in my high top fade. Tiff [00:46:57]: Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:46:58]: That whole summer, I had to Tiff [00:46:59]: live with that. I love that artistic time. You know, it's Reginald Ferguson [00:47:02]: He was just he was down with hip hop, and I just I was I was just feeling them. So I really kudos kudos for this collabo, and I hope people really start rocking it. Tiff [00:47:13]: And there's some points to, to make about this. All 3 of the Adidas original Keith Haring, models are And pop. Over at the Adidas store, you can get the Stan Smith for $100, while the rivalry and the Nizza will go for a 140 and a 120 respectively. Those quotes those price quotes are from hype Hypebeast. And a portion of the collections proceeds will benefit the Keith Haring Foundation. Reginald Ferguson [00:47:38]: That's fantastic. Impa. Tiff [00:47:39]: I always like shopping for a cause. You gotta shop for a cause. Reginald Ferguson [00:47:42]: I just love always seeing his work, and it's it's gone beyond New York. He's international now, and, I hope he's smiling down. And if I needed some kicks, I would totally rock those. And pop for some I Tiff [00:47:55]: can't to see you in those. Reginald Ferguson [00:47:57]: It'd be it'd be no. No. No. I got plenty of sneakers. I'm not even a sneakerhead. I got enough sneakers for the rest of my life. My sneakers have sneakers. Tiff [00:48:04]: Yeah. Reginald Ferguson [00:48:04]: And I and when do I wear sneakers? Tiff [00:48:06]: I rarely I don't think I've ever seen you in sneakers. Reginald Ferguson [00:48:09]: Exactly. The legend grows. Tiff [00:48:14]: Moving on. Reginald Ferguson [00:48:15]: Yep. Tiff [00:48:15]: Alright, Reg. Here comes our favorite game show time Reginald Ferguson [00:48:18]: of the day. Yeah. Of because it's fashion word of the day. Fashion word. Fashion word. Of the day. Tiff [00:48:35]: Alright. And, you know, I I came up short, the last time Reginald Ferguson [00:48:38]: Yes. I figured you did again. Tiff [00:48:39]: No. I got a full page of words. I'm all Reginald Ferguson [00:48:42]: Oh, here we go again. The surplus of words game. Tiff [00:48:44]: I hated being short, so I made sure that I had plenty to choose from Fine. You know, based on what pops for me. Reginald Ferguson [00:48:51]: Okay. Tiff [00:48:52]: Should I go first? So in this segment. You know, if you've just joined us, you haven't been listening, this is where Reg and I, bring a word, a fashion based word, menswear fashion based word to each other, and we challenge each other to spell it, define it, and use it in a sentence if we get it right. Reginald Ferguson [00:49:09]: Yes. Tiff [00:49:09]: Because it's fun. And and one day, this segment will no longer exist because we'll be out of words. Reginald Ferguson [00:49:15]: I don't know. It's a lot of words. Tiff [00:49:16]: I know. There are a lot of terms, but I think we're getting close to the end, but I have to tell Reginald Ferguson [00:49:21]: You're probably right. Tiff [00:49:22]: So who goes first? Me? You? Reginald Ferguson [00:49:24]: No. You. Tiff [00:49:25]: Alright. Let me see what I'm a what I'm a gonna throw at you. Reginald Ferguson [00:49:29]: You're stack. I have one word. Linen. Linen. Well, I know how to spell it. L I n e n. But, boy, am I gonna botch up this definition? Tiff [00:49:42]: Come on. You can do it. Tell me what you think it is because I know you know what linen is. It's a fabric. Okay. Good. Reginald Ferguson [00:49:52]: It's light. Tiff [00:49:53]: Yes. It is. Very good. Very good. Reginald Ferguson [00:49:56]: Appropriate for the spring and summertime. Tiff [00:49:58]: That's why I said the word. Reginald Ferguson [00:50:01]: And, that's it. So I guess you gotta buzz me. Tiff [00:50:04]: And pop. No. We'll get you can we do a half buzz? Because you got half of it right. Reginald Ferguson [00:50:09]: No. No. Tiff [00:50:10]: I can't buzz. This is fine. A lin linen is a micro fiber produced from the stem of the flax plant. So it's from a stem. This fabric is produced from a Imposter. It's stronger, stiffer, and more lustrous than cotton. It yields cool absorbent fabrics that wrinkle easily. That's the downside of the linen. Reginald Ferguson [00:50:32]: Oh, I know that. Tiff [00:50:33]: But everything else is upside. An easy, ideal summertime fabric with its breathable qualities. So there you have it. Reginald Ferguson [00:50:40]: And I have a linen suit. Tiff [00:50:42]: Yes. Reginald Ferguson [00:50:42]: I should really be ashamed. Tiff [00:50:44]: So now is the time to wear linen. If You're gonna ever rock a linen suit, now is the time. Reginald Ferguson [00:50:49]: Oh, yeah. Tiff [00:50:49]: Would you say after Memorial Day and before Labor Day, or can they extend it into September if it's nice outside? Reginald Ferguson [00:50:55]: I mean, the way I feel about all that stuff is I'm still kinda wedded to Labor Day, but it's also a product of temperatures. Tiff [00:51:02]: Okay. My husband got married in a linen suit, and we got married on Reginald Ferguson [00:51:05]: Really? Tiff [00:51:06]: On the 12th September. Reginald Ferguson [00:51:07]: Fancy fancy. No. Tiff [00:51:08]: I'm sorry. On the 15th September. Sorry. And pop. So it was mid September. He was still doing the linen, but we got married on the beach. Reginald Ferguson [00:51:15]: I have to wear a Tiff [00:51:16]: linen suit. Okay. There you go. Alright. No hard Reginald Ferguson [00:51:18]: and fast rules. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you know, I I go by temperature on that one. Tiff [00:51:24]: If it's hot, wear your lemon. Alright. Reginald Ferguson [00:51:26]: I am. Tiff [00:51:27]: Throw it at me. Reginald Ferguson [00:51:28]: What you got? I'm giving you a layup. Oh. Tiff [00:51:32]: Hem. H e m. Reginald Ferguson [00:51:34]: Yes. Tiff [00:51:34]: Hem. Reginald Ferguson [00:51:35]: Yes. Tiff [00:51:35]: It's the turned up bottom of pants or skirt. It's the hem. Reginald Ferguson [00:51:42]: You're not doing so good here. Tiff [00:51:44]: It's a hem. Impa. I've never had to define a hem. Reginald Ferguson [00:51:47]: I could tell. Tiff [00:51:48]: I've sewn quite a few hems. Reginald Ferguson [00:51:50]: I'm sure you have. Tiff [00:51:51]: Honestly hate doing hems. Reginald Ferguson [00:51:55]: I think you're getting buzzed, Tiff. Tiff [00:51:57]: What? Reginald Ferguson [00:51:58]: Yeah. Seriously? Tiff [00:52:01]: Give it to me. What's Impop. What's a proper definition? Reginald Ferguson [00:52:04]: Lower edge of a garment that has been finished off with some type of sewing to cover the raw edge. Tiff [00:52:09]: Oh, that's a good definition. Reginald Ferguson [00:52:10]: Yeah. You weren't even close. Tiff [00:52:12]: No. I knew what a ham was. I've seen a ham. I've done a ham. Reginald Ferguson [00:52:16]: Now if I had a stack of words, Which I don't. Essentially, we'd go into overtime here since Tiff [00:52:25]: Since we both lost. Reginald Ferguson [00:52:26]: Since we, yes, since we both lost. But you know what, ladies and gentlemen? Tiff [00:52:29]: We'll save them for next time. Reginald Ferguson [00:52:30]: Exactly. And you win because you learn 2 new words. Tiff [00:52:34]: Me? Reginald Ferguson [00:52:35]: No. The Oh, yes. Tiff [00:52:36]: And pop. The listeners, you all win. That's right. If you didn't know what ham and linen you know, linen always needs a ham, but a ham doesn't always need linen. Reginald Ferguson [00:52:45]: Oh, that's, that's really profound too. Tiff [00:52:47]: Deep thoughts. Reginald Ferguson [00:52:48]: Woah. Well, that's a wrap. Tiff [00:52:53]: That does take it to the And pop. And, thank you Reginald Ferguson [00:52:55]: so much for listening. We hope you had fun or are down for another one. Tiff [00:52:58]: That's a good one. Reginald Ferguson [00:52:59]: Yes. We always have fun. Please tell your friends about us. Tiff [00:53:01]: Please. Reginald Ferguson [00:53:02]: Special shout goes to our producer, Serge, and everyone down with the NYFG. Hi, Serge. Tiff [00:53:08]: Anne, listen. Hit us up. DM us in the Instagram. Email us. If you have any questions or concerns or ideas for a podcast show, please email us at Reginald Ferguson [00:53:20]: Podcast at Tiff [00:53:24]: Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. And if this is the first time listening, And pop. Subscribe. Subscribe. Subscribe. You will love us. Tiff [00:53:32]: This is the episode 27. We got 26 others you can listen to. Impa. Lots of ear content for you. Reginald Ferguson [00:53:38]: Yep. You could always find us on Insta, New York Fashion Geek. Hit me up if you need a style consultation. It's complimentary. I will hook you up. Tiff [00:53:49]: Look at that. Free. Reginald Ferguson [00:53:51]: Free 99. Tiff [00:53:52]: Free 99. That's funny. Reginald Ferguson [00:53:55]: I tried. Thank you. I'm Reg. Tiff [00:53:57]: And I'm Tiff. Reginald Ferguson [00:53:58]: See you next time. And remember, always be fly.
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